The Devil's Cage Chapter 1155

Chapter 1155 Box Opening

The radiating light from the secret runes in Kieran’s body were swiftly erasing the chaos and darkness.

After experiencing it once, Kieran didn’t panic anymore.

He looked down at the process, watching the light swiftly erase the chaos and darkness.

Once again, he saw the part from his brain split and refilled the chaos and darkness all over his body. Unconsciously, a question which was long overdue popped up in his heart.

“What is this chaos and darkness?”

From the moment Kieran advanced to the higher order and was able to notice the secret runes in his body, the chaos and darkness already existed in his body and kept lurking around in a disgusting manner which he instinctively disliked.

Even though all the secret runes were lit up like now, the irregularity still persisted like cancer.

On top of that, Kieran was very sure he had to deal with the chaos and darkness for a long time into the future because the energy the God of Many City provided had been depleted.

The energy from the God of Leaf City couldn’t even touch the chaos and darkness since the cardinal sins divided him and ate him.

It was not an understatement that the combined energy from the two Gods was like a drop of water in the ocean in terms of erasing the chaos and darkness.

It piqued Kieran’s curiosity even more, pondering about what exactly the chaos and darkness were.

What kind of power was so rampant to the point that he couldn’t notice during normal times.

While questions spun in his mind, he didn’t forget to check on the unusuality that happened in his backpack.

[Name: Scale of Judgement]

[Type: ETC]

[Rarity: Above Legendary]

[Attribute: Judgement 1/1]

[Effect: None]

[Prerequisite: 1.Heart of Ruling, 2. Bound to player 2567]

[Remark: This is the last item that the God of Judgement left behind in the mortal realm. It can be very powerful or very weak.]

[Judgement: The sinner will suffer the wrath of the heavens!]

The [Scale of Judgement] had zero changes compared to how it looked before.

Its attributes didn’t undergo drastic changes either, other than the increase of rarity, there was only another added prerequisite: bound to player 2567.

However, with the first prerequisite [Heart of Ruling], Kieran still couldn’t use this seemingly powerful tool, which made him furrow his brows.

In the end, Kieran placed it back into his backpack.

Throwing it away?

What a joke.

A stingy ghost would never operate like this.

As for selling it?

Before it was even bound to him, Kieran never had the thought—Kieran who wasn’t a newbie a long time ago understood one point very well: inside the underground game, the known will always have a price, the unknown, however, will always be the most valuable.

“Heart of Ruling…”

Kieran muttered the term while he walked towards the temple without pause.

After dealing with the surrounding problems, Kieran was eager to enter the real God of Forest City’s treasure vault.

Of course, before that, Kieran contacted Hayden Ow.

Those Funeral Society members who came to check on the fights could lend a hand in cleaning up the battlefield, fixing the road, repairing the civilian houses, etc.

However, they were not enough to deal with Leaf City and Many City, even from a certain aspect, Hayden Ow was not ranked high enough.

At least the likes of Ren, a Fiend Exorcist would be required because of the corresponding skills and qualifications.

However, considering the potential outcome, Kieran quickly made up his mind.

Kieran went through many gold and jewel hills in the corridor and finally reached the secret treasure vault of the God of Forest City.

The excitement in his heart didn’t make him lose his cool.

After double checking the entrance and making sure it wasn’t rigged with traps, he pushed the main door open.


Blinding green lights shined brightly, even Kieran had to cover his eyes with his hands against the light.

Display racks holding items filled the private vault, Magic rank items one after another were loaded on the racks.

After a rough count, Kieran got around 40 Magic rank items.

Huuhaa! Huuuhaaa!

His stingy ghost soul was boiling, Kieran was panting uncontrollably, his eyes were glancing over the dense green light, so dense that it felt like it was materializing. His eyes went deeper into the vault and his feet automatically moved.

The racks in the vault were arranged in a ring shape along the wall which was also round, a door was set as the entrance to the racks.

The outer racks were holding Magic rank items and it would be natural for the inner racks to hold higher ranked items.

As the thought lingered in his head, Kieran was stunned when he opened the first door of the inner racks because all he saw was two Rare rank items.

Unconsciously, Kieran went head and pushed open the next door.

There was only an empty rack, no items.

The scene caused Kieran’s heart to sink.

He went on to the next door with a conflicted heart because the next door would be the center of the vault of God of Forest City.

Inside the door was a rack with a box on top of it.

When he saw that the box was locked, Kieran slightly heaved a sigh of relief.

The box was locked, meaning there must be something important or precious inside, otherwise, there wouldn’t be an extra unnecessary lock inside a vault.

“Lucky it isn’t empty,” said Kieran.

He then turned back and quickly grabbed the two Rare rank items before returning to the box.

The two Rare rank items were armor and a longsword respectively.

[Name: West Steel Heavy Mail]

[Type: Defensive Gear]

[Rarity: Rare]

[Defense: Strong]

[Attribute: 1. Physical Mitigation; 2. Elemental Immunity]

[Effect: None]

[Prerequisite: Strength B+]

[Able to bring out of dungeon: Yes]

[Remark: This is one of the immature items of a blacksmith during the fiend era, but it still has outstanding defense and of course you will need considerable strength to wear it.]

[Physical Mitigation: When receiving a physical attack, acquire +1 buff in defense authentication, 2 times per day]

[Elemental Immunity: When receiving Fire, Ice, Electric damage, gain a special elemental shield and it will negate Strong level or below elemental damage, once per day]

[Name: West Steel Saber]

[Type: Weapon]

[Rarity: Rare]

[Attack: Strong]

[Attribute: 1. Keen; 2. Swift]

[Effect: None]

[Prerequisite: Strength C+, Sharp Weapon, Longsword (Master)]

[Able to bring out of dungeon: Yes]

[Remark: This is one of the immature items of a blacksmith during the fiend era, but its keenness is very discussed but in order to wield it you need the corresponding technique and power.]

[Keen: When wielding, acquire +1 attack buff, twice per day]

[Swift: When wielding, acquire +1 Agility buff, once per day]

The two items with the same prefix in their names caught Kieran’s attention.

“Because it’s the blacksmith’s earlier works, so even if it is equipped together, there is nothing magical? Memorable over meaning.”

Kieran commented before looking at the locked box.

Ka chak!

After the usual checking, Kieran easily picked the lock.

The box was opened.