The Devil's Cage Chapter 1118

Chapter 1118 Play Along

“Wait! You can’t do this!” Zackary screamed loudly all of a sudden and started to struggle.

Kieran quietly watched his men punish Zackary with punches and kicks for talking back.

After that, he looked at Zackary who was crawling on the floor because of the pain and suffocation and said with a smile,” Of course I can! I didn’t kill you the moment you tried to escape and only broke your legs. Since then I could do whatever I want to you and you should be thankful for my mercy.”

“After all… I’ve allowed a man to live this long after lying to my face,” Kieran said coldly.

He grabbed the gun from his men, squatted down and slowly pushed the gun onto Zackary’s forehead.

“I can explain! I had no intentions to lie! Everything I said is the truth!”

Zackary’s tone sounded rushed this time because he felt killing intent from Kieran.

The cold, bone stinging killing intent caused Zackary to shudder from the bottom of his heart.

No one wished to die, Zackary was no exception either.

In fact, from a certain aspect, he pushed his limits to this extent in order to survive, hence the situation before him.

“Truth? Let’s hear what truth you have to say.”

Kieran laughed coldly before pushing the gun further, the pressure from the gun pushed Zackary’s head backward.

At the same time, the aura from the devil slipped out again.

The chaotic, scorching, sulfuric scent was rumbling before Zackary’s eyes, causing him to breathe even faster.

Kieran, however, further increased the pressure he applied on Zackary.

If he had a choice, he would not want to use this kind of “stupid method” but when the matter was related to divine beings, the [Mesly Ring] had a lot of limitations.

Since he witnessed what divine beings or Gods did to their “believers”, Kieran knew the exact consequences should he use the [Mesly Ring] on Zackary.

Perhaps Perforation Sting’s God wasn’t that powerful yet or maybe different dungeon worlds had other possible outcomes but regardless of which, Kieran didn’t want to risk it.

Kieran would not allow the advantages he gathered through hard work slip into someone else’s hand.

So, Zackary was in for another round of suffering.

Kieran put away the gun and waved at his men.

Zackary was dragged up from the floor right away.

“I’ll give you another chance.”

Kieran sat back to his chair while the gun he was holding was waved around, seemingly aiming towards Zackary’s weak spots.

Zackary smiled bitterly since Kieran’s killing intent hadn’t faded away.

He knew he must fight for his own survival but he couldn’t utter any kind of truth.

However… He still had other ways.

Zackary thanked himself for having the habit of forming a perfect plan.

“The auction that I mentioned will come and about those secret pills…”

“Both of you can leave now.”

Kieran interrupted Zackary and signaled his men to walk away.

Zackary was thrown back on the floor again and the pain was inevitable, yet he replied with a smile.

He knew he could live for a little longer and it was enough for him.

He believed the other bastard would surely make his move, despite both of them not getting along.

But wasn’t it because both of them didn’t get along that the bastard would certainly make his move?

Everything fell back into his plan again and again.

Zackary saw that Kieran was anxious but he tried his best in concealing it.

“Those secret pills are known as Slither Pills. They are effective against normal human beings but for you, Sir Ethan Hunt, these secret pills are useless, it will be the same no matter how many you gather. You’ll need others!”

Zackary tried to keep his manner of speech as clear as possible after a deep breath because Kieran grabbed his neck and held him up.

“It seems like you and my men have become familiar eh? But, I don’t care, all I want to know is where the pills are!”

Kieran tightened his grip over Zackary’s neck.

The suffocation troubled Zackary again but he wasn’t anxious this time because he felt like he had the situation under control.

“I need a phone call.”

Despite the difficulties from the suffocation, Zackary mustered up enough strength to say it in a casual manner.

Albunai frowned when he saw the note in his hand.

The words on the paper caused his mind to go into overdrive in order to come up with a corresponding plan.

As one of Perforation Sting, he felt angry because he never thought his plans would be ruined by some scoundrels from out of nowhere.

“You really think you can act recklessly and roam freely after that garbage from Flame City allowed you to? I will show you the rules around here!”

Albunai was muttering softly to himself.

He opened his palm after crushing the piece of paper and a formless energy lifted the paper up.

As he moved forward, the paper floated up in mid-air and was turned into a pile of ash.


Before Albunai could walk out of the room, the telephone rang.

He came back without a second thought and answered the phone.

The number was known only to a few and they wouldn’t call him under normal circumstances unless something serious happened.

Unlike ruining his own plan which he formed for the sake of covering up, a serious incident might very well affect the entire situation.

As for his own plan, it was nothing serious even if it was ruined, his plan being destroyed was nothing but a small accident.


Albunai answered the phone with heavy doubts in his heart.

“It’s me, Zackary.”

Albunai raised a puzzled brow and surprise as well as anger appeared on his face when he heard Zackary’s voice.

“How did you know this number?” Albunai asked.

“That is a question for a later time, now I have something important to tell you. I’ve found a better collaborator, a person that can make your plans smoother and usher in a better change. All you have to offer is the advanced version of the Slither pills.”

Zackary’s voice from the other side of the phone sounded relaxed but Albunai was getting angrier.

“Tell me, how did you get this number?” Albunai asked once more.

“I said later,” Zackary replied in his casual tone.

Then, the conversation went silent for almost 30 seconds.

In the end, Albunai spoke, “Okay, I agree, where are you now?”

He was replying in a calm tone yet his face was filled with killing intent.


Damn it!

That collaborator was also another bastard!

Damn it!

“It’s done but we need to do some preparations. His temper is not to be messed with.”

Zackary turned around to Kieran with a smile after hanging up the phone.

“Hot temper eh? I’ll calm him down.

Kieran played along and smiled coldly while he gave another order to Bloody Mary, the high demon.