The Devil's Cage Chapter 1132

Chapter 1132 Death Luck Absorber

Light gushed out from Tanya’s skin, a pillar of holy light surrounded her and brightened the whole room; Kana, on the other hand, was looking at the scene blankly.

Kana didn’t know what happened but the presence from Tanya made her step back.

“What is this?”

“This presence…”

“A Grand Fiend?”

“No, no!”

“A little weaker than a Grand Fiend but from a certain aspect, it’s much more… Revered!”

Kana’s face changed again and again when she felt the presence that almost made her bow in worship, she shouted “Tanya? Tanya? Are you okay?”

“I’m fine!”


“2567!” Tanya replied.

However, as her words came out, the energy in her body vibrated all of a sudden and showed her a certain vision. When she saw the vision, Tanya cheered in surprise and dashed out from the room like a strong gale.

The astounding speed frightened Kana and caused her pupils to shrink in shock.

“She’s fast!”

Kana quickly went after Tanya while shock lingered in her heart.

Then, she saw the man she dreaded most.

He was still in black and hadn’t changed one bit, his face was still showing the cold and calm expression that shook her heart. The Fire Raven on his shoulder, however, got fiercer and sharper.

While her idiot friend was standing in front of him, looking up at his face with extreme joy smeared all over her face. The excitement was similar to her longtime wish coming true.

However, whenever Kana thought about Kieran’s behavior in the past and his current status, her heart skipped a beat.

“Your Majesty! Please forgive Tanya’s ignorance!” Kana said after bowing.

Kieran, however, turned a deaf ear at her words, he looked down at Tanya whose eyes were overjoyed and excited.

Kieran saw everything that happened to the crystal gazer though, She transcended from normal to extraordinary within an instant.

Even for Kieran, he couldn’t hide the surprise in his heart when he saw the changes, especially when Tanya’s transcendent status seemed to be a little different.

It wasn’t the simple advancement to the higher order, despite her current strength having reached the level of one. Other than that, there was a certain kind of power inside her bloodline that would cause one’s heart to race.

The heart racing feeling was like a smaller existence facing off against a greater being, it was unstable and faint but it definitely existed.

Kieran couldn’t hold back his strange gaze at Tanya.

“A forgotten divine descendant? Her mortal body constrained her own specialty and when she reached the limits of her mortal shackles, the power finally revealed itself!”

Kieran exclaimed when he recalled the explanation Rachel gave him.

Tanya was very lucky. To the point that it might sound ridiculous and unimaginable.

According to Rachel’s own words: divine descendants were powerful but following the thinning of their bloodline, no matter how strong the bloodline was, it would become something ordinary. Unless one could transcend again and awaken the slumbering bloodline in their body, the ordinary properties of their body would determine their whole life.

In simple words, if there were no accidents, a thin bloodline divine descendant would live a normal life.

And now… accidents happened!

Kieran became the accident!

He took a deep breath and saw the straw doll in Tanya’s hand.

With his current eyes, Kieran easily noticed the extraordinary spots of the straw doll. They might seem normal but they weren’t.

“Can I have a look at it?” Kieran asked.


Tanya gave the straw doll to Kieran without a second thought.

It was a small, broken straw doll that had many marks of time on it, even the string tying the doll up was broken.

But after Kieran took the doll, he squinted his eyes.

[Name: Death Luck Absorber]

[Type: ETC]

[Rarity: ???]

[Attribute: Luck Absorb 0/2]

[Prerequisite: ???]

[Able to bring out of dungeon: No]

[Remark: At the roots of Yggdrasil, where the Black Matter loomed, thin grass were growing vigorously. They were absorbing the nutrients from the ground and were watered by the saliva of the Black Matter, thus turning the grass into something indescribable. Only some Gods knew of their existence and even fewer knew how to use them]

[Luck Absorb: Consume the target’s luck and feed it to its user with special energy in a unique way.]


“Black Matter?”

“The ground and saliva?”

“It will absorb the target’s luck and feed it to its user!”

Despite having speculations of how extraordinary the straw doll was when he saw all the terms in the Remarks, Kieran felt his heart grow cold.

He didn’t know what the Black Matter mentioned was but he did read about Yggdrasil in some books.

According to legend, it was a massive tree that supported the world and the fruit from the tree was the first God of the world.

Given the circumstances, the Black Matter under Yggdrasil will not be some low-level existence.

Similarly, the grass that grew from the nutrients and saliva would not be weak either.

“Luck eh?” Kieran muttered.

He couldn’t help but shake his head when he recalled how the God of Forest City and Jin, Perforation Sting’s leader performed before, especially when Zackary came into play.

“Not just luck anymore, there must be something else involved.”

“Especially emotions… No! Not just emotions but everything was changed without any obvious signs.”

“Luck, luck, luck… What a scary thing!”

Kieran squinted his eyes as he pondered the thought, after a heavy sigh, he returned [Death Luck Absorber] to Tanya.

Aside from [Death Luck Absorber] having consumed all of its usages, it couldn’t be brought out of the dungeon either as there was a special prerequisite which was unknown to him. Even without all the conditions, Kieran wouldn’t lie to a girl that showed him goodwill and fondness just to take the doll away from her.

Following Tanya’s transcendent status, the godly presence on her was getting clearer, especially her good and malicious intent.

The feeling was so clear that it was almost describable with words.

Tanya who didn’t know anything took the doll back and looked at Kieran with anticipation.

“I…I…Did I help you, 2567?”

She was slightly stuttering and her voice was as soft as a mosquito, she didn’t talk in a weird way like she usually does.

“Yes. Thank you,” Kieran nodded.

Kieran wouldn’t argue the fact, despite the help not being what he requested, help was help.

Kieran couldn’t turn his back on someone who helped him.

But a moment later, he started to regret his gratitude.

After getting Kieran’s assured answer, Tanya cheered out loud.

“Cheer for the blessing your queen gave you!”

“You ignorant peasants!”

“You queen will…”

Tanya was cheering loudly when she sank into her own theatre play again but when she saw Kieran frown, she stopped immediately.

“2567, are you mad?” asked Tanya.

Kieran shook his head and didn’t say anything.

His eyes, however, turned towards the pebble path beside him and a figure slowly walked into his sight.