The Devil's Cage Chapter 1141

Chapter 1141 Like None

New owner?

New owner!

Then what about the original owner…

The fallen Hermair wanted to question the person before his eyes but the body further away, the dead priest, told him what he should do at the moment.

However, someone was faster than him.

“Morden is hereby welcoming the new owner of this temple.”

“I am willing to pledge my loyalty, my wealth, and everything I know to welcome and to serve the new owner.”

After the gunshot, Morden who had been neglected dashed out to the leader of the squadron, kneeling down before him and said with the utmost respect.

Those who were attacking Morden a moment ago quickly mimicked Morden in crawling on the ground.

“We are willing to welcome the new owner of the temple,” the crowd shouted with all their might.

There was not a bit of shame or shyness in their actions, or perhaps, they’d already learned how to discard their shame a long time ago, otherwise, they wouldn’t be here.

Hayden Ow, the leader of the squadron, was perfectly clear about this.

He quite disliked these men during normal times but now, he needed these men to help him stabilize the situation throughout Forest City.

“I’ll leave these men here to you.”

“I hope before His Majesty Bird of Death arrives, you can maintain Forest City as it is right now.”

“Remember, every blade of grass and tree here belongs to His Majesty! No one is allowed to ruin anything or bring anything away from here!”


Hayden Ow was emphasizing his orders to Morden.

Morden was stunned before he was overjoyed.


Morden lowered his head and stuck his forehead on the ground, replying loudly.

“Hmph.” Hayden Ow nodded in satisfaction before he waved his hand.

The squad of men that followed him immediately scattered around and stood guard around the temple.

The rest then followed Hayden Ow into the inner temple.

After seeing Hayden Ow go in, Morden stood up and turned to Hermair who was still on the ground with a vicious gaze.

“What are you trying to do? I tell you, I… Aargh!”

A bad feeling rose in Hermair’s heart when he saw Morden’s gaze, he tried to shout at Morden and hoped to stop him.

Unfortunately, the moment the words escaped his mouth, Morden landed his foot on Hermair’s face.

The crowd around turned a blind eye at this as they had forgotten the hostility they showed a moment ago.

One of them even picked up Hermair’s gentleman staff and passed it to Morden.

Without further hesitation, Morden picked the staff and smashed it into Hermair’s skull.

Beating, begging, all the clamors out there entered Hayden Ow’s ears but at the moment, he couldn’t care less.

After receiving Ren’s orders, he had already moved out as fast as he could but the priest that ran out from the temple told him that he was still a step too slow.

Once he thought about the condition His Majesty offered, Hayden Ow’s heart was burning with anxiety.

No one understood how greedy these high ranking members of Forest City were better than the branch manager of Funeral Society in Forest City, Hayden Ow.

They would not leave empty-handed and they would certainly empty out the treasure vault of the God of Forest City.

“Hope we still can make it!”

Hayden Ow’s heart was praying hard as he shuttled through the corridors of the temple before arriving at the true main hall.

However, before he stepped into the main hall, he halted his steps abruptly.


The air reeked of blood!

Hayden Ow’s nose was assaulted by the heavy bloody stench before he even entered the main hall.

The Funeral Society members behind him quickly moved in pairs and formed a battle formation even without orders from the branch manager and when a muscular member smashed the door open with a kick, more than 20 guns were pointed into the main hall.

However, the scene that welcomed them shook everyone.

The hall was strewn with bodies and blood flowed like a river.

It was expected though but the person who murdered everyone wasn’t.

The person was in a light-colored priest robe soaked in blood, his hand was holding a blunt blade which was caused by hundreds and thousands of slashes yet despite all the killing, he was standing straight in front of the God of Forest City’s statue blocking the way.

Behind him was a small door that led into the deeper parts of the temple.

What was behind the small door?

The answer was self-explanatory.

Unfortunately, no one was able to cross the sword wielder’s side.

The nearest one fell three steps away from the sword wielder.

Hayden Ow looked at the person with shocking eyes and unconsciously called out the name.


No one was a stranger to that name in Forest City. In fact, as the archpriest of God of Forest City, he was a very well known person in the city.


Hayden Ow never thought the archpriest would kill with a sword.

Or in other words, anyone who met Neil would never take him as a killer, especially in times like this!

Firstly, he was scrawny and didn’t know how to wield a sword.

Secondly, Neil had always been a small character that flattered others for favors, he never once showed the valiant side of him

The last and most important point, if the God of Forest City fell, the first one to turn around and run should be Neil.

However, the reality was that Neill stood in front of the treasure vault of his God and forbid anyone from entering, even in… death!

Correct, Neil was dead!

Hayden Ow was very sure of it.

Despite his standing position, Neil was long dead before they arrived and until the last breath, the archpriest rounded his furious eyes, as though he would guard his God until the end of his life.

“Neil, you…”

Hayden Ow wanted to say something but nothing came out from his mouth.

“Lay him to rest!” Hayden Ow ordered his men.

Hayden Ow always looked down on Neil but in a moment like this, Neil won his respect, even if both of them were from opposing factions.

A few of the Funeral Society members went over to Neil and carefully took the sword off him but they realized the sword seemed to have merged with his hand, they couldn’t take it off.

Not only that, even Neil’s body was hardened like a rock.

In the end, all the members did was lay him down on the ground.

When they saw the scattered bodies and the people around, their eyes unconsciously showed respect to the archpriest as well.

They could easily picture how fierce the battle was to cause such changes to a human body.

Two members moved Neil’s hardened body aside and the others also went on taking care of the other bodies.

For the rest of the bodies, the Funeral Society members weren’t that courteous.

After double-checking the bodies for valuables, they threw the bodies beside the sacrificial platform outside the temple.

The platform was a place to please the God of Forest City and now, the dead bodies became the materials.

Barrels of gas were poured on it and a lit match stick flew out from Hayden Ow’s hand.


The blazing flame burned high as black smoke rose to the sky.

The thick black smoke was visible throughout the entirety of Forest City.

Meanwhile, in a small alleyway of a certain street in Forest City, a figure was laughing softly when he saw the black rumbling smoke.