The Devil's Cage Chapter 1153

Chapter 1153 Another One

When the evening feast in Forest City began, a fully armed squad silently infiltrated the inner section of Forest City.

The group of men was hiding in some civilian’s house, waiting patiently for orders.

While in the bedroom, two people were standing face to face.

One was bending over with a humble and polite look on his face.

One was standing tall with his head up, looking as calm as ever.

The former was in casual clothing, hence nothing was worth mentioning about him; the latter was wearing a khaki colored windbreaker together with a brown pair of shoes and body fitting undershirt. With his clean-looking features, one would easily take him as a social elite, if he were to land his feet on the ground.

It wasn’t a metamorphic meaning though, the latter was indeed floating, the bottom of his shoe was a finger away from the ground.

“Can you confirm the news?” The floating middle-aged man asked.

“Indeed! The news from The Shoe plus others from various channels confirmed the validity of this matter. On top of that, based on our news intel, Leaf City’s Majesty left Leaf City a few hours ago.”

The humble, polite elderly reported quickly yet in an organized sequence.

“The God of Leaf City?”

“He is also blinded by his own greed I see!”

“With his strength, leaving Leaf City is suicidal, he really isn’t scared the others would treat him as a hunting target?” The middle-aged man coldly laughed before his eyes shone.

Obviously, he was quite fond of treating the so0called God of Leaf City as prey.

However, the calmness in his heart allowed him to think clearly and focus on his priority.

A severely injured target and a healthy target, which would he choose?

Any normal man would make the right choice.

Of course, that didn’t mean the middle-aged man would give up on his golden opportunity.

He could hasten the process!


Kill two birds with one stone!

“Tell them to be prepared!”

“I want to be sure of that guy’s proper location before I deliver the killing blow!”

“Bird of Death?”

“What will your expression be when death is impending?”

The middle-aged man waved his hand.

The humble elderly quickly walked out of the room and made the final preparations with the squad outside the house.

As for the mission for the likes of him, the elderly knew very well in his heart.

So, even if they had to go up against a God, the elderly wasn’t scared because there was another God standing behind them.


Theirs were much stronger than the one they were about to engage.

Their target was just a lucky upstart who accidentally got the chance, there was no solid foundation under that young face.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have gotten injured by some “testing traps” and ended up being a target for hunting practice.

“A lucky and unlucky fella eh. I’m afraid you hadn’t understood what it means to be a Majesty, a God? Unfortunately… You will never have the chance to.”

The elder raised his hand, a deep breath later, he swung it down hard.

The whole squad then moved out as the signal was given.

Without pause, all of them sprinted towards Forest City temple.

Hit it where it hurts!

Attack the weak spots to bring down the enemy!

Forest City temple was the weak spot!

As long as the temple was under assault, the target will surely show up and once he does, it will be his end.

“After His Majesty kills the target, he will be stronger, plus after absorbing Forest City into his domain, even if he still couldn’t compete with a higher standing Majesty, he will surely stand out from the others!”

“If he can kill the one from Leaf City…”

“His Majesty will surely rise to the ranks of the higher echelon!”

“Until then, I, the follower of his Majesty, even though I couldn’t become the archpriest, I will surely be a priest that holds real authority!”

The elder couldn’t help but shiver out of excitement once he thought that his lifelong dream was about to come true.

The eagerness in his heart made him wish that he had wings so he could fly to Forest City temple.


When the squad and the elder were still far away from the temple, they were forced to a stop.

Or more accurately, they were wiped out.

A giant twin-headed snake that could shift between mirage and material form sprung out from the ground, with a tremendous force from its tail sweep, a catastrophe befell the squad.

The squad managed to pull their triggers twice before being ground into meat paste, including the elder.

The floating middle-aged man, the God of Many City watched his men die in front of him.

His face didn’t react to the deaths though.

Weren’t his men’s existence for this specific purpose?

As pawns?

As testing stones?

Succeed, they will be bigger pawns.

Failure, there will be many more pawns.

As a God, he had too many options to choose from and the variety of options made him disregard his men’s death as it became a habit for him, just like the moment before his eyes.

Neglecting his men’s death, the God of Many City was looking at the twin-headed serpent spirit with interest.

“So this is the backup you prepared for yourself?”

“Not bad but not enough!”

The God of Many then made his move against the twin-headed snake.

A ray of light converged in his hand as if it was a laser.


Without space and time to avoid the laser, the serpent spirit reverted back to its mirage form and despite the change, one of its heads was still perforated by the laser.

Stssss! Ssssst!

After losing one of its heads, the serpent spirit hissed in pain, its gigantic body wiggled and swiftly dived into the ground, crawling towards a single direction.

“Running?” The God of Many City laughed.

His laughter grew brighter when he sensed an extraordinary presence at the direction where the serpent spirit escaped to.

“I found you, Bird of Death!”

After the phrase, the God of Many City transformed into light and appeared in front of a busted old civilian house before the twin-headed snake.

“Trying to mask your own presence with the presence of humans?”

“Not bad but there are too few people here.”

“And didn’t you notice? Your medicine is hard on the nose!”

God of Many City laughed at the busted old house.

The moment his laughter subsided, he had already appeared in the room and looked down at Kieran who was half leaning on the bed with bandages over his chest.

“Feels bad right?”

“The crossbow abandoned by the Gods, it’s originally what I planned to use to deal with the God of Forest City but too bad, you killed him.”

“Fortunately, it didn’t go to waste.”

God of Many City felt the weakness of Kieran and couldn’t help but shake his head.

“You must feel unwilling, facing death right after you become a God?”

“But that’s how cruel the world is!”

“Who asked you to appear at such perfect timing in the perfect location?”

“Come now, let me liberate you from your pain!”

The God of Many City then reached his palm out to Kieran.

Kieran tried to resist but he was helpless against it after the God of Many City grabbed him by the neck.

God of Many City took in a deep breath when he saw the helpless enemy in his hand.

What else was more comforting than killing an enemy of the same rank?


Nothing was more anticipating than this exact moment!

Therefore, he savored the process fully, he wanted to slowly, meticulously taste the death of his opponent, so that he could remember the joy.

While he was intoxicated in his own disgusting fetish, he didn’t notice a palm was reaching the back of his neck.

It wasn’t until the fingers touched his neck that the God of Many City finally reacted to the sensation.

But, it was too late.

He was grabbed by the neck and at that moment…

The Devil Flames burned fiercely and exploded.