The Devil's Cage Chapter 1173

Chapter 1173 Unhappy Multiple Attempts

Explosions went off loudly, flames burning hot.

The scorching flame tongues were wrecking the damaged stairs, cracking the jaded steps and turning them to charred bits.

Ye Jing, engulfed in flames, moaned painfully.

Before, when he had the complete “Extreme Night”, Ye Jing was able to ignore the rank III Devil Flames, but after it broke, his defence didn’t just plummet, it even shrunk in range.

Therefore, Ye Jing was now able to feel the high temperature of the ravaging flames.

The ferocious temperature caused immense pain to the already burnt right side of his face.

Unpleasant memories came afloat in his mind again.


The insults Ye Jing tried to forget but couldn’t, they filled his heart and became the best fuel for the raging flames.

The raging flames burned fiercer as they started to devour Ye Jing’s sanity, however, the person controlling the flames seemed to be an expert.

Not only was it done secretly, it was so cleverly done that Ye Jing didn’t realize it at all.

Quite possibly, he may have noticed that something was off about the raging flames had he been given another second, but right then, the white wolf appeared before him once again.

The white wolf spirit nimbly and lightly grazed over Ye Jing’s body, its sharp claws shaking the defense of “Extreme Night” yet again.

“Extreme Night”, which was already broken, suffered even more cracks on the remainder of its surface; it was so concentrated that it seemed to have formed a connected pattern.

“You again!? I’ll kill you!”

Ye Jing shouted with killing intent, but the white wolf didn’t give him the chance to act. It quickly ran away after its successful ambush.

Of course, that still wasn’t the end of Kieran’s relentless attacks.

A rapier came afloat from the shadows and was launched at Ye Jing as he was shouting angrily.



Ding Ding Ding!

[Dandelion’s Pierce] created sparks with the black light when it struck “Extreme Night”.

The clear sounds from the relentless rapier strikes along with the sparks almost sounded like a blacksmith smithing on a merry workday.


Another cracking sound followed shortly after.

The remaining “Extreme Night” was further damaged and then reduced to less than half of its original size.

Not just Ye Jing’s face was left exposed, half of his body was now as well.

So when the Devil Flame was hurled at him again, Ye Jing clearly felt the heat from the flames.

Ye Jing dodged it!

From the moment he first appeared, Ye Jing had never bothered dodging Kieran’s attacks at all and yet, he did so now!

With extreme speed, Ye Jing appeared on the other side of the stairs. The Devil Flame grazed his side but he didn’t dodge Kieran’s upcoming slash.

Kieran jumped from the top of the stairs and swung [Arrogant Word] down.


The huge bewitching greatsword brought upon a violent wind whistle as it slashed toward “Extreme Night”.


After the clear clunking noise, Ye Jing saw Kieran switch from two-handed to single-handed again.

He didn’t panic though; instead, he laughed coldly.

Ye Jing slowly took out a wooden talisman charm from his pocket.


The wooden talisman charm was snapped and faint divine light started to spread over Ye Jing’s body.

The lingering frosty energy was swiftly expelled. It seemed that the divine light was used specifically to counteract against the frost.

“You think you can strike me twice with the same tricks?” said Ye Jing.

“Extreme Night”, which acted like a shield against [Arrogant Word]’s slash, divided itself into two parts. One of the moving lights began to strangle [Arrogant Word] like a living rope and the other lunged at Kieran, who was a few feet away.

The black light went directly for Kieran’s heart and…


A sharp, air-slicing noise followed.

At the same time, a never before seen explosive power befell the other end of the black light that was strangling [Arrogant Word].

The tenacious black light was on par with [Arrogant Word]’s sharpness. The explosive power managed to pin Kieran in place, his single-handed wielding and all. Kieran even had to utilize his full might to prevent [Arrogant Word] from being overtaken.

“How will you choose now? Abandon your sword? Or keep your sword with your body?”

Kieran turned a deaf ear to Ye Jing’s words and moved accordingly to his plan.


A sword chime came after a sharp glare when the soft sword was unsheathed.

[Burwell’s Slaughter], which was concealed under [Wild Soul], was activated following the movement of Kieran’s wrist. The mottled stains on the blade transformed into 22 arrows and were fired at Ye Jing.

Kieran was only a few feet away, thus Ye Jing was naturally in front of Kieran as well.

When [Arrow of Slaughter] was fired, it instantly arrived at Ye Jing’s face.

“Extreme Night” split itself into another moving light and blocked off [Arrow of Slaughter] before it could reach Ye Jing.

The newly split moving light was exceptionally thin. After having blocked 22 arrows, it started to shake but still held on.

Ye Jing started to sneer again.

“Trying to return the damage? You think…”

Again, Ye Jing was abruptly stopped before he could finish.

Two layers of force field barrier formed over Kieran. The light from “Extreme Night” easily pierced the first with its unstoppable sharpness, but when it reached the second layer, it stopped for a while.

Despite the slight pause, the black light managed to go through the second layer and strike [Devourer’s Shadow Mail], but upon contact, it splintered into black sparkles, vanishing into thin air.


The splintered light caused “Extreme Night” to crack once more.

After the crack, the explosive power that strangled [Arrogant Word] was greatly weakened.

Kieran exerted his full might and broke free from the entanglement before swinging the weapon down again.


Kieran gripped his greatsword with both his hands and performed the slash with all his might as though he was trying to break “Extreme Night” once and for all.

Ye Jing was still disdainful as ever.

Even though “Extreme Night” had already broken, he didn’t believe Kieran would be able to crush it completely, especially since it still had the buff from himself. “Extreme Night” was simply indestructible.


[Arrogant Word]’s blade clashed with “Extreme Night”.

Ye Jing, who was as disdainful as ever, changed his expression for the worse because…

The power wasn’t right!

The power he felt from [Arrogant Word] was far from what Kieran had displayed when using all his might, instead almost feeling similar to the single-handed slash from before.

At the next moment, Ye Jing saw Kieran switch to single-handed wielding again.

When Kieran raised his right hand at Ye Jing again, the corner of Ye Jing’s eye twitched.

“You think you can succeed again?!”

The shout didn’t stop Ye Jing from carefully preparing for his counterattack though.

He never thought a God who hadn’t even reached the higher standing could force him to such an ugly position.

His burning rage became uncontrollable.

The burning rage started to sizzle away his sanity, and Ye Jing only just managed to hold himself together.

His mind told him to calm down, he had to maintain a clear head.

However, his sanity started to shake again right after because while Ye Jing had been paying full attention to Kieran’s right hand, Kieran dished out kicks instead!