The Devil's Cage Chapter 1135

Chapter 1135 Envious

Five different brilliant colors emanated from the jewels and the light instantly enveloped the [Great Swamp Scale].


The colorful light disappeared!


It didn’t disappear but it was absorbed by the [Great Swamp Scale].

The scale was originally black the size of a palm but after absorbing the colorful light, it instantly inflated like a balloon.

Within a breath of time, the palm-sized scale grew as big as a car tire but soon enough the black scale reached its limit and quickly shrunk in size.

The scale returned to its original size and it became red in color instead of its original black.

When Kieran held it in his hand, it looked like he was holding a piece of fire.

[Name: Great Swamp Scale]

[Type: Scale]

[Rarity: Legendary]

[Attack: Extreme]

[Defense: Extreme]

[Attribute: 1. Great Swamp’s Might; 2. Great Swamp’s Strength]

[Special Effect: Blessing of Flame City]

[Prerequisite: Great Swamp’s gift]

[Remark: After its seal is removed, the Great Swamp Scale started to show its magic. This is a gift from Great Swamp, evidence to symbolize your collaboration]

[Great Swamp’s Might: Any malicious targets that look at you will have to go through a Spirit authentication not lower than B+. If a target fails, the target will be induced with Panic and Fear effect]

[Great Swamp’s Strength: Utilize the scale to acquire the power of fire, able to form a fireball with attack no stronger than Extreme. The fire will not hurt you when you have the Great Swamp Scale but when the fire leaves your palm, it might inflict the same damage to you as well.]

[Blessing of Flame City: With the Great Swamp Scale, you are in the favor of fate while being in Flame City.]

“Blessing of Flame City?”

Kieran raised a brow at the special effect but he soon shook his head.

It wasn’t that the [Great Swamp Scale] wasn’t good, but for his current power level, it wasn’t as good as he expected it to be.

Other than the [Blessing of Flame City], the other two attributes were like chicken ribs to him.

To be honest, even the [Blessing of Flame City] wasn’t of that much use, after all, he wouldn’t be staying in Flame City or the current dungeon world forever.


Despite not meeting his expectations, it didn’t stop Kieran from thanking Great Swamp; it was the manners he had been taught at a young age.

However, it wasn’t the manners that Great Swamp knew of.

“Look at you, I feel like you are more human now. You’re obviously disappointed but you still acted so courteously,” Great Swamp smiled at Kieran.

“You have obviously surpassed the shackles of mortals since you are able to beautify hypocrisy so easily,” Kieran said softly.

It wasn’t a verbal counterattack, simply acknowledgment of what Great Swamp had said.

From a certain aspect, Kieran’s persistence had transcended the level of common imagination and because of his persistence, it granted him an extraordinary personality.

“I myself was a fiend from the beginning. Although I am addressed as a God and wear the face of man, deep inside… I am still a fiend. At least I am still friendly enough and also a vegetarian.”

Great Swamp wasn’t concerned about his own truths.

He didn’t mind his true identity nor did he conceal it.

The way he expressed himself made Kieran think highly of him once more.

“Don’t look at me like that, I don’t want to hear any praises from you. After all these years, I’ve heard countless praising words—they don’t have any encouraging effects anymore, all that’s left is flattery.”

“I don’t want to hear any of that from you,” Great Swamp said before Kieran could speak.

“Don’t think too much. Maybe because you’ve been a God for so long you’re starting to think so highly of yourself?” said Kieran as he turned to Jin who was unconscious beside him.

“Don’t be so anxious. I haven’t finished giving you your rewards. Where is your Fire Raven companion?” said Great Swamp with a wave of his hand.

“Outside,” Kieran replied.

When he entered Rassho Temple, he had to choose between bringing Fire Raven along or moving alone and despite the place having very few people, he still chose the latter.

Although Fire Raven leveled up twice and reached the level of an above-average fiend, it didn’t mean it could conceal its presence.

The reason why targets didn’t notice Fire Raven most of the time was because of the distance.


The raven called after being summoned.

After Great Swamp opened up a breach in the barrier, Fire Raven flew in according to Kieran’s will and landed on his shoulder while it sent a probing gaze at Great Swamp.

It wasn’t afraid or anxious, as though when it landed on Kieran’s shoulder, it was fearless in the face of anything.

Great Swamp nodded in satisfaction.

“You’ve taken good care of it, better than I expected. Seems like you really view it as your irreplaceable assistant. Before this, I was still worrying that you might not want to part with the scale but now, it seems like I am overthinking—2567, are you willing to give your companion another chance?” Great Swamp suddenly sounded serious.

“What do you mean?” Kieran furrowed his brows.

“Fire Raven itself was a low-level fiend, most of the time it had to rely on numbers to win. Even if it was lucky and got some chances, it is still hard to force a change on its own. This is related to their own limits, nothing else.”

“And now, you have a chance to allow it to break through its own limits but in exchange, you will lose the scale. Are you willing…”


Kieran quickly tossed the [Great Swamp Scale] back before Great Swamp even finished.

How would Kieran choose between a chicken rib Legendary item and a companion that would accompany him throughout his long tedious adventures?

It was a no-brainer but Great Swamp was stunned.

“It may still prove useful to you though, maybe it’s power its incomparable to your own but when you have it on you, it will bring you…”

“Good luck? I know that just like how I know what I’m doing when I make a decision.”

“Can you hurry up? I don’t believe that you want to continue chatting with me like this right?”

Kieran once again interrupted Great Swamp and Great Swamp didn’t mind at all as always.

“I am really enjoying dealing with you,” said Great Swamp.

Then, a drop of blood came out from his index finger and landed on the scale. The red [Great Swamp Scale] immediately emanated a dazzling radiance.

The small scale was shaking ceaselessly and dragon roars along with snake hisses could be heard.

The urgency from Fire Raven quickly reached Kieran’s heart and despite its urgency and anxiety, Fire Raven stood still on Kieran’s shoulder.

It wasn’t just because of the companion contract’s power, it was also a tacit relationship.

“Go have it.”

It wasn’t until Kieran gave the order that Fire Raven dived into the light.

Another round of evolution has begun for the Fire Raven and Kieran was waiting for it patiently, anticipating his new enhanced companion.


He noticed a sense of envy in Great Swamp’s eyes.