The Devil's Cage Chapter 1160

Chapter 1160 Having A City

After ending the phone call with Great Swamp, Kieran didn’t depart for Flame City right away.

He still had some things to take care of.

The night was getting darker.

The evening feast in the temple was reaching its end.

Without Kieran at the feast, it was like the God of Forest City was absent from the occasion.

The feast was determined to be merrier without the God, the guests raised their glasses with smiles and idle chatter, different classes of people were mingling, mixing around.

This was the exact goal of a feast, to express compliance and to expand social networks.

Morden’s face blushed as if he was the dinner’s main character.

Of course, it was just a saying.

The real main character was absent, thus the support characters were mingling, chatting with the other noteworthy people in the corner of the hall.

Morden’s eyes showed envy. Even though he was already in Hermair’s position, compared to the elder, the younger Morden had bigger ambitions.

The scene before him… was just a starting point.

So, when he saw the old monk walk out from the corner, Morden who had been waiting for a while now walked over with his glass.

The location he chose was very ideal, to the point that had he walked over to the old monk, it would be like a chance encounter.

Morden even simulated the scene in his mind countless times and thought of what he should say.

Chances were given to those who were prepared.

Morden deeply believed that saying, similar to how he believed he would succeed next.

“Good evenin…” Morden greeted the old monk politely.

Then, his whole world was reduced to a pair of morbid eyes.

Gradually, the morbid eyes slowly became clear as it slowly transformed into a small river beside the forest near his house during his youth.

The small river was crystal clear.

Morden felt his like body was bathed with warm sunlight.

Insect buzzes and bird chirps filled his ears.

Those days… were nostalgic.

Unconsciously, Morden exclaimed.

Then a question popped up in his mind,

Why don’t I return to my old life?

At first, I came out to work all because I wanted to give father a sharper ax and a set of new kitchen utensils to mother.

But now, how long has it been since I returned for a visit?

The last time was the end of last year and I only had a quick meal with them.

What did they say?

They seemed older.

They seemed unhappy.

They seemed… lonely.

Suddenly, Morden’s eyes felt warm and when the tears rolled down his cheeks, he still saw the pair of morbid eyes.

When the words reached his mouth, Morden swallowed it down through sheer will.

It was not appropriate for the timing, it was not needed either.

But at least the old monk showed his kindness, didn’t he?

“Thank you.”

Morden said out of habit. He was always polite towards those who helped him regardless of how their attitude was.

The old monk nodded at Morden before walking away.

Morden saw the old monk off and it wasn’t until his back vanished from sight that Morden put away his gaze.

His mind was recalling what he “remembered” just now.

In the end, he shook his head.

He wasn’t the old him anymore.

He couldn’t afford to allow himself to be reckless.

He must understand acceptance and rejection.

For the rest of the evening feast, Morden acted as if nothing happened, he held his glass and shuttled around the guests who were about to leave, similar to how he was before.

When the last guest left the hall, Morden also left the temple.

Before he left, he gave a little gift to those Funeral Society members who were on guard duty that night at the temple.

The gift was delicate and inexpensive, yet extremely diligent.

“Boss, you have two meetings tomorrow morning.

“The client from Many City will arrive before tomorrow afternoon.

“Here are the documents that you need to sign for the day.”

The moment Morden entered his car, his secretary was handing him file after file.

Morden accepted all of it without making a sound and started to read through them using the car’s light.

The secretary tapped the driver’s seat, she knew she couldn’t disturb Morden.

Likewise, she knew her boss would sleep at the office for the two meetings tomorrow.

The car drove off steadily but when it reached the crossroad in front of the temple, Morden spoke.

“Hold on!”

“Drive to the villa at the outskirts first. And…”

“Prepare two presents for my parents. They are old enough, so you don’t have to choose… nevermind, drive to the places where I still can buy presents, I’ll pick them myself.”

The secretary looked at her boss in surprise as if she knew him for the first time, but she quickly regained her senses.

“Noted. I know a place, they’re open 24 hours a day. And boss, what about the meeting tomorrow morning?”

“Carry on.”

The car drove off again.

This time, it didn’t stop and drove straight to its destination faster and steadier.

The plan hadn’t changed.

What changed was life.

As for whether the changes were for better or worse?

Who knew.

The benevolent see benevolence and the wise see wisdom.

Or, none but the wearer knows where the shoe pinches.

The old monk stumbled to Kieran with his palms together.

“Your Majesty.”

The old monk bent slightly as he greeted.

“Um. Not bad,” Kieran said softly.

“It is he who did it decently, not me.”

The old monk wasn’t surprised Kieran that knew everything, who could have fooled the God who owned the city anyway?

The old monk shook his head with a smile before bowing again. “Thank you for everything you’ve done for Tanya.”

“I don’t like to owe others debts of gratitude, I’m just returning the favor.” Kieran was being honest.

“That is why I am more grateful.”

The old monk smiled, the layers of meat on his face were lifted up followed by the motion. He wasn’t ugly by any means though, instead, he looked kind.

Though, Kieran didn’t want to linger on the topic.

“Do you know any blacksmiths that can craft treasured tools and pharmacist that can craft special potions?” Kieran asked directly.

What would you do when you have the absolute authority in a city?

Many things, but for Kieran, there was only one thing: using the production of the city to create more Points for himself.

Selling tools and potions were definitely the best of all options!

Perhaps he couldn’t achieve it in the big city of the game since every player had their own thinking.

Even with Broker’s means, it wasn’t guaranteed.

But it was a different story for the city in the current dungeon world.

He was a God in the natives’ eyes.

His words were divine orders.

He could acquire endless resources in the city.

As for the time?

Kieran already knew there was no acme of perfection in the world, so he wouldn’t be stubborn in things like this.

More so, the important thing was the old monk’s answer.

The old monk opened his mouth under Kieran’s gaze.

The old monk said…