The Devil's Cage Chapter 1138

Chapter 1138 Stay True To Your Heart

“Kana and Tanya still have to tidy up their personal belongings, they will be here soon.”

The old monk explained about the backpack when Kieran landed his gaze on it.

But Kieran wasn’t really concerned about that.

“Only this?”

Kieran pointed at the backpack behind the old monk.

“This is already mercy from His Majesty,” the old monk replied with a smile.

There wasn’t any dissatisfaction on his face when he said that and it made Keiran raised a puzzled brow.

Although there weren’t many people in Rassho Temple, the structures were few as well, it didn’t mean Rassho Temple wasn’t wealthy, or more precisely, Rassho Temple should have sufficient precious treasures.

These said treasures shouldn’t be something that a small backpack that could only carry at most a few pieces of clothing.

Even if the treasures were added to Tanya and Kana’s baggage, they shouldn’t be able to bring all away. On top of that, the old monk did mention the two girls were just keeping their personal belongings.

“What a stingy fella,” Kieran couldn’t hold back his soft mumble.

The old monk heard it but he still maintained his smile, there was no agreement or disagreement.

Soon, Tanya and Kana with their backpacks and luggage appeared before Kieran.

Without saying anything, the two girls seemed to know they would leave the place soon and they automatically stood behind Kieran and the old monk, ready to depart.

Kana who was behind the old monk was restless, she was filled with tension and urge to venture ahead.

Tanya, on the other hand, had a blank face, but when she saw Kieran’s back, she quickly smiled delightedly.

Obviously, the crystal gazer didn’t have the resolution to become a God, she was still behaving like a restless little girl.

Kieran glanced over Tanya, he wanted to say something but when he saw the dumb smiles Tanya showed him, he instinctively changed his words.

“You guys head to Forest City first. I’ll depart later and meet you guys there,” said Kieran.

“2567, you aren’t going with us?”

Tanya who was smiling dumbly just now jolted for a second before she looked at Kieran with teary eyes, like an abandoned puppy.

Kieran wasn’t moved by the puppy eyes though.

After he left the words behind, he nodded at the old monk and Kana before vanishing into the wind.

Tanya, however, started to search for Kieran’s figure and by utilizing her newly gained powers, the girl really got something but before the girl made her move, the old monk spoke.

“Tanya, do you still remember the butterfly in the cocoon?”

“You tore open its cocoon in order for it to come out easier but the help you thought you are giving didn’t give the butterfly strong enough wings, thus its wings were snapped when a stronger wind came.”

“Maybe my example is a little inappropriate but the story that I want to convey is the same.”

“The thing that you assumed the best isn’t exactly so for others. Same goes for the butterfly and Sir 2567,” the old monk said.

“Then what should I do?” Tanya asked restlessly.

For a girl at her age, the fondness towards the opposite gender was the youngest experience in her life and was the most beautiful moment of all.

It was so beautiful to the point that it was restless.

It was so beautiful to the point that it was inscribed into her bones.

It was so beautiful that… she would disregard herself.

Looking at his good friend’s daughter, the old monk sighed softly. He raised his hand and pointed at his own heart saying, “this, you should ask yourself.”


The girl frowned and muttered on her own.

Kana beside her frowned as well. She didn’t understand how her friend felt but she was willing to lend a hand.

“We’ll figure it out on the way to Forest City, he will be there eventually.”

As she spoke, Kana grabbed Tanya’s hand and walked out the gate of Rassho Temple.

They then got into the car that had been waiting for them.

The car wasn’t Rassho Temple’s property but it was borrowed in the name of Inspector Oaker.

Tanya was in the passenger seat and surprisingly, Kana was in the driver seat.

The old monk didn’t get into the car right away though, instead, he stood beside the car and turned around to Rassho Temple.

His turbid eyes had too many memories of the temple, to the point that it got muddier like a stirred water with ripples on the surface and caused the wind to blow.

The wind was talking about bits and pieces of the place and ultimately…

The old monk put his palms together and bowed at the old temple before entering the backseat.

As the engine growled, clouds of dust were left behind the car’s trail.

When the dust settled, the car was long gone.

Fuco, the Funeral Society’s intelligence was reading the reports gathered by his men. Sweat covered his forehead because of nervousness, excitement, and joy.

“God of Forest City!”

“Perforation Sting leader, Jin!”

“Both of them were killed! And the Bird of Death who killed the God of Forest City will surely…”

When the thoughts came, Fuco couldn’t remain in his seat anymore.

He jumped out and ran towards the inner part of the Funeral Society branch office.

Ditko and the other lord were waiting for news there.

However, just as Fuco reached the office’s door and tried to push it open, the door was opened from inside.

Huntsman Ditko came out with a heavy face.

Fuco was shaken when he saw Ditko walk out and he instinctively shifted his gaze inside.

Immediately through the seam between the door and Ditko, Fuco saw a black figure.

The black crow feathers were shining in an ominous luster.

“Bird of Death!”

Fuco couldn’t hold back his cry of shock but right after that, he reacted to the situation.

He straightened his body and bowed respectfully to express his respect for His Majesty.

The other one who bowed was Ditko.

Ditko then straightened his back and shut the door to the office gently. He then told Fuco with a serious tone never before seen, “Lockdown everything around the building, without my orders, no one is allowed to come near.”


Although Fuco was wondering in his heart why the Bird of Death appeared in the branch office, it didn’t stop him from carrying out Ditko’s orders.

A few seconds later, the whole Funeral Society branch office entered a Level 1 alert state.

“Do you need to be this serious about this? I am only here to propose a collaboration.”

Kieran stated the purpose of his visit to the high ranking officer of Funeral Society before him.

“Your presence here alone is sufficient for us to act as such. It is our manners and also respect for you. Also, it is also protection towards the ignorant mortals.”

Ren, one of the 21 Fiend Exorcist replied in a serious tone.

As the high ranking officer of Funeral Society, Ren had quite the experience in dealing with Gods.

Regardless who the God was, respect was always first in line, there would be no exception for the Bird of Death who had slain the God of Forest City.

“So what is this collaboration about?”

Ren asked in a testing tone after a deep breath since he couldn’t see any expression on Kieran’s face after sizing him up.