The Devil's Cage Chapter 1112

Chapter 1112 Discuss

The green peas were being fried in the boiling oil together with the egg white.

White tofu was being steamed in a bowl.

When the lid was lifted and the steam came out, the boiling hot oil together with the egg and green peas were poured over the tofu.


The aroma of the peas immediately suppressed the steam. The sizzling continued for almost two minutes after the dish was done.

Kieran held a long spoon and scooped a spoon of tofu into his mouth regardless of the burning heat.


The first bite was accompanied with the crunchiness of the peas and the second brought out the softness of the tofu. What combined the two together was the fried egg.

If there were just peas, it will be too dry for the mouth and it there was just the tofu, it will be too moist but with the addition of the fried egg, everything was different.

The soft bit was accompanied with a pinch of crunchiness, the egg was like a bridge, connecting both contrasting textures together.

“Not bad.”

Despite it being his fifth dish, Kieran ate spoon after spoon. With his ridiculous eating speed, he gobbled down the dish in an instant and commented on the tofu after wiping his mouth with the napkin beside him.

The comment wasn’t off-handed but a genuine one, but…

Amidst his words, there was an obvious disappointment because Gluttony wasn’t moved at all.

After realizing how to elevate Gluttony’s powers, Kieran had his own plan before he even entered [City of Fiends II].

As he progressed with his main mission, he would try all kinds of delicacies around the dungeon world and Kieran was looking forward to his plan to come to fruition.

The food that he ate didn’t disappoint, instead, it was Gluttony’s greediness that did.

“Really a cardinal sin!” Kieran exclaimed once more.

Fortunately, Kieran was prepared for this since he had similar experience in the last dungeon.

Likewise, Kieran also made speculations about the likes of Pisker.

The current dungeon world had fiends lurking in the dark, in a certain aspect, it was a world where fiends reigned supreme.

Given such circumstances, Kieran wouldn’t believe a mere “person” could take control of Flame City’s underworld and became one of its masters.

Pisker should be a fiend himself or at last half-fiend and after a series of battle, Kieran was proven right.

At the same time, the spoils of war from the battles were a scrumptious reward for him as well.

A total of 6 spoils of war: 5 Magic ranked and 1 Rare rank from Pisker.

The Rare rank item was an item that looked like an eyeball and was the size of a coin.

[Name: Vast Remnant Eye]

[Type: Accessory]

[Rarity: Rare]

[Attribute: 1: Telekinesis; 2. Crush]

[Prerequisite: None]

[Able to bring out of dungeon: Yes]

[Remark: It was once an organ from a Grand Fiend but was accidentally damaged during harvest. Despite the craftsman giving their best during the repair, its power was weakened.]

[Telekinesis: Pull or push a single object within a 25-meter radius, viable with object or target with A- Strength or lower.]

[Crush: Deliver a Strong crushing attacking during the activation of Telekinesis.]

Kieran was tossing around the special eyeball while he went on to check the other Magic rank items. After making sure there was nothing noteworthy, he put them away in his bag before looking outside the room.

Arguments were coming from outside the door. Even without catching the accent, Kieran knew who was knocking at his door based on the footsteps alone.

“Invited the inspector in,” Kieran told Kray.

“Yes, boss.” Kray ran outside.

After a while, Kray came back with two other people behind him.

One was the familiar Inspector Oaker and the other was an unfamiliar young man.

Compared to the calm inspector, the young man was a little reserved, or more precisely, scared.

“Ethan Hunt, so you’ve started abducting people now?”

Oaker’s face turned heavy when he saw the cook that Kairi “invited”.

“Hey, old geezer, whom do you think you’re talking to?”

Kray stood in front of Kieran’s dining table with a ferocious smile, blocking Oaker’s gaze at Kieran while his own vicious gaze was sizing up the inspector and the young man.

Oaker stared back without showing fear while the young man’s face turned pale under the pressure of the gaze.

“Of course I am speaking to a bunch of as*holes!” Oaker laughed coldly.

“Old geezer! You…”

“Hehehe! Do you think I’ll fall for your trap and beat you? I’m not one of those idiots! Though I have to warn you, if you continue to address us like that, I’ll sue you for slander.”

Kray growled angrily at first but he switched to a joyous smile later.

He was delighted that he saw through the inspector’s old tricks, he then turned to the cook.

“Tell him, did we abduct you?”


“Do you have any other specialty?”

The cook replied in a stutter but was interrupted by Kieran.

“No… No more sir!”

The cook was still stuttering. His gaze toward Kieran was filled with anxiety and fear.

Kieran frowned, he understood his current identity frightened the cook but for the sake of his upcoming plan, he couldn’t explain himself.

Any further or extra explanation would put his plans to waste.

So, Kieran waved his hand and signaled the cook to leave.

The cook felt like he was granted a second life, despite being nervous and shivering, he turned around and ran, leaving behind his cooking utensils.

“Return these to him will ya, and pay him for the meal. Pay him with real money for the food, not what you guys do best, understand?” Kieran emphasized.

Despite the fact that he was playing Footer’s cousin brother, it didn’t mean he could eat a free meal without paying.

“Got it, boss.”

Kray who was behaving arrogantly in front of the inspector turned into a tamed rabbit and nodded his head in front of Kieran. He quickly collected the utensils and ran after the cook.

The whole restaurant was left with Kieran and Oaker plus his temporary aide.

The inspector was judging Kieran with his gaze because before today, he never heard of the person before his eyes at all but after a single day, his name spread like wildfire across Flame City.

His infamous name was built upon battle after battle, bodies upon bodies, it didn’t just sound like thunder in people’s ears, it struck fear in people’s hearts as well.

Such a person… Would pay for his meal honestly?

Oaker couldn’t believe it.

“I like the rules. They protect the weak and allow me to move freely, so I won’t disrupt it.”

Kieran uttered the phrase that he had been preparing.

“Since you don’t like to break the rules, then this will be an easy conversation! Now, pull back your men from the other streets!”

Oaker didn’t spare the time for chit-chat, he didn’t want to spend another moment in the place because he was scared that he couldn’t hold his urge to blast a hole in Kieran’s head.

Therefore, he went straight to the point.

“Pull back my men? No problem of course but that is a matter for me and him to speak of.”

Kieran smiled as he replied.

He then pointed his finger at the inspector’s temporary aide, the young man who was frightened.