The Devil's Cage Chapter 1136

Chapter 1136 Different


Kieran was surprised.

A God like Great Swamp was envious of Fire Raven?

Even if Fire Raven was his companion, Kieran didn’t neglect the heaven and earth difference between the two of them.

“Surprised?” asked Great Swamp.

He turned around and saw Kieran nod, the God of Flame City didn’t hide it though.

“Fire Raven is a fiend, so am I.”

“Maybe my level is high, to the point that Fire Raven could never catch up but I have my own limits as well.”

As he spoke, Great Swamp took a deep breath, a helpless expression was smeared over his matured youthful face.

“So, breaking through your own limits is the direction of our future collaboration?” Kieran wondered.

Although it was a guess, he was pretty sure of it in his heart.

Given the identity of the God of Flame City, if Great Swamp had no obvious goals, why would he be chatting with Kieran so leisurely?

Or in simpler words, with his identity, the contents of conversation would not be an arrow without a target.

If Great Swamp was really that free, Kieran had to re-evaluate his true goal again.

After all, based on their multiple contacts, Great Swamp wasn’t a free, mindless person.

“This is why I like to talk with you, you’ll get the answer even without further explanation. Especially since you helped me solve the biggest external problems.” Great Swamp’s words were hinting at a particular someone.

It was almost instinct that Kieran thought of the God of Forest City and Perforation Sting’s leader.

Other than these two Gods, Kieran couldn’t think of anything else that Great Swamp considered as external problems.

Besides, through that one point, Kieran was sure that Great Swamp must have some inkling on how to break his own limits, he didn’t go after it earlier because the God of Forest City and Perforation Sting were in the way before.

Naturally, Kieran didn’t look past the word “external”.

If there were external troubles, there would be internal ones as well.

However, within Flame City itself, Kieran didn’t think there was something that could trouble Great Swamp.

A spy like Beck?

It might seem troublesome but if Great Swamp could make up his mind and perform a merciless internal cleanup, it would be enough to solve a lot of the problems.

So, the internal problems shouldn’t refer to Flame City internal affairs, it should mean the place that he could break through his own limits.

The place to break his limits must be filled with danger! Otherwise, if Great Swamp could solve it himself, there would be no need for collaboration.

“What are the internal troubles then?” Kieran asked directly.

Since both of them decided to work together, Kieran didn’t need to be subtle in asking general details regarding particular matters, likewise, Great Swamp didn’t hide them either.

“I need to enter a very special place, there holds the thing that my father left for me. Based on fragments of records and my own memories, that place should be the key for me to break through my own limits but… my father is a contemptible person, he won’t give me that thing easily,” Great Swamp said with a bitter smile.

Kieran nodded but he didn’t ask where the place was.

Even if both of them were on working terms, there was no need to be frank with every single detail.

As the saying went, everyone has their own little secrets.

Kieran raised his left hand and the burning Devil Flame fell on unconscious Jin beside him.

Severely injured and unconscious, the burning sensation woke up him up immediately but he couldn’t do anything to oppose the current situation.

“Spare me! I’ll become your servant!”

Being engulfed in Devil Flame, Jin looked at Great Swamp and begged repeatedly and obviously, he really didn’t know what was going on.

Great Swamp laid his hands out helplessly and immediately, Jin reacted to the situation before he turned to Kieran.

But before he spoke, another ball of Devil Flame fell on Jin’s body.

This time, the Devil Flame engulfed him completely and even drowned him.


The grudgeful curses were soon replaced by agonizing screams.

Regardless of the grudgeful curses or agonizing cries, Kieran was not moved.

Who would be sympathetic to an enemy that cursed and screamed?

The best kind of enemy was the death kind!

It was always the simplest means of doing things in Kieran’s mind. Even though the enemy might beg him to spare their lives, Kieran never even considered it before just like how he would never bet his life on his enemies’ mercy.

Those naive thoughts were discarded from his mind the moment he entered the game and encountered his first dead body.

[Eliminated Perforation Sting leader, main mission completed in advance.]

[Triggered special event: Bloodline Limits]

[Special event will automatically become special main mission!]

[Bloodline Limits: A perfect collaboration increased Great Swamp’s fondness of you and he even invited you to help him complete his long-time wish.]

[Note 1: The better the player performs in the special event, the higher the rating]

[Note 2: Player’s performance includes but is not limited to battles]

[Triggered special event: Forest City Change of Ownership]

[Forest City Change of Ownership: After killing the God of Forest City, you are automatically deemed as Forest City’s new owner but in order to be the true owner, there are still many difficulties you must overcome]

[Based on the player’s performance, the player will be categorized in own faction]

[Note 1: The better the player performs in the special event, the higher the rating]

[Note 2: Player’s performance includes but is not limited to battles]

After killing Jin, multiple notifications popped up in Kieran’s vision. He wasn’t surprised at the first half of the notifications but the second half [Forest City Change of Ownership] surprised him quite a bit.

Of course, the most shocking thing was that after killing Jin, his power didn’t flow into Kieran’s body like how it happened with the God of Forest City.

Instead, it followed the basic system rule and turned into an item: a dark golden light was quietly flowing around.

Kieran’s mind spun relentlessly when he saw the light.

“Is it because Perforation Sting isn’t a God traditionally speaking, so it didn’t follow the rules of slaying a God? Or is it because he didn’t own a city thus he wasn’t considered a real God?”

The guesses in his heart didn’t stop him from taking his own spoils of war.

Kieran quietly picked up the item.

At the same time, a loud crow’s calling came and Fire Raven landed on Kieran’s shoulder again like a moving light. Its body was emanating a scorching presence.