The Devil's Cage Chapter 1188

Chapter 1188 Power Up

[Name: Extreme Night (Damaged)]

[Type: Sword Type Weapon]

[Rarity: III]

[Attack: III]

[Attributes: 1. Night Veil; 2. Night Slash]

[Effect: Night Protection]

[Prerequisite: Eliminate Ye Jing]

[Able to bring out of the dungeon: Yes]

[Remark: As the longsword that Ye Jing gained in an accident before following him on his long conquest, its power is undisputed, but it was damaged during the battle with you. Not only has its rarity gone down, but its power has also been weakened a lot as well. Although it is still usable, be careful when you wield it. Maybe you can find a master swordsmith to repair it.]

[Night Veil: Extreme Night transforms into a black moving light, blocking attacks that don’t surpass rank III; 30-second durations, two uses per day]

[Night Slash: Perform a black light slash with rank III attacks on a single target within a 150-meter radius; two uses per day]

[Night Protection: In the night/darkness, Night Veil’s duration increases by 15 seconds; Night Slash’s range increases by 50 meters.]

The blade was still tagged with “Damaged” but [Extreme Night]’s attributes changed remarkably.

Not only was the attack raised to rank III, but even its attributes, [Night Veil] and [Night Slash], were enhanced.

The changes compensated for the heartache that Kieran felt for his luck just now, and it even gave him a sense of anticipation.

“What level will a perfected [Extreme Night] reach?”

Muttering this, Kieran opened his Points and Skill Points tab.

[Points: 0; Skill Points: 0; Golden Skill Points: 14; Golden Attribute Points: 13]

Buying [Reliable Repair Scroll] emptied out Kieran’s Points and Skill Points, and before the equipment he entrusted Lawless to sell was sold out, he would have to wait a few days in order to level up with Points and Skill Points.

Golden Attribute Points weren’t included though, and Kieran had a plan on how to utilize them to his benefit.

It was to enhance his strongest attribute!

Kieran had tasted the benefits of a powerful Spirit attribute, so it would be a no brainer.

Aside from others, if his Spirit wasn’t powerful enough, if he were to face a God-level foe, his foe wouldn’t even have to move a finger before exhausting his means with sheer aura alone.

So, Kieran went straight into leveling his Spirit attribute.

[Using Golden Attribute Points…]

[Spirit GGG- → GGG (Strong III)]

[Using Golden Attribute Points…]

[Spirit GGG → GGG+ (Strong III)]

[Using Golden Attribute Points…]

[Spirit GGG+ → P- (Pre IV)]

[Note: Player’s Spirit has reached current Character Model Template Limit. 2 Golden Skill Points and 2 Golden Attribute Points are required to level up further]

Although Kieran was prepared for this, knowing that he would soon reach his Character Model Template Limit again, when he finally reached the level and saw the required Golden Skill Points and Golden Attribute Points, Kieran finally understood what Rachel meant by “the system will provide you with a limit break dungeon.”

“So the last limit break dungeon is also one of the newbie high-ranker benefits?” Kieran muttered but didn’t stop.

He had a thought in his heart that needed verification.

[Using 2 Golden Attribute Points, 2 Golden Skill Points…]

[Spirit P- → P (Pre IV)]

[Using 2 Golden Attribute Points, 2 Golden Skill Points…]

[Spirit P → P+ (Pre IV)]

[Using 2 Golden Attribute Points, 2 Golden Skill Points…]

[Spirit P+ → PP- (Pre IV)]

[Note: Player’s Spirit has reached the current Character Model Template Limit. 3 Golden Skill Point and 3 Golden Attribute Points are required to level up further]

“As expected!” Kieran frowned.

The difficult climbing pattern before his eyes forced Kieran to alter his original plans, or rather, alter the plan for the long shot.

“The closer I get to rank IV, the more Golden Skill Points and Golden Attribute Points it requires. Calculating based on the increase, in order to level up to Strong IV, I would need 21 Golden Skill Points and Golden Attribute Points… Even if I dived deep into the dungeon worlds, excavating as hard as I could, it would require another three more dungeon runs plus temporarily giving up in enhancing other skills. If I want to shorten it, all I can do is get dungeon ratings higher than GGG for more Goldens…” Kieran thought as his fist unconsciously clenched tight.

He wasn’t a person who would back away from difficulties.

Even in the face of despair, Kieran would choose to face it head-on. Thus, the difficulties before him now were nothing to be afraid of.

As for how others overcame these kinds of difficulties?

Kieran didn’t spare any thought to it.

Whether the other high-rankers prolonged their game time or found other shortcuts, Kieran didn’t care.

All he knew was what he had to do, and it would be enough.

Looking at his remaining 8 Golden Skill Point and 4 Golden Attribute Point, Kieran chose to level up his Spirit again.

[Using 3 Golden Attribute Point, 3 Golden Skill Point…]

[Spirit PP- → PP (New IV)]

When his Spirit entered the New IV stage, Kieran’s brain turned lighter. His sight was clearer when he looked at the darkness and chaos in his body and his mind fresher as he thought about things.

Each time he moved to the next major rank, Spirit would always give him a different feeling.

He was quite looking forward to the day when his Spirit entered rank V, what would happen then?

Likewise, Kieran would also try his best to raise his remaining stats but not with Golden Attribute Points, but rather Golden Skill Points!

He wanted to raise his stats through raising his skill levels!

Kieran then contacted Lawless through PM.

After that, Kieran successfully acquired 300K Points from Lawless without any trouble, excluding the advance 25K points he attained from Lawless earlier.

The final number wasn’t any different from Kieran’s expectations, so he turned to his skill tab.

[Sword Skill, Tiger Stance], [Sword Skill, Dragon Force], [Barsical Kick], [Hundred Violent Kick], [Blade Kick], [Viper Kick], [Dormant Viper] and others were all listed before his eyes.

Every single skill was available for leveling up right now but when he thought about his upcoming dungeon, [The Queen’s Shield III], Kieran placed his attention on [Sword Skill, Tiger Stance], [Sword Skill, Dragon Force], [Viper Kick] and [Dormant Viper].

After considering his current Golden Skill Point and Skill Point consumption, [Viper Kick] became his priority.

[Viper Kick, Grand Master to Transcendence, requires 120,000 Points, 5 Golden Skill Points. Yes/No?]

[Name: Viper Kick (Transcendence)]

[Related Attributes: Strength, Agility, Constitution]

[Skill Type: Offense]

[Effect: Your leg muscles and joints would be slightly altered, slightly increasing the attack range of your kicks.]

[Special Effect: Viper Hiss (Whenever you launch a kick, your muscles will produce snake hissing sounds. Targets struck will be forced to go through a Spirit authentication no lower than C+; fear will be induced when failed)]

[Transcendence Option: +1 on enemy Spirit authentication]

[Consume: Stamina]

[Prerequisite: Hand-to-Hand Combat, Kick Combat (Transcendence), Strength B, Agility B, Constitution B]

[Remark: A set of kicking techniques that are infamous for their bewitching movements, catching your target off guard!]

[Viper Kick leveled up, related attributes increasing…]

[Strength SS+ → SSS-]

[Agility SS+ → SSS-]

[Constitution has reached the capped limit. Unable to level up any further]