The Devil's Cage Chapter 1149

Chapter 1149 Layers

These men who couldn’t control their bodies saw the shoemaker.

They tried to greet him but compared to Bearman, Hair Fiend and Fire Brothers, they were just common men and they couldn’t even open their mouths.

All of them had fallen under the old shoemaker’s control.

“The dance will start soon.”

“Go! Go!”

“Go look for your dance partners!”

The shoemaker then waved his hand and the controlled civilians dashing out of the street, going out of control as they destroyed everything they laid eyes on.

Fires were burning high on buildings and the smoke tainted the bright and beautiful afternoon black.

The rumbling black smoke rose up fast and flew up to the white clouds.

The shoemaker was watching the smoke fly.

Suddenly, he jolted. The black smoke was gathering ceaselessly in the sky and the bright sunny afternoon was swiftly turned into darkness overhead, an enormous hand that merged with the sky and land then slammed down on him as if… The sky collapsed!

The shoemaker’s proud nimble hands were useless.

The secret technique that he was so confident in was useless.

When the sky collapsed, mortal men were nothing but ants.

The old shoemaker was just a slightly stronger one.


The enormous hand landed on him and enveloped everyone that he controlled together.

No one escaped the attack though, all of them were crushed into powder.



The pain from his bones and soul was invading the shoemaker’s body wave after wave, it made him tremble and shake uncontrollably, ultimately—


A mouth full of blood was spat out and landed on the pair of shoes in his hand, the shoe which he should have finished yet didn’t.

The blood was dazzling and could even be considered as horrifying.

The old shoemaker lifted his head while trembles and looked at the customer opposite the chair.

The black colored crow feathered mantle, the youthful yet mature face, the calmness in the eyes added an extra layer of wisdom with the matured temperament, causing its normal face to extraordinary.


“When did I fall into your illusion?”

“How are your illusions so real?”

“How did you do it?”

“Perforation Sting’s leader and the God of Forest City shouldn’t have given you this kind of power!”

The shoemaker coughed repeatedly but he didn’t hold back his questions toward Kieran.

Kieran didn’t answer.

He was not obliged to answer the enemy’s question, especially the malicious ones.


After an air-breaking sound, blood gushed out from the old shoemaker’s arm and the roller fell on to the floor.

A strand of hair silently strangled the shoemaker’s neck.

The last resort attack didn’t work.

While feeling the icy cold presence of the strand of hair on his neck, the shoemaker couldn’t hold back his laughter.

“I underestimated you.”

“But do you think this is the end?”

“I tell you, this is just the beginning!”

The shoemaker laughed heavily before it stopped abruptly. His face swiftly turned purple and gradually ran out of breath.


The big, strong Bearman mumbled, even the Fire Brothers at a side scowled.

Regardless of what kind of enemy, they were all hateful but the most hated amongst all kinds of enemies were the sacrificial kind—men of sacrifice.

“Burn it.”

Kieran said before he stood up and walked outside.

Behind him, the shop together with the shoemaker’s body were turned into blazing fire by the Fire Brothers.



The neighbor’s shouts were heard one after another, pails of water then followed but their efforts were inadequate. It didn’t help a bit in extinguishing the blazing fire.

In the end, the neighbors were left with no choice but to isolate the shoe shop to prevent the fire from spreading.

Throughout the process, no one noticed Kieran and co. leave, except for…

Scotdery the shoemaker!

He was indeed dead but his soul hadn’t vanished, he ignored the blazing fire and hid aside, watching Kieran and co. leave the place.

“Although you’ve become a God but a God like you without a solid foundation could never compete with the true Majesty!”

“You, are still too far away!”

Scotdery in his soul form was emanating a unique brilliance invisible to the naked eye.

The brilliance didn’t just shield his soul from the fire, it even granted him some special abilities not available to normal souls.

As the brilliance shined, Scotdery vanished without a trace instantly, as if the wind blew and send him away far.

It was very fast and quick, no matter how vigilant a person was, they would never care about some harmless breeze.

The wind blew until a reached certain penthouse in Forest City before it stopped.

Scotdery appeared in his soul form again as he went towards the penthouse but, he didn’t go in.

What he entered was the alleyway beside. He then carved a symbol beneath the one and a half man tall window which almost reaching the second floor of the penthouse.

After that, he vanished into the wind again.

Over the next hour, Scotdery was shuttling across the city, leaving symbol after symbol in specific locations.

When the last symbol was left, the old shoemaker went into the hideout which he prepared beforehand.

The hideout had not only sufficient food and water, but there was also a man there who looked dumb.

Without further ado, Scotdery possessed the man’s body.

Two minutes later, the dumb looking person became normal and was speaking in a low gloomy voice.

“What you did to me, I’ll return in kind!”

“Ten times!”

“A Hundred Times!”

“Believe me, that day won’t be long from now!”

“Is that so?”

After the vicious words, a dull question broke his streak and shocked Scotdery.

The shoemaker instinctively turned around.

Based on his experience, he shouldn’t have done that but the shock in his heart didn’t allow him to maintain a calm state.

A long, powerful palm seized him by the throat, his body together with his neck which was halfway turned was frozen on the spot.

Unable to speak, Scotdery widened his eyes and saw Kieran appear before him, his face was filled with a look of disbelief, followed by sorrowful begging.

However, in the end, it turned into fierceness and was even threatening.

Kieran laughed at the “threats” because he got what he wanted.

“Seems like one of the places that you left your symbol holds quite some value. Or should I say, a few other places?”

“Hope they aren’t as stubborn as you!”

“Otherwise, your people will lose everything.”

After hearing what Kieran said, the vicious, fierce shoemaker replaced his threatening expression with a dash of fear.

It wasn’t until this moment that the shoemaker finally realized Kieran had a much bigger scheme than what he imagined.

Kieran didn’t only want Scotdery, he wanted all the contacts around the shoemaker.


The Majesty behind the scenes.