The Devil's Cage Chapter 1122

Chapter 1122 Happy Cooperation

[Triggered special event: A Hurried Auction]

[A Hurried Auction: You and Zackary have agreed to a joint auction and it will start soon. This auction will attract many other faction’s intentional gazes both inside and outside of Flame City…]

[Player is distributed to personal faction based on performance.]

[Note 1: Triggered special event, the better the player performs, the higher the rating]

[Note 2: Player’s performance includes but is not limited to battle.]


“A hurried auction?’

Kieran muttered before slightly shaking his head.

In terms of time, it might be a hurried one but not in terms of preparation.

In fact, the moment he entered the dungeon world, his plans were always in motion.

Working with Zackary for the auction was just a perfectly timed opportunity.

In simple words, even without Zackary, Kieran had his own plans to target Perforation Sting.


The plan was made more direct and more participants were “invited”

Kieran wasn’t surprised by the “participants” from the God of Forest City.

The Gods within the same city would always have conflicts via open or secretive means before due to different standings, let alone different cities.

A conflict was inevitable, despite everyone seeming to be at peace on the surface.

“The God of Forest City…”

Kieran was tapping the handle of his chair lightly while pondering upon this “participant”.

He didn’t know a lot about the God of Forest City but it didn’t stop him from probing more to gather information.

Besides, Kieran had a suitable “candidate”.

Mountain Foot Street, Kieran, who changed back to his original appearance was sitting with Inspector Oaker on a black bench in a secluded corner of a public park.

They were waiting patiently.

Unlike the other street blocks in Flame City which were crowded with people, Mountain Foot Street which was mostly occupied by wealthy people had fewer people outside. The wealthy folks were used to staying in their own homes and enjoy their privacy in their own gardens, not visiting a public park and exposing themselves to others. In fact, other than the patrolling officers, the park was almost devoid of people.

Two squads of patrolling officers walked passed the public park in a row and they looked at Kieran with a dubious gaze but with the inspector beside him, none of them dared to step up and ask.

As the most experienced inspector in Flame City, Oaker might not have too much authority but he had an unimaginable reputation among the officers, at least the younger officers knew the special position the inspector held.

“It’s already been an hour. Are you sure you want to wait for it?” Oaker asked with furrowed brows.

“Did you sent him my letter?” Kieran asked.

“I did but… ”

“Believe me, Great Swamp is much more easy-going than you’d think, he might neglect the whole city but he wouldn’t ignore his visitors.”

Kieran interrupted Oaker’s explanation with a smile.

While looking at Kieran’s smile, Oaker really wanted to tell him how pressuring and intimidating the gatekeeper of the estate was but ultimately, Oaker frowned again and stayed quiet.

He knew he had an insignificant understanding of the other world and given such circumstances, Oaker dare not make any reckless comments, despite having doubts that baffled him.

Therefore, when a sudden voice came from behind him, Oaker was shocked.

“2567, you seem to know a great deal about me, even more than I expected.”


Oaker instinctively reached for his gun but when he realized Kieran was not moving, he couldn’t hold back his bitter laugh.

“You bunch of weirdos really like to scare people eh? Before this, 2567 silently snuck into my office and ask me to deliver the message, now Sir Artitelgar you…”

“Come on guys, I am not at the age to be plays jokes anymore.”

Despite saying as such, Oaker was sizing up Great Swamp with shock as he walked out from the corner of the park.

Obviously, Oaker was astonished by Great Swamp’s age and more importantly, he was in shock as to how Kieran and Great Swamp shared such similar temperaments.

They had the same eyes, which were black.

Mysterious and deep!

When the elements were placed on Kieran and Great Swamp, it had an extraordinary feeling, as if… their eyes could suck out the souls of men.

Oaker spent quite the effort to avert his gaze from their eyes.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it.”

Following his courteous words, Great Swamp instantly switched his temperament to a normal commoner, as if he was a passerby on the street whom Oaker would walk past and never remember.

This time, it didn’t shock Oaker as much. He seemed to be getting used to the sudden surprises as of late since he had been witnessing many astonishing events recently.

Therefore, he was qualified to take part in some of the events, but not all of them.

“I’ll wait for you guys over there.”

Even without Kieran asking, Oaker already went over to the other corner of the park, following a cigarette in his mouth. As he lit up his cigarette, he didn’t care about what happened between the two.

“A decent man.”

Great Swamp praised the inspector who knew how to read the atmosphere.

“That is because you haven’t gotten under his nerves and cross his bottom line. Otherwise, he has the courage to point a gun at your face even if you are Great Swamp, the God of Flame City.”

Kieran too wasn’t stingy in praising the inspector.

“He is protecting Flame City isn’t he?” Great Swamp laughed.

“Yes, he is but… What about you?” Kieran asked.

“Flame City has merged with me a long time ago, of course I’ll protect it,” Great Swamp replied.

“I know you merged yourself with the city but I don’t seem to feel the protection that you mention. You have the power to right all wrongs yet you allow them to exist as they wish. I am sorry, I am no God, I don’t know how a God thinks but this… its a lot different than what I expected,” Kieran continued.

“That is why you didn’t pay me a visit yourself, instead you sent the inspector to test me?”

“Did I mention before that you and I are frighteningly similar? If I didn’t know better, I might have thought of you as a long lost brother of mine. Vigilant, dubious yet willing to trust the right people. Your personality and your bloodline are similar to mine but ultimately, we are both different. My ways may seem inconceivable in your eyes but in mine, it is the most suitable for the city.”

“After all, I am not alone,” Great Swamp said slowly after a deep breath.

Kieran looked at him for a few seconds before shaking his head.

He didn’t see anything off about Great Swamp but he knew he was hiding something.

However, Kieran didn’t feel angry about it and just as Great Swamp said, they were vigilant and dubious. They would always reserve a portion of their own thoughts from others regardless of the time but their reservations would not affect them from doing other things together.

“So, let’s work together?” Kieran asked.

“Isn’t it obvious enough from me being here?” Great Swamp replied with his question.

Both of them exchanged a laugh before saying in unison, “Happy cooperation!”