The Devil's Cage Chapter 1107

Chapter 1107 Seed

Footer looked more terrified than ever when he heard what Kieran said.

Obviously, everything was exactly how Kieran described it and Kieran himself wasn’t surprised that it turned out like that.

It was almost certain that Perforation Sting had other preparations but regardless of what plans or schemes they had, it revolved around Great Swamp who had merged with Flame City.

Perforation Sting couldn’t face Great Swamp head on, so their methods reduced to affecting Great Swamp’s powers while avoiding attention from the masses.

Given such circumstances, it was easy for Kieran to theorize the sequence of what was happening.

Perforation Sting wanted to destroy Flame City!

Once their methods succeed, Great Swamp would surely be caught off guard because of the delayed actions.

As for creating conflict without attracting attention, what else was more effective than hiring a bunch of “locals” who always caused clamors because of their gangster activities?

Therefore, the likes of Footer became the best candidates and he was one of many candidates.

The reason why Perforation Sting needed many candidates for this, other than the likes of Footer being easy to come by, it was also because they needed manpower to transform a spark into a great fire.

Therefore, even without Footer, Perforation Sting’s plan would not be severely affected.

Judging from common sense, Perforation Sting wouldn’t pay extra attention to Footer either but Kieran wasn’t a person who would give up without trying.

“Oaker, I’ll leave him to you. If it’s possible, squeeze everything he knows out of him and after that, he is all yours.”

“Hair Fiend here will assist you.”

Kieran was direct since he knew the inspector’s personality.

“What about you?” Oaker asked.

“I’ll try my luck. I’ll find you by tomorrow morning at the latest,” Kieran gave Oaker a precise time for their next meeting.

“Good luck then.”

Oaker clearly got what Kieran said. As for the matters regarding the fiends, Oaker wasn’t a superhuman like Kieran, he couldn’t even settle a small organization by himself, let alone Perforation Sting.

So without further hesitation, Oaker started the car and drove off swiftly into the night.

Kieran saw the inspector off before returning to the street. He wanted to oversee everything that happened with Footer’s disappearance.

The night fell into clamor following the disappearance of Footer, peace was far away from Dublin Street.

Gunshots sounded relentlessly around the slums.

The police set up a perimeter before the wealthy district and sent a group of officers to form a temporary outpost to control the situation but that was it.

The police didn’t allow any gang members near the wealthy district, likewise, they themselves didn’t want to be a part of the conflict of the gangs.

As for the other civilians in the slums?

In the eyes of the police, they were gang members as well.

The station turned a deaf ear and blind eye at all those reports and help requests they got from the slums.

With countless reference before this, the police learned their lesson to not suddenly participate in the gang conflicts, it will only cost them a heavy price.

The right way for the police to deal with the situation was to wait for everything to subside, at least it was the way they assumed was correct.

Seconds turned into minutes.

Ultimately after the night, the sun rose again and with the light of dawn, all clamors went away.

Gunshots, cries, screams, and all sorts of horrifying noises fell together with the darkness of the night but under the first light, the bloody bodies scattered over the street became more obvious.

Squads of police officers then entered the street and began their clean-up operation.

Kieran who has been hiding in the corner for the whole night sighed in disappointment.

He didn’t get any fruitful information throughout the night, Perforation Sting didn’t appear because of Footer’s disappearance, even the fiend related things didn’t appear.

From the start to the end, it was all the conflicts between gang members.

“Neglecting the seed after planting it? What if the seed itself is problematic? What will you guys do then?”

Kieran took a deep breath to discard the disappointing thoughts from his mind before he swiftly merged into the shadows.

Without pause, Kieran directly went back to Oaker’s temporary lodging, the garage.

When Kieran entered the garage, Oaker who obviously went through an all-nighter passed him the interrogation records.

“This guy is more cunning than I expected. All he did was confess to some trivial crimes. He might only stay behind bars for a couple of months or even less… Damn it!” Oaker cursed out of dissatisfaction.

“Can I have a meeting with him? Of course, you can come along and everything will be under your supervision. I think I need to change my looks a little also,” Kieran asked, trying to test the inspector.

Deep down in Kieran’s heart, he had already made up his mind to “see” Footer with or without Oaker’s permission. Or in other words, the reason why Kieran allowed Oaker to bring Footer back because he knew Footer wouldn’t just confess with such little pressure.

If Footer was such a straight criminal, he wouldn’t be in control of Dublin Street and become the leader of the gangs.

As for the sniper Kieran apprehended earlier?

Even Kieran, a player, had more than 3 ways to hire a native hitman without showing his face, let alone a gang leader like Footer.

“Very well then.”

Oaker nodded in agreement after some slight hesitation.

An hour later, Kieran covered his face and wore a pair of sunglasses and saw Footer following standard procedures.

Footer started to struggle fiercely when he saw Kieran but the cuffs on his hands rendered his struggles useless.

The other thing that made Footer shiver was the Hair Fiend that hid in his shirt pocket, a strand of hair was poked into his chest!



The pain came from his nerves and the fear came from the thought that his heart might be pierced by a strand of hair!

“Look at me,” Kieran said blandly.

The pain in his chest made Footer cooperatively lift his head.

“Very good.”

Kieran smiled in satisfaction before a shine flashed over [Mesly Ring] on his left middle finger.

Dublin Street, Footer’s office.

Footer’s two right-hand men were confronting each other.

“Hey Kray, stop kidding, are you sure you want to oppose me?”

While combing his hair back, Kairi with a cigarette in his mouth was looking askance at the muscular opponent with a knife scar on his face.

“You are still not the boss, why can’t I go against you?” Kray laughed coldly.

“I am not now but I will be soon!” Kairi took a puff off his cigarette and shot a ring of smoke out.

“I don’t think so,” Kray’s cold laugh continued.

“You need some proof? Listen! Listen to the voices! The voices are cheering for me to take up the position!” Kairi raised his voice.

“I’ll be looking forward to it then.”

Kray did a “please” gesture but he didn’t really believe in Kairi’s arrogant words.

Just as Kairi wanted to open the door, Kray beat him to it and Kairi grabbed Kray instead as if he knew it will happen.

Both of them squeezed through the door almost together but the scene before them left them stunned.