The Devil's Cage Chapter 1117

Chapter 1117 The Bitterness And Sorrow Of Zackary

Two days later, a group of men was gathering on the streets of Flame City at night.

When the number increased to a hundred, the leader, Kray, jumped on a car. His hand was holding a medicinal pill sealed with wax and was shouting loudly at his men.

“See this? His lordship is looking for this! Bring all your men to find this thing in every place you can get to! Find anything or anyone that you think is related to this pill!”

“Yes, boss!”


“Roger that, Leader Kray!”

The leaders of different gangs, be it a small gang or big one, nodded in acknowledgment.

Although the voices weren’t in unison, the intimidating manner would shun doubtful gazes away, let alone the series of firearm battles that followed.

Many of the nightclubbing spots in Flame City were assaulted in a typhoon-like manner, the men barged in like monsters, tearing the place apart in search of the said item.

In fact, two days ago, the alias Ethan Hunt that Kieran took on had another “monster title” added his persona.

He was unreasonable, greedy, and ferocious.

It was the image of Ethan Hunt from the public.

A day before this, when Kieran killed off all the opposing faction leaders one by one, the title “monster” rooted itself to the alias because Kieran tore the goons apart.

Kieran didn’t have any burden on his conscience when he utilized ruthless methods to punish the notorious goons. It was similar to the ruthless methods they used on others.

This time around, the hunted and the hunter swapped positions.

It was normal, wasn’t it?

However, Kieran certainly didn’t wish to become the hunted, unless he did it on purpose.

Kairi was reporting the incidents that happened in the past few days to Kieran at his desk.

The series of incidents were complicated but Kairi managed to arranged it all in a neat, orderly sequence and more importantly, all of the reported incidents were real.

“My lord, I think that’s about it. We’ve taken control of 70% of the turfs in Flame City and it is only a matter of time before we settle the rest. Without Pisker and the other bosses, you are truly the underground king of Flame City.”

Kairi was looking at Kieran with utmost flattery and admiration.

Once one of Footer’s men, Kairi indeed experienced a lot of things with his previous boss and because of that and the things he saw, it made him understand how scary the man before his eyes was despite he himself having been a little well-known in Dublin Street.

His name!

Whenever the name Ethan Hunt was mentioned, one could get all access to the underground world of Flame City. It was something Kairi never felt before.

Those big shots with high positions in the past had to bow before Kairi.

Those places that Kairi didn’t dare step into in the past had to welcome him with utmost warmness now and it was all made possible because of the man before his eyes.

“There is law and order in the day and only one voice in the night. It will be mine and mine alone.”

As his mind strolled down memory lane, he remembered the words Kieran once said.

At first, he thought they were just some encouraging words but now?

Those words were coming true one step at a time.

Those words were slowly shaping itself into undeniable facts.

Therefore, Kairi who was a smart person knew exactly what he had to do.

He must give his best effort in serving his lord and work diligently and conscientiously.

He would not hide any details from Kieran from now on because it would do him no good.

As long as he followed Kieran down this path, he would get everything that he longed for.

As for the timely death of Pisker and the other bosses?

People were questioning the timing at first but now, all the questions were forgotten, especially when Kray caught the several bastards who spread rumors about Kieran and sent them to hell, everyone else knew where they stood and what they should do.

The only thing Kairi felt was a pity was that the muscle-headed bastard Kray decided to follow him in showing compliance to Kieran. Kray was no longer the arrogant and wild boorish fella that he used to be.

“What a clever as*hole!”

Kairi’s heart was cursing his former rival, his smile showed even more flattery after that.

Since he decided to follow his lord down this path, Kairi would not allow Kray to outperform him and garner all the praise for himself, he stepped up to Kieran and reported softly, “My lord, the task you assigned me to investigate has shown results.”

“The Bird of Death and his men assaulted a few locations which seem to be Perforation Sting’s points of operation. However, Perforation Sting didn’t seem to care too much about it.” Kairi furrowed his brows in confusion.

To Kairi who came from a gangster background, turfs were the gang’s utmost priority and importance, nothing would come before their turf. Whenever a turf of a gang was attacked or was simply being approached with ill-intent, it would be a fight to the death between both sides.

Kieran glanced over Kairi but he didn’t elaborate further.

He would not inform Kairi about the fiends and what his real plan was.

“Continue your task, gather more information on the Bird of Death and… prepare lunch for me,” Kieran said.

“Yes, my lord. I assure you this time I will get the best cook in Flame City!”

Kairi stated his promise in an official tone.

The people of Dublin Street already knew Kieran love to eat after spending the past few days under his rule. His appetite wasn’t just ridiculously huge, he was quite picky with the food as well.

Although he wouldn’t throw away the less decent food, the dissatisfaction Kieran showed allowed Kairi to know that if he wished to keep his current position and solidify it, he’d better show some results. Otherwise, many other bastards were eyeing his position.

“I’ve found the best cook! All you bastards are delusional in thinking you can have my position!”

Kairi smiled delightedly in his heart before bowing toward Kieran and walking out of the room.

While waiting for his lunch, Kieran didn’t waste any time as he signaled the men on guard at his door.

“Bring our guest in please.”

“Yes, my lord.”

The men quickly went off to receive the “guest”.

Two minutes later, Zackary was carried inside with a few more obvious bullet wounds and deep wounds that exposed his bones.

“It’s great to see you again! I thought I was going to die in that dark dungeon!”

Despite suffering from multiple serious injuries, Zackary maintained his gentlemanly behavior, he didn’t show any expressions due to the pain he was enduring due to the wounds on his body and didn’t voice his unhappiness with Kieran at all.

The feeling was quite weird for everyone, even the two men who carried Zackary in couldn’t help but look at him in a dubious gaze. Their eyes were somehow shocked and surprised by the words.

“This guy is scary right? Do you think I should kill him right away?”

Kieran asked the two of them.

“Yes, my lord.” Both of them nodded without holding back.

Zackary was a really uncomfortable presence for them.”

“All right then, kill away. Remember to aim for his head,” Kieran nodded.

The two men nodded and took action right away.

This time around, Zackary finally failed to hold his calmness together as he looked at Kieran with an unbelievable gaze.

When he was certain Kieran wasn’t joking, his face changed for the worse.