The Devil's Cage Chapter 1171

Chapter 1171 Crushing Blow


It was a direct provocation to his pride!

The rage that Ye Jing had suppressed in his heart from being disregarded came back burning once again.

But he didn’t lose his calm, as he knew what he must do.

After all, this place was what Great Swamp… NO! Great Swamp’s father, his old rival, had purposely set up to target him.

The only unfortunate thing was that his old rival had never thought that his son would be so average.

Not only was Great Swamp delayed in his bloodline limit break due to his own cowardice, but he was also fooled by mere illusions!

Of course, it was all Ye Jing’s doing and also what he wished to see most, except…

Looking up, Ye Jing saw Kieran further up the stairs.

“A vermin that doesn’t even reach the higher standings of Gods! You will never understand who you are opposing!”

Following his heavy tone, Ye Jing waved his hand. The black light around him split again and flew towards Creature of Desire in the sky, trying to slash it.

Compared to the two Devil Flames that were hurled at his face, the monster above his head was more threatening to Ye Jing.

Ye Jing wasn’t fazed by any lone beam of burning ray, even the strongest ones, but when a thousand of them together were fired at once at him, it forced him to take them seriously.

Two balls of Devil Flame could only weaken him slightly in this place, but the monster above him could weaken him many times more than that!

Before it could even launch its attack, Creature of Desire was slashed in half and vanished into nothingness again.

The two balls of Devil Flame crashed hard into the black light around Ye Jing.

Under Kieran’s senses, Ye Jing’s presence clearly weakened again, but Kieran also keenly sensed that each time Ye Jing attacked, he would slightly pause.

This discovery made him activate his talent [The Warden]’s effect, [Priority Timing], without further thoughts!

Instantly, [Desire Summoning]’s cooldown was reset despite the two times activation.

As the shadow above him vanished, Ye Jing laughed in his contemptuous, unique voice.

“You think you can stop me? Even with that bastard’s help, what you are attempting is rash and far beyond your capabilities! Just like your summons! Each time you summon it, I’ll crush it with my hands! Each and every time, no exception! After two lethal damages, even if the monster is special, I bet you can’t summon it again, right?”

Ye Jing spoke slowly with his condescending tone.

He wanted to insult this ignorant fool, who overestimated his own strength, and prepared many more vicious words.

“Ignorant vermins, do you not think of what will become of you later? Don’t worry, I won’t kill you yet, I’ll…”

His words didn’t continue though, because the shadow above his head appeared anew.

Following Kieran’s will, Creature of Desire roamed the battlefield once more, its thousands of eyes shining colorfully.

The Devil Flame followed after as it fiercely burned in Kieran’s hand while charging up ceaselessly.

Ye Jing’s face turned gloomy despite being covered by a layer of black moving light.

He felt as if he’d been played.

Played by a vermin?

Rage burst out again.

This time it went out of control like a formless hand that kept disturbing him, forbidding him to calm down.

Ye Jing didn’t notice anything unusual. In his mind, his rage would calm down only when he crushed Kieran.

“Very well. It seems like you’ve decided on your outcome.”

The black moving light turned deeper, darker.

Ye Jing dashed toward Kieran with never before seen explosive speed after his presence had been weakened again.

He no longer paid heed for the Creature of Desire above his head.

Creature of Desire’s multiple appearances had already far exceeded his knowledge, and he didn’t know if there would be another one after he killed it this time.

If there was, he would only continue to be stalled on the spot and further weakened by the environment.

So he decided to deal with it once and for all by removing the source of the threats, Kieran!

Kieran didn’t move even when he saw Ye Jing coming for him. He still stood rooted to his spot and continued charging his Devil Flame.

Two seconds!

[Devil’s Burning]’s Transcendence option [Rapid Accumulation] required only two seconds to boost the flame in his hand to rank IV attack.

However, Ye Jing crossed the long distance between them after a mere second and was within a 300 meters range from Kieran.

His cold killing intent was like a blade slicing through the air, stinging Kieran’s eyes and face.

A series of agonizing wails even started to echo in Kieran’s eyes.

Spirit authentication started to flood his vision again, but he didn’t care.

He widened his eyes and carefully calculated the distance between himself and Ye Jing.

250 meters!

200 meters!

150 meters!


Just as Ye Jing entered the range of 100 meters with his extreme speed, a spider web fell from the sky, catching him completely.

[Mardos Web]!

The spider web from Hell Fiend Spider had unimaginable adhesiveness and poison along with its negative energy flames. But although it managed to bind Ye Jing down, it obviously wouldn’t last for long.

Counting seriously, it didn’t even last for more than a second, but to Kieran, that one second was crucial.


Creature of Desire in the sky lightened up its eyes and fired its burning rays in unison.

Kieran, on the ground, finished charging up his Devil Flame and hurled it at Ye Jing, who just freed himself from the spider web, like a falling comet.


The explosion was greater than the ones before.

The burning rays shook the black moving light, which was shaken even more fiercely by the rank IV Devil Flame attack.


Creature of Desire’s thousand eyes charged up again.

When he felt the energy accumulation above his head, Ye Jing, with a gloomy face, waved his hand.

He knew that by doing so, he would suffer more restrains, but if the monster above him crushed his “Extreme Night”, it would be a real loss.

The black light split again and slashed towards the sky.

Before the burning rays unleashed, Creature of Desire was once again torn in half.

However, at the same moment that Creature of Desire was destroyed, a gigantic white figure moved quietly like a ghost and powerfully crashed into the fiercely shaking black light.

It a frenzy, it bit and tore at the black light with its sharp fangs and claws.


The fiercely shaking black light vibrated all of a sudden.



A small crack appeared on the surface, and underneath the relentless biting and clawing, the cracks grew bigger.

In the end…


Almost half of it was torn away, revealing Ye Jing’s vicious, twisted face.