The Devil's Cage Chapter 1195

Chapter 715: Arrogance To Humility

Yuda State University looked extra quiet under the streetlamps at night.

Brilliant green bushes were planted inside the campus in an orderly line.

Small asphalt paths had students walking alone or walking in pairs, but most of the students walked in groups.

Laughs and merry voices could be heard from time to time.

The quiet campus was instantly overflowing with a youthful presence and sounded lively as ever.

"What a wonderful scene!" Even Teresa couldn't help but exclaim.

Kieran didn't show any objections either, he was clear that the scene was a hard to come by happiness.

Once the students left the campus, the happiness would follow as well.

The outside world would teach them how scary the cruel and harsh reality was.

No human being could escape the horror as long as they were alive.


Even Kieran was still struggling as hard as he could in life despite being forced to face the scary part of life in a young age, how could the students choose the path of self-destruction when they were filled with hope?


Jorffany didn't give much care about Teresa's exclamation.

The moment he got out of the car, he had been locating the Graven Society's people.

In fact, it was much easier than he expected.

A young man with a black formal suit was walking towards them from the main gate.

The black formal suit looked like a tuxedo with a morning coat, the golden buttons were his outfit's only accessories.

Kieran was sure the buttons were gold and not other kinds of minerals.

Using gold to forge buttons? Was he a student or a Graven?

Kieran guessed and soon the young man provided an answer.

"Captain Teresa and Mr. 2567? This is…"


"Mr. Jorffany, please come with me, we at Graven has been waiting for your arrival for a long time."

After Jorffany uttered his name, the young man immediately walked into the campus, he didn't even care whether the group followed him or not.

Teresa and Jorffany frowned unconsciously because of the lack of manners from the young man before catching up with him.

Kieran, however, maintained his countenance as he followed the young man and sized up the surroundings.

He didn't feel strange at all that Graven Society was expecting them.

Probably when Teresa went to Kieran for help, the caretaker in the morgue had already delivered the message.

The thing that piqued Kieran's curiosity was the students around them.

A moment ago, the students were filled with energy but when they saw the young man, they quickly moved aside from the path looking scared, allowing the young man to pass.

The students were also using a curious, empathic and had unbearables gaze when sizing Kieran up as he moved along.

"The secret society in Yuda State University eh?"

Kieran's heart quietly recalled the books that he read about Graven but it seemed like the books were a little inaccurate with their description.

The young man's actions and manners couldn't be considered as "secretive"

While Kieran was looking at the young man who strode in front, all the students along the way chose to move aside, including a couple of figures who obviously were the lecturers there.

The young man in front of the group revealed a delightful countenance.

His delightful countenance formed a strong contrast with the scared expressions of the students around.

Kieran even felt the fantasy that he once had about a perfect university life in his heart was destroyed within a short time, it didn't seem any different than the harsh reality that he had known since young. It felt even more direct.

There weren't any chit-chats to probe or test, all the young man presented was a direct suppression. Especially when Kieran noticed among the curious, empathic and unbearable gazes, there was a sense of taking pleasure in other's misfortune, he couldn't help but frown hard.

One rotten apple spoils the entire barrel, and it further spoils the other barrels as well!

It felt extremely difficult! Not only Kieran, but Teresa felt that way too.

The hot-tempered police captain kept taking deep breaths, reminding herself to not act recklessly because of Hoskin.

From Teresa's point of view, the ones she hated most were those who bullied others while taking advantage of others and felt satisfaction from it. The young man was a living example.

Jorffany, however, didn't showe many scruples as an observer for theElder Council. When he noticed that Kieran was frowning, he stepped up quickly and raised his leg to the young man's back.

The young man who thought he had displayed his valiantness before his enemy never thought he would be kicked on the bum.

After an ugly pose of falling down on his head, the young man who was delightful a moment ago fell to the ground in the most disgraceful way possible.

The students around instantly gave out a cry of surprise and shock.

A couple of students even eagerly attended to the young man. They quickly ran over and helped him up. One of the students pointed at Jorffany and scolded loudly, "DO YOU KNOW WHAT ARE YOU DOING? He is…"

But before the student could finish, he was halted.

The young man who got up with the help of the students didn't even feel grateful, he pushed the student who helped him up and scolded Jorffany. He covered his bloody face and glared at Jorffany, Kieran, and Teresa angrily.

It seemed like the young man had included Kieran and Teresa into his grudgeful targets.

"You people are finished! I will let you know what will happen after you humiliate me, you will pay for this! Especially YOU being summoned by the masters of Gravens by name, you will wish you were de…" The young man pointed at Kieran, shouting like a madman.



Jorffany stepped up and slapped him. The clean hit slapped the word "dead" back before it could even escape the young man's mouth.



The young man wanted to refute but Jorffany gave another slap without even holding back.

After the second slap, the young man started to behave. Despite his eyes were filled with hate, he was smart enough to shut up.

"A pesky little fella who is slightly tainted by the mystical realm dare threatens me… Hehehe!"

Jorffany revealed a gloomy and dark smile.

The dense killing intent filled the smile instantly, Jorffany looked like a completely different person compared to his respectful and smiling face when he faced Kieran.

More precisely, Jorffany at that moment showed his true face as an observer from the Elder Council.

The young man who didn't even experience killing intent before shivered after seeing Jorffany's killer smile. He then fell back to the ground because of his jelly-like legs.

"Don't come near me! Go away!"

The young man crawled backward with his legs and hands, crying and moving until he hit another person's leg.

When the young man saw the owner of the leg, he looked like he had met his savior.

"My lords, it is them…"

However, the person, including the two behind him, didn't even care about the young man and headed straight in front Jorffany.

They then greeted him with an oddly respectful tone, "Greetings to Sir Jorffany! I apologize for our student offending you, I'll punish him accordingly and I hope you won't press on the rest of Graven because of this small matter."

The three men bowed down and saluted.

At that very moment, every student around was dumbstruck. They looked at the three "lords" that possessed powerful and immeasurable powers with unbelievable faces.

What were those three "lords" doing?

Who was that person they saluted to? What happened?

Especially the young man who led the group, he was completely blank towards what was happening but he knew if he were to be punished, he would lose his life.

In order to keep his petty life, the young man swiftly crawled back up and plead before Jorffany.

But the young man fell back to the ground right after he climbed up and even peed his pants.

The young man saw Jorffany who was just respectfully greeted by his lords had turned around to the man who he had just threaten and saluted respectfully, just like how the three from Graven did.

Jorffany bowed down and asked Kieran with utter respect, "What do you say, my good sir?"