The Devil's Cage Chapter 1116

Chapter 1116 Poke

Beck sat back into his car. As the engine roared, he leaned back with squinted eyes, trying to recall the impression of Ethan Hunt that he just met.

Arrogant, ignorant, greedy.

Other than his strength, he had nothing.

“How the hell did he screw this up… Goddammit.”

Beck couldn’t hold back his puzzled brow when he thought about his previous “aide”.

He laughed coldly.

“Fine with me, by killing one man, I can clean out a whole group. Those bastards’ claws really do extend to extreme lengths.”

As the thought flooded his mind, Beck pushed the driver from the back of the seat with his feet.

“Hurry up,” Becky said.

The drive immediately accelerated, driving the car at top speed. He didn’t care about the traffic lights and headed towards the underground parking lot of an office building.

Beck got off and rode the personal elevator to the meeting room on the top floor.

There were a few people who had been waiting in the meeting room for a while now, as Beck stepped in, all their gaze were captivated.

These men were high ranking individuals of the city, they had increased their strength and position throughout the years, accumulating power and influence over the city, hence the imposing manner they honed through their experience pressured Beck instantly after their gaze.

Becky reacted by showing a partially true, partially false nervousness, cold sweat even filled his forehead.

These powerful men were satisfied by the reaction, they looked at each other before one of them spoke.

“How is it?”

The voice was heavy and extremely powerful, it struck one’s ear like an iron weapon slicing its target.

“Reporting to my lords, as my lords’ expected, Ethan Hunt is not a normal man but a half-fiend.”

Becky bowed and placed his crossed hands above his forehead. He reported to his lords quickly but his intonation was clear.


A sharp, dissatisfied voice sounded.

“So what about a half-fiend?”

Another frantic voice appeared, what followed was a violent wind blowing across the meeting room and the temperature in the room started to rise as well.

“Nothing much!”

A fourth cold voice replied and it caused a cold wind to ravage the space. The rising temperature of the meeting room plummeted right away and it kept decreasing with no end in sight.

Huu, Huuu.

Beck’s breath even turned white but he wasn’t surprised at all since it was a common scene for him. He stood there like an immobile claw sculpture as if he was frozen by the cold wind.

“Hmph!” A soft grunted sounded.

The bloody stench filled the meeting room this time, the cold wind that was ravaging the place a moment ago was engulfed by the bloody tidal waves.

It didn’t just attack the cold wind, the one responsible for creating them was assaulted as well.

At the same time, three other distinguished energies surged in the room.

The combined power was tremendous, powerful and destructive, the meeting room that was enhanced by mythical means started to wobble.

“Enough! Don’t forget who you are! You people are no longer acting on your own, you now represent High Majesty Artitelgar.”

The first heavy and powerful voice scolded the others angrily.

The meeting room quieted down immediately but it wasn’t because someone scolded them, it was because “His Majesty Artitelgar” was mentioned, or more precisely, Great Swamp.

“What about Perforation Sting? How is the investigation going?”

The heavy and powerful voice asked again.

“Everything is under control,” Becky continued to bow and report his results.

“Very well, keep an eye on them! I want to know every move they make! I’ll let them know what is worse than death!”

The heavy and powerful voice raised pitch like a wild beast roaring to protect its territory.

The others who fought a moment ago echoed the heavy and powerful voice as well by showing cold laughs.

From their point of view, Perforation Sting wasn’t even worth a single glance, they were nothing but enemy they could crush with a pinch.

Beck maintained his respectful posture until all five of the lords calmed down, he then continued his report.

“My lords, there is still another thing. I saw the Bird of Death at Ethan Hunt’s place. He seemed to be countering Perforation Sting’s hunting. One of the surveillance targets was attacked as well.”

Beck’s report might sound clear but he was blurring it with vague descriptions. He didn’t just hide the whole process, he purposely concealed Zackary’s name as well.

“Um. Got it.”

The heavy and powerful voice nodded before he waved at Becky.

Becky maintained his respectful posture as he slowly stepped out of the meeting room. He only straightened his body when he entered the elevator.


Beck uttered in his heart. His face was still cold, other than greeting his colleagues with a nod, his face was absent of unnecessary expressions.

Ethan Hunt rising into power in Flame City didn’t’ cause any torrential waves because the commoners didn’t know about him while the fiend related ones were captivated by the Bird of Death’s return.

Under some intentional promotions, Kieran became a wild and arrogant provocateur, launching a dying charge at the gargantuan Perforation Sting.

Some laughed coldly at him, some showed disdain, some were worried.

Those who laughed mocked his ignorance.

Those who showed disdain were looking at him arrogantly.

Those who worried were anxious and nervous.

Tanya was the last one.

She had completed the documents to drop out of school and was temporarily staying in Rassho Temple for the sake of her safety.

When she heard that Kana had returned with news of Kieran, Tanya stood up from before her crystal ball.

“As expected of my knight!”

“Glory is your armor!”

“Praise is your sword!”

“Your sacrifice will be rewarded with the ultimate victory.”

“I, however, shall not allow any harm to befall my knight! Oh my dearest knight in black, accept my blessing and you… Ouch! It hurts!”

With her hands covering her head, Tanya squatted down and cried.

She then looked at Kana with teary eyes and a pouty mouth.

“How dare a common peasant to strike your queen! My myriads of soldiers will trample over your house… Ouch! Stop! Okay! Fine! I’ll stop!”

When Kana raised her fist, Tanya begged loudly to be spared. While she was begging loudly, her fingers were drawing circles on the ground.

“What are you doing?” Kana asked with furrowed brows.

If Tanya wasn’t her school buddy, plus the matters related to the Bird of Death, Tanya would definitely stay away from this crazy familiar acquaintance and cut all contacts with her.

“Nothing, this is my blessing.”

“Are we going to help 2567?” Tanya shifted the topic.

“Help? Are you sure you are going to help and not escalate the situation into a hot pile of mess?” Kana glanced over Tanya.

“Of course!” Tanya said confidently and took out an item.

It was a small, broken doll made out of straw. It looked like it had seen better days as the marks of aging were serious on the straw doll, even the string that tied it together was barely holding on.

“By poking a voodoo doll?”

Kana who still had a little bit of hope in Tanya lost her patience completely when she saw the doll. She shook her head before she went outside.

As one of the protectors of Rassho Temple, she knew how ridiculous and funny the doll sounded.

Tanya wanted to call Kana as she walked away but ultimately, she clenched her teeth instead.

“This is my family heirloom! Mother said it is to be used to help the one most important to me! Mother will not lie to Tanya!”

Tanya was mumbling in a never before seen serious tone.


A silver needle appeared in Tanya’s hand and was poked towards the straw doll with the name “Perforation Sting” written on it.