The Devil's Cage Chapter 1137

Chapter 1137 Devoted Miraculous Light


A loud raven’s caw later, the all-red Fire Raven was pushing its head onto Kieran’s cheeks.

Compared to its previous size, Fire Raven grew even bigger and was as big as a real hawk when it stood on Kieran’s shoulder.

Especially its beak and claws, it was glaring like a sharp blade, anyone who laid eyes on them would shiver.

However, Kieran was most concerned about the original black spot on the Fire Raven’s forehead, now it had a faint dash of gold.

Kieran touched the Fire Raven’s goldish forehead slightly and the description came up in his vision.

[Name: General Fire Raven (Xenotype)]

[Type: Fiend]

[Rank: High]

[Attack: Powerful]

[Defense: Strong]

[Attribute: 1. Agility IV, 2. Transform Fire IV, 3. Spit Fire III]

[Effect: 1. Infuse IV; 2. Hide]

[Prerequisite: First sight]

[Remark: After consuming a high fiend’s meat and getting a scale from Great Swamp, Fire Raven which was already a xenotype has broken through its limits. Now it can carry out scouting missions, contact targets and the be one of the best options for an ancillary attack]

[Agility III: Increase flying Agility +3]

[Transform Fire III: Able to transform into a ball of fire with Powerful attack. Able to adhere to surfaces and float]

[Spit Fire II: Able to release out a fireball with Powerful attack as a long-range attack (no further than 45 meters), four times per day]

[Infuse II: Able to infuse itself into its companion or owner’s fire, Fire elemental attack +1 (Cannot exceed rank V)]

[Hide: Hide its own presence using the presence of the earth, hiding effect is halved when flying]

Glancing through the description, Kieran couldn’t hold back his smile.

Fire Raven’s enhancement was delightful, especially its [Hide] effect which made it like a fish swimming through water during scouting missions; however, the most delightful effect was [Infuse]!

After reaching a new rank, it had finally gotten a clear description of [Fire elemental attack +1], even if it had a limit, it was enough for Kieran at his current level; it was another trump card that could turn the tides of a fierce battle!

Delighted, Kieran checked the item dropped from Jin, the leader of Perforation Sting.

It was a greenish-gold button with complicated patterns etched on it. At first glance, the patterns looked like a face and with a closer look, it looked like a strong gale.

[Name: Jin’s Remains]

[Type: Accessory]

[Rarity: I]

[Attribute: 1. Breeze; 2. Gale; 3. Storm]

[Prerequisite: ]

[Able to bring out of dungeon: Yes]

[Remark: It isn’t complete. When it was first acquired by Jin, it had already been consumed to an irreversible state. Now only its basic powers remain but that doesn’t mean it is useless.]

[Breeze: With the help of the wind, you’re able to reduce your weight by a certain level (Including equipment, items but doesn’t include backpacks and the items inside)]

[Gale: Acquire a Powerful attack Wind Arrow every 6 hours, able to store a maximum of 6 arrows at once. User can fire them separately or all at once (It doesn’t need a bow and is able to lock onto the targets within a 100-meter range at your will)]

[Storm: Create a violent wind 100 meters in diameter which the user can fire straight ahead for 1000 meters before fading away. The violent wind has an attack level of Extreme, Powerful and Strong from outside, middle and inside respectively. Usable once every 3 days]

“Not bad!”

Kieran gave his honest opinion.

Although its attack didn’t reach the higher-order, its number of attacks and range were the reason for its rarity to reach rank I, even more so when it was just a button, a button that one could easily sew onto one’s clothes.

Kieran didn’t equip it right away, instead, he kept it away in his bag and looked at Great Swamp who somehow had a cup of tea in his hand, drinking it with a pleasant look.

“Have a sip, it’s very good.”

Great Swamp raised his hand and a cup of hot tea appeared before Kieran.

Kieran received the tea, he sniffed it first before taking a sip.

He didn’t have a lot of knowledge about tea though so he couldn’t give any comments on it.

As for the sniffing, it was just the habitual act from his usual vigilance.

“How is it?”

Great Swamp didn’t seem to notice that Kieran didn’t know how to enjoy tea and asked with a smile.

“What do you think?” Kieran replied with his own question.

Kieran was absolutely sure that Great Swamp knew a long time ago that he didn’t know how to enjoy tea and despite that, Great Swamp still asked. He was obviously trying to tease Kieran.

Without a doubt, the God of Flame City wasn’t as serious as he looked but, of course, he didn’t show any malicious intent.

“I think this is where you tell me how your tea tastes,” Great Swamp said smilingly.

“I think that if you have the time to play around, why don’t we leave this place? The master of Rassho Temple should have been waiting for a while now,” Kieran suggested.

“Let him wait then, he should! He didn’t even move a muscle in the last battle! If the cost of breaking the contract isn’t that substantial, I would never follow the conditions on it,” Great Swamp was slightly grunted.

“Rassho Temple exists to distract your enemies’ attention. Your relationship with them shouldn’t have changed because of my appearance.”

If Kieran was lacking information and couldn’t make sure why a city with a God like Great Swamp allowed the existence of an organization like Rassho Temple, now everything was made clear to him.

Rassho Temple’s existence was Great Swamp’s own doing, a banner that he set up to oppose the external enemies, but…

Obviously, it didn’t work as well as expected.

“You seem to care quite a lot about Rassho Temple, is it because of that little girl?”

Great Swamp’s interest was piqued and it was showing on his face. His look was exactly identical to those housewives listening to gossip, the only difference was the identity.

“It is also because Forest City now is also considered as my territory and I am quite interested in a city’s wealth. Especially the precious collections of a God,” Kieran said before he gave a heartfelt smile.

The smile came from the bottom of his heart, it was true and pleasant.

When greeted by the smile, Great Swamp couldn’t argue at all, he didn’t have any thoughts of arguing because he saw the true traits of a stingy ghost.

It was so real and true that it was… shining!

“Holy cow! He is so devoted to his stinginess? How greedy he is?”

Looking at the faint miraculous light that came out from Kieran’s body, Great Swamp had no intention to step on the stingy ghost’s tail.

It would be exactly the same as infuriating those fanatic believers, so he wisely changed his words into a reminder.

“Don’t forget our deal.”

As his words subsided, the room returned to Rassho Temple and Great Swamp was nowhere to be found.

However, the old monk, Mu seemed to know what happened, or more precisely, he had gotten the precise information from Great Swamp personally.

The old monk slowly walked into the room and Kieran’s eyes were looking at the only backpack he brought in.