The Devil's Cage Chapter 1096

Chapter 1096 Reputation

The few figures didn’t plan to conceal their presence as the walked towards Kieran righteously.

“Don’t worry, just some excavators,” Karles said.

Excavator, as the name suggested, they were the players that explored the unknown regions around the big city.

For the ever expanding big city, a map on the edge of the city could only last around 20 days before it had to be redrawn.

Therefore, a lot of player organizations would send groups of rookie players to map the new lands every 20 days.

Of course, there were also passionate explorers that would move around the outskirts from time to time to map the lands; they were known as the excavators.

Naturally, they wouldn’t have lived up to their name if they weren’t dangerous but they wouldn’t possess any kind of significant rewards either. Most of the player organizations would use such small missions to train the newly joined rookies to make them feel at home while also using it as a test of strength.

Kieran got to know about the excavators from Lawless. A quick glance later, after Kieran made sure they were the excavators; he signaled Karles to change locations.

It wasn’t hard for him to tell who the players were though. His SSS+ Intuition was enough for him to distinguished the players’ auras.

Pro [Mystical Knowledge] allowed Kieran to know that the equipment on the excavators was relatively low; even the leader of the bunch was ranked in between a common veteran and a skilled player.

Karles didn’t say anything about Kieran’s suggestion. Since he was the one wanted by the guardians, he was rather anxious to avoid unwanted attention.

“Follow me,” Karles said before he headed towards the north-east direction.

The direction he was going would take them away from the outskirts of the city but was still a barren land.

“This game is more real than reality!”

“In this place, you can chase after the wealth you longed for but you will lose your life in an instant if you are careless. If you want to stay alive and be rich, all you need is a reliable organization.”

“Fortunately, you guys have made the right choice by joining Iron Chariots.”

“As its name suggested, it is as sturdy as iron and when you ride it, it will protect you throughout your journey.”

“Of course, in order for your ride to be even smoother, you need to give your best in “changing the tires or adding fuel” etc. etc.”

“It’s not mandatory, but as long as you guys are able to maintain your own, give it your best to contribute to the group.”

Rowl was skillfully uttering the pep talk that he had been telling the rookie players more than a hundred times. He couldn’t hold back his sigh when he felt the excitement in the rookie players after the talk.

‘This game is more real than reality because it is countless times harsher than reality. You don’t know when you will lose your little life. Maybe the second dungeon, or the third? If you’ve got bad luck, you might welcome your death in the first dungeon.’ Rowl thought in his heart.

He wouldn’t utter these cruel words to the rookies.

He hadn’t lost his mind, he knew the kind of consequences he would suffer should he spill the truth to the rookies.

His boss was infamous for his short-temper.

In order to receive protection, one must naturally pay the price.

As for the “not mandatory” line?


“This game is more real than reality and compared to your little life… how much do the other things weigh?” Rowl sighed once more.

Then, Rowl, the leader of the excavator team of Iron Chariots realized he had to adjust his condition. He was unwilling to show his negative thoughts in front of the rookies due to his pride as an experienced player and also due to the rules of Iron Chariots.


He would ascend to the ranks of the veterans soon!

Once he thought about the actual rewards from mapping this area, his depressed condition changed for the better.

This mission was a co-op mission with the raiding party and given their efficiency, a clear was almost certain; they might even get a higher rating based on their effort.

Whenever he thought about the rewards from the high ratings, Rowl couldn’t hold back his urge to hum his favorite melody.

“Oh right, here’s a gentle reminder! The big city isn’t absolutely safe either. During the earlier days where your strengths are less independent, if you want to head outside for any reason at all, try to inform the guild and the guild will send an experienced player, like me, to lead you guys.”

Rowl returned to his professional mannerism again after the initial delight. He started to promote the “strength in numbers” logic to the rookies.

“Captain Rowl, then when can we walk alone in the streets of the big city?” someone asked.

“When you’re at least like me, an experienced player! The big city houses a lot of scary people. Some kill without blinking, some kills for fortune. Whenever a rookie runs into one of them, the chances of survival are very slim.” Rowl purposely strengthened his tone to make it sound serious.

The rookies following Rowl suffered a pause in their breaths, it seemed like the scare worked.

“So who are these scary people?”

Curiosity followed along with fear as one more rookie joined the questioning.

“Around our base, there is “Blood Hand” Lancole, “Black Gun” Cloud, “Rampant Beast” Dutz…”

“Well, as long as you mention you from Iron Chariots, they would have scruples in strike you down.”

Rowl spilled at least 7 to 8 names without even thinking before he started another round of promotion.

Unlike the previous time, Rowl really felt proud for being a member of Iron Chariots.

No one knew better than himself, an experienced player, of how terrifying Iron Chariots was among the hearts of common players.

Real emotions were more effective than false ones.

The rookies behind Rowl unconsciously stuck their chests up, straightened their waists and walked around with prideful steps.

Correct! They had a powerful organization backing them!

Even if the game was dangerous, with the support of an organization like Iron Chariots behind them, so what if the game got more dangerous?

The feeling of being above others made the rookies a little light-headed, their gazes towards Rowl started to show admiration as well.

Rowl too clearly felt the admiration. He couldn’t hold back his smile.

Wasn’t this particular moment the reason why he could endure these kinds of boring and time wasting missions?

“Let me tell you guys, in the big city, personal strength is a part of your progress but most of it is the power of numbers! As long as everyone stays together, there is nothing…”

Rowl wanted to start another round of promotion but this time, he was stopped abruptly before he could finish his idealistic speech.

A couple of rookies looked at their leader in confusion.

They saw their leader trembling in fear as he stepped aside, giving the way respectfully and nervously to a person that walk passed him; he bowed to the person as well.

From the start till end, the guy with the crow-feathered mantle didn’t even bat an eye at Rowl or any of the rookies.

He was extremely cold yet pressuring.

It wasn’t until the guy and another person that looked like his attendant left, that the pressure finally went away.


Someone heaved a long breath, followed by a series of relief.

“Captain, who is that guy just now?” Someone asked.

“The Bird of Death, 2567. A guy who brings death with his mere breath! You can call him the Flame Emperor, Fiery Tyrant, or Flaming Devil.”

Rowl spilled everything he knew with his respectful tone. His over respectful manner puzzled the rookies but Rowl didn’t further explain.

“There is a difference between people.”

That was all he said.

“Then can Iron Chariots…”

One of the rookies automatically asked but before the question was finished, Rowl covered the rookie’s mouth.

Rowl who was usually kind in person scolded the rookie fiercely, “SHUT UP! SHUT UP IF YOU DON’T WANT TO DIE! If you have a death wish, go kill yourself, don’t drag us all down together!”

The rookies were shaken when Rowl scolded the one who spoke out fiercely.

They unconsciously looked to the figure that walked passed them but the figure was long gone from sight.

However, the crow-feathered mantle and the steps that came together were branded in the rookies’ mind.