The Devil's Cage Chapter 1154

Chapter 1154 Half True Half False

The Devil Flame exploded and its blazing light rose up to the sky.

Under the blazing flame, the God of Many City had his neck snapped and was reduced to flying ashes and smoldering smoke swiftly.

But, he didn’t die.

His material body transformed into a “light”, similar to the laser he fired before but it looked more like a kind of halo. Regardless of what it was, he was still suffering from unimaginable pain and damage under the Devil Flame.

After all, Devil Flame’s biggest trait was burning souls and devouring life.

“Bird of Death!”

As if he was a cloud of light, the God of Many City were rumbling in the air and shouted like a human.

His voice had astonishment, confusion, and hatred.

He was astonished by Kieran’s plan.

He was confused by Kieran’s power.

As for the hatred?

His hatred at towards Kieran for destroying his body was enough for him to treat Kieran as his mortal enemy, he did start off with the idea of killing of Kieran anyway.


With another loud shout, the God of Many City in his light form dished out his last resort.

He would not beg because he knew there wasn’t an option of falling into captivity in a war between Gods.

Perhaps the mortals might escape death but for Gods, there will be only one path: become stronger or fall.

The hundreds of cities, hundreds of Gods were trapped in such an endless cycle since the end of the fiend era.

Old Gods will fall, New Gods will rise.


Perish together!

The cloud of light exploded!

The blinding radiance drowned the Devil Flame, together with Kieran inside.


The will of the God of Many City declared sonorously like a righteous judge.

In fact, when the light exploded, a solemn and orderly aura had filled the area.

The aura infiltrated every seam possible and judged every being it touched, including Kieran.

Or rather, Kieran was the first to bear the brunt.

The street before his eyes had vanished, what replaced the scene was a court and the God of Many City sat on the judge’s position.

And him?

He was in the accused seat, with metallic cuffs over his hands.

Beside him was the prosecutor’s seat and the juries’ seat and all of the seats were occupied by all kinds of living beings.

Humans, monsters, all of them were looking at Kieran with malicious gazes.



Before the judge even adjudged, the humans and monsters were chanting loudly.

Bang Bang!


The judge banged his gavel and instantly, the whole court went quiet.

The judge nodded in satisfaction and looked at Kieran at the accused seat.

“Bird of Death, do you confess?” The judge asked fiercely.

Kieran didn’t answer, he sized up his surroundings with an interested gaze.


Illusory realm?

“No, it shouldn’t be! Whether illusion or illusory realm, none could have made me feel this real with my rank III Spirit.”

Kieran had absolute confidence in his Spirit attribute.

Maybe in the God of Many City’s own territory, using the geographical advantages to his favor would be able to affect Kieran’s Spirit but after leaving his own city, he certainly could not achieve this.

Otherwise, the God of Many City had no need to spend so much in planning and plotting against him, he should have stomped right through Kieran’s front door.

One needed to know, Kieran was a Godslayer without the blessing of the land on the outside, he wasn’t a native God that could get the blessing of his own city.

But even against a Godslayer like him, the God of Many City had to be extremely careful.

Other than being vigilant, there was another explanation: he was too weak.

The scene that occurred a moment ago verified this point as well.

The God of Many City didn’t notice that Kieran snuck up behind him and didn’t have any effective means to resist the Devil Flame.

Dong, Dong, Dong.

Kieran lifted his palm over the wooden fence in front of him and knocked on it.

He then touched the metallic cuffs over his hands with his fingers.

In the end, Kieran looked at the prosecutor and the juries.

“These are real and those should be the false ones…”

“Secret techniques that fuse the real and unreal?” Kieran muttered to himself.

His voice, however, wasn’t concealed and it clearly entered the judge’s ears.

The God of Many City who acted as the judge suffered a change of expression when he heard that.

He never thought that under Sanction state, Kieran could not only maintain his sanity, but he could also assure his own calmness as well.

The God of Many City didn’t know how Kieran did it but he knew the situation wasn’t in his favor.

So, the God of Many City proceeded to adjudicate the trial directly at the next moment.

“Bird of Death has blasphemed the divine God!”

“I hereby sentence you to extreme penalty!”

The sonorous, thunderous adjudication echoed in the court, the humans and monsters in the prosecutor and jury seats were seething with excitement.



They were like bloodthirsty beasts as they watched the two executioners in black outfits and scythes in their hands, who resembled the legendary grim reaper, walk up to Kieran.

Wung! Wung!

Two powerful whistles later, the two scythes were swung down directly.

However, before the scythes reached Kieran, both the executioner were kicked away by Kieran.

One flew towards the prosecutor seat and the other flew to the jury seat.

The humans and monsters who were cheering a moment ago were perforated by the impact, all of them vanished from Kieran’s sight like bubbles, together with almost half of the court.

Everything was as Kieran expected.

The secret technique before his eyes relied on partially true, partially false details to mixed up reality.

Of course, not only the items were real, the aura of order and judgment was real too.

The aura came directly from the God of Many City’s will and was changing accordingly.

At this moment, it was changing towards its final phase—

Chain after chain appeared out of the void and bound Kieran.

Javelins after Javelins appeared above Kieran’s head and lunged towards his skull.

Voice after voice echoed in his ears, saying, “Sinner!”

“Irredeemable Sins!”

“Repent and beg for forgiveness!”

As the voices entered his ears, Spirit authentication flooded Kieran’s vision like the rising tide.

He passed all of them without much effort.

Not only did he pass, but Kieran also started his counterattack.

A faint sulfuric aura started to virtualize, followed by a chaotic and arrogance presence.

The scorching heat started to wreck the destroyed court.

Ka, Ka Ka!

Chains were broken one after another.

Javelins were melted one after another.

And the voices?

When the throat was suffocating, no one could talk, not even a God.


The neck was snapped again and the Devil Flame rose once more.

The scene before Kieran’s eyes reverted back on the street.

The God of Many City’s body disintegrated into sparkles of golden radiance and poured into Kieran’s body as the purest energy and one-of-a-kind presence, the radiance once again lit up the secret runes branded in his bones.

However, 1/10 of the radiances gushed towards his backpack out of his expectations.

[Scale of Judgement]!