The Devil's Cage Chapter 1134

Chapter 1134 A Different Collaborator

Gluttony started to rampage again like a wild horse let loose under the stimulation of food. It was running up and down recklessly inside Kieran’s body.

It utilized the Cardinal Sins Force to light up the mythical runes in Kieran’s body, washing away the chaos and darkness which had just been consumed and hadn’t regenerated.

Under Kieran’s watch, the chaos and darkness inside his body decreased again.

Little by little, bit by bit, and soon enough, after two consecutive attacks on the chaos and darkness in his body, they vanished completely under the light of the mythical runes.

Right at the moment—


A heavy buzz sounded in his ears!

His vision was suddenly filled with stars and his body even staggered, he fell from his straight sitting posture and had to support himself with an arm on the floor.

Then, the realistic chaos and darkness that lingered in Kieran’s brain split up and sent a portion throughout his body.

The darkness and chaos were like a monster that grew with the wind.

After a single breath, the chaos and darkness which should have been cleared from his body came back again!

Kieran was watching the changes in his body in a dizzy state, he couldn’t help but scowl.

However, when he realized the chaos and darkness in his head got weaker, his furrowed brows eased up.

Although the weakened part was very insignificant, like a drop of water in the ocean, the changes informed Kieran regarding the next step he should take.

“Grind it away bit by bit with perseverance?”

Kieran thought in his heart while his mouth curled up to a smile.

Such matters would be extremely troublesome to most of the people, Kieran was no exception either but unlike the other people, he had exceptional patience and determination plus… Persistence!

Since he already saw hope, why wouldn’t he keep it up?

Kieran was baptized by despair before, so he would cherish hope more than anyone else.

When hope arrives, go after it with maximum effort!

Otherwise, Kieran would not forgive himself.


After heaving a sigh and quickly regulating his condition, Kieran turned towards Great Swamp.

“You are doing something dangerous.”

Great Swamp was sitting opposite Kieran and spoke slowly. His youthful face was speaking in an experienced tone that echoed around the room.

As though his voice was a barrier, it separated the room from Rassho Temple completely, it was like the room never existed in Rassho Temple at all.

“Most of the time, danger comes like a shadow. It’s just that some know about it and some choose to turn a blind eye. I simply don’t want to become the latter.”

Kieran glanced around the surroundings before he spoke.

He didn’t feel any malicious intent but he was very alarmed with Great Swamp’s method in separating the room.

Once an ally didn’t mean an ally for life.

If Kieran had to fight Great Swamp if some conflict came between them…

“My suggestion is to never fight a God that has merged with a city inside his own city!”

Unknowingly, Kieran thought about Rachel’s reminder.

Great Swamp, on the other hand, shook his head at Kieran.

“Are you always this alarmed and cautious? We are allies now, I’ve made a contract with you—it’s based on my father’s name and it has quite the power,” said Great Swamp.

“Quite, not absolute. It’s similar to how you are cautious about your other ally as well.” Kieran was hinting at Rassho Temple.

Based on the conversation Kieran had with Mu, the old monk, he didn’t think it would be a lie.

“Mu? It’s not the same. Me and him and you and I, both the relationships are entirely different.”

Great Swamp shook his head as his expression towards Kieran showed a sense of smile.

He said, “Don’t you think we are very the same?”

“Um. That’s why we succeeded, despite some accidents,” Kieran nodded.

“These accidents are what determined the difference between you and Mu,” Great Swamp said softly.

“You didn’t know beforehand?” Kieran jolted.

From how Kieran viewed it, the matters regarding [Death Luck Absorber] should be in Great Swamp’s knowledge, after all this was… Flame City!

“If I knew, I would have told you. Given that I have to face two Gods at once, had I concealed it from you… I don’t want it to turn into a 3 versus 1 situation.”

“You are right, this is Flame City and I am also Flame City’s God but you can’t really expect me to be truly omniscient. No Gods from other cities can do it, neither can I.”

Great Swamp explained as though he saw through what Kieran was thinking.

“So, what are you planning to do?” Kieran asked.

“Just let it be, a city shouldn’t have two Gods at once but coincidentally, a city that needs a God is just beside—Rassho Temple. It would only cost a little for it to leave,” Great Swamp said with a smile.

However, Kieran didn’t sense any delight from Great Swamp’s eyes or expression, even his smile felt cold.

“Like what?” Kieran tried to pry for more.

“Don’t worry, it won’t hurt your familiar friends. Well, if I refer it as for old times sake, you would be contemptuous, so let me change it up a bit—your strength is worth it for me to do so, my uncrowned friend,” Great Swamp gave his assurance with a wave of the hand.

Great Swamp then continued, “Maybe I should give you a suggestion as well.”

“What suggestion?” Kieran raised a puzzled brow.

“Lower your vigilance. Can’t you see, I am showing my goodwill for the sake of our next collaboration,” Great Swamp laid open his hands and looked at Kieran helplessly.

“I’m sorry, I’m used to it,” Kieran shrugged.

“That’s a bad habit you have there,” Great Swamp said.

“Better than dying I assume,” Kieran answered.

Great Swamp laughed out loud at the answer.

“It would be great if you were really my brother! Too bad that old geezer can’t have any more descendants. But your bloodline is still a special one! Remember to utilize your bloodline when you reach here.”

Great Swamp raised his right hand and pointed at his temple with his index finger.

“What else?” Kieran asked.

“What else? Then let us discuss the next step in our collaboration. Of course, before that, I’ve brought the rewards for your previous efforts. On top of the unexpected success, I will pay you even more!” Great Swamp said in a mysterious tone.

The next moment, the unconscious Perforation Sting leader, Jin appeared beside Kieran.

The [Great Swamp Scale] and the stone panel with hundreds of jewels embedded on it flew out from Kieran’s backpack after that.

Both items floated in front of Great Swamp and were shining in dazzling colors.