The Devil's Cage Chapter 1115

Chapter 1115 Start

A cold looking man with a stiff body walked into the room with his straight and proper movements.

The man walked straight towards Kieran and neglected the guns from the gang members.

“Sir Ethan Hunt, I can clearly tell you, Zackary here is an enemy of the Birth of Death and he has messy, unsevered ties with Perforation Sting.”

“Proof! All the claims you made need proof. Lies made without weight are slanderous and unforgivable!”

Zackary who was half lying down on the floor with a body of blood was questioning the man with an exaggerating expression as if the gunshot wound on his body was fake and he was participating in a theatrical play.

“Proof? You dare speak of proof with me? Do you really think the actions that you people committed in Flame City recently were that flawless? Or… are you ignorant about His Majesty Artitelgar?”

The man refuted with a cold laugh.

“His Majesty Artitelgar is, of course, the one who transcends above all, the almighty supreme in Flame City but regardless of how high and supreme he was, he couldn’t have seen through the hearts of others completely. Otherwise, the black ominous bird just now wouldn’t have been here and you are nothing but the man seizing the opportunity to be here, providing all the support you can. So mind your own business, will you? Sir Ethan Hunt and I are none of your concern,” Zackary said after a sigh.

It was obvious that Zackary was trying to learn something that others didn’t know of, so was the man who came.

Kieran, on the other hand, was standing aside, watching the two of them put on a show.

Correct, a show! Zackary was the lead actor and man who came after was the supporting cast.

Kieran would never believe what both of them said, just like how he believed both of them harbored malicious intent deep down.

Zackary visited with ill intent to begin with, as for the other man, he was not much different from Zackary.

After all, the man was the one Kieran had been waiting for, he should be the one behind Oaker’s temporary aide or more accurately his direct superior.

Although the man here showed a different presence compared to the aide who tried to pressure everyone with his arrogance, the man here was endlessly confusing others with his words.

The moment he showed up, he had been hoisting the flag of a tiger’s skin to intimidate others as he accused Zackary by using Great Swamp’s name.

However, it didn’t mean the man was lying and Kieran was certain he indeed had some relations with Great Swamp.


He could never represent Great Swamp, otherwise, he wouldn’t be this courteous with his entrance.

The master of Flame City wasn’t some weakling.

Kieran had gathered information out of some half-fiend’s mouth and it proved him right a while ago. It was because of this that Kieran was sure that Great Swamp was preparing something behind the scenes.

He believed that Great Swamp didn’t anyone to inform him regarding how complicated the human heart was.

As for what Great Swamp was preparing? Kieran had no idea at the moment but he knew what he should do to solve the situation before him.


A gunshot was fired upwards to stop the arguing.

“You people really think that I have that good of a temper?” Kieran asked coldly.

“Pardon me, Sir Ethan Hunt, I didn’t really intend to argue with this mister here but something must be made clear,” Zackary remained as gentlemanly as ever.

“I feel the same as him. It’s just some necessary arguments and of course, I bring good news for you as well. Everything you own now will all be yours to keep. As for that ominous figure just now, please forget about him together with my rudeness. The name is Becky, pleased to meet you, Sir Ethan Hunt. From now on, I’ll be your contact in Flame City.”

The man bowed before Kieran before stepping aside.

“Everything?” Kieran raised a puzzled brow.

“Yes, everything including the manor on Mountain Foot Street. Before arriving, I’ve sent some men to make the necessary procedures for transfer, I believe your men will inform you soon of the results. I hope you are happy with this and if not, please do tell me now and I’ll see what I can do.”

Beck swept away his coldness and said in a humble tone.

“What about him?”

Kieran pointed at Zackary as if he was listening to his command.

“Him? Well just like I said, he is not only opposing the Bird of Death, he has complicated ties with Perforation Sting as well. I suggest you leave him to me and I assure you a satisfying answer.”

Becky took another glance at Zackary and the latter replied anxiously, “Sir Ethan Hunt, I can prove…”

“Enough. I don’t need further proof and I don’t care what answers you have. Now, I just want to have a stroll in my new manor.”

Kieran waved his hand at Zackary and said in an impatient tone.

Becky was overjoyed while Zackary bitterly smiled.

He knew what would be of him should Becky get his hands on him.

Out of instinct, Zackary was ready to activate his backup and although it would cost him and his efforts would fall short, it would be better than losing his life.

However, just as Zackary moved his hand, Kieran spoke again.

“The auction you mentioned before, I’m interested. Provide me with a specific proposal and I think I can join.”

“Now he is my guest and needs help, can I take care of him?” Kieran asked Becky.

“Uh… Sure!”

Beck’s heart had just been through a roller coaster ride, his face was still humble but his heart was scolding Kieran’s greediness.

Likewise, Zackary was surprised at Kieran’s level of greed as well but he didn’t curse him in his heart, he was utterly thankful and delighted instead.

Looking at the greedy face that hid behind the viciousness and boldness, Zackary couldn’t hold back his sigh.

“A greedy man… may not be a perfect candidate to work with but it’s not entirely impossible.”

As his heart spun ceaselessly, Zackary was finally relieved as he allowed Kray and the gang members carry him to the other room.

Kieran, on the other hand, laughed coldly in his heart when he saw Zackary being brought away by his men.

Was Kieran greedy?

In a certain aspect, he was very greedy but in some other aspects, he knew how to restrain himself.

He couldn’t be as desireless and selfless as a saint but he would try to achieve it with his calm mind.

From the start to the end, he didn’t forget what his goal was: to find out what Perforation Sting was trying to achieve!

Although he couldn’t verify what the relationship between Zackary and Perforation Sting was, since he showed up, Kieran would be stupid if he let him go.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t’ have put up a smokescreen with Bloody Mary.

Now though, he was waiting for the reaction from the people, fiends, and half-fiends.

The show has just begun!