The Devil's Cage Chapter 1205

Chapter 1205 Easy Peasy

The splattered blood shook the others who were undercover.

That moment of shock then determined their ends.

[Dandelion Pierce], which flew out from the shadows, was like a fish in the water. It scuttled across the group and flew away after a breath’s time.

Puk Puk Puk!

Bodies fell to the ground one after another.

These attackers that tried to get close to the palace died before they even truly stepped inside.


A long, narrow rapier shook, shaking off the blood on its blade.

Mirages of dead souls then gathered on the blade after the kills.

A more ominous aura emanated from the blade, causing the others to shrink back in fear at the scene.

[Dandelion Pierce] was a rapier that grew stronger with each soul it reaped, and after following Kieran through multiple dungeons, taking lives after lives, it had reached its limit.

[Name: Dandelion Pierce]

[Type: Weapon]

[Rarity: Rare]

[Attack: Strong (Extreme)]

[Attribute: 1. Wail of the Dead; 2. Soaring Pierce; 3. Slaughter Accumulation]

[Effect: None]

[Prerequisite: Spirit B+]

[Able to bring out of the dungeon: Yes]

[Remark: An ominous sword soaked in blood. It absorbs the souls of the dead]

[Wail of the Dead (+2): All targets have to undergo a Spirit authentication no lesser than C+(B) while facing the wielder. Targets who fail will be induced in Panic and Fear. When the wielder chooses a target of his will, the target has to undergo a Spirit authentication no lesser than B+(A). Targets who fail will be induced in Panic and Fear together with a powerful mental blast.]

[Soaring Pierce (+2): The wielder can control the sword to perform range attacks no further than 20 (40) meters in rage. The sword itself will automatically be buffed with Master level Undercover and Acceleration effects]

[Slaughter Accumulation: Whenever 150 souls of the slaughtered are absorbed into the sword, attack level +1 (Unable to exceed Extreme rank), Wail of the Dead +1, Soaring Pierce +1. Current accumulated souls: 300]

Although its attack had a limit, the rapier was much more useful than anyone would have thought, especially in clearing up goons.

In simple words, Grand Master level [Undercover] was like an excellent assassin to a common person, but for the rapier that hid better, it would be the king of assassins.

After all, people would be alert at shadowy spots that could hide a person, but they would not spare excess attention to shadowy spots that could hide a rapier.

‘Catch one off guard.’

It was the command Kieran had given [Dandelion Pierce].

Of course, when the target was on guard, [Dandelion Pierce] would not be as useful.

Suddenly, when a figure dashed in rapidly from an inhuman range, [Dandelion Pierce]’s ambush was easily blocked.


The dagger and rapier clashed, creating sparks in the air, lighting up the long, narrow, gloomy face of the figure.

“Trash!” The attacker commented on his dead men.

He then looked at Kieran standing at the entrance of the palace with a vicious gaze.

“You will die,” he claimed.

Then, he exerted his strength through his dagger, fended off [Dandelion Pierce]’s blade and flew towards Kieran like a gale.

His speed was so fast that even with +2 [Soaring Pierce], [Dandelion Pierce] couldn’t catch up with him.

The attacker was getting closer to Kieran, obvious killing intent infused into his movement gale. It then transformed into the winter’s wind, assaulting Kieran’s face.

In the next moment—


The north wind howled. The considerably warm weather turned cold instantly, the chills able to freeze one’s spine. Snow even started to flutter in the sky.

The wind was rumbling together with the snowflakes.

The ground was freezing with a layer of frost over it.

The moment the frozen scene occurred, the attacker suddenly vanished.

The attacker completely merged himself into the snow along with his killing intent. All that was left was sheer coldness.

However, when the ice and coldness were three meters away from hitting Kieran, they melted completely.

The rumbling wind, snowflakes and frost on the ground melted into nothingness before the scorching heat of the Devil aura.

The chaotic, rampant Devil aura was like a giant bat bashing into the snowy wind.

Not only was the snowy wind vaporized when it came near Kieran, but even the remaining frost and snow were stirred up into a mess.

The snowy wind scattered and disappeared, the frost on the ground breaking and turning into ice shards.

The attacker that hid inside the snowy wind was now being held within a giant white wolf’s mouth, bloody and dying.

“I-Impossible! Your fire should have been restrained by my ice! How, how…”

Even when approaching death, the attacker’s mumbles didn’t stop.

The giant white wolf was not happy with the gibberish coming from the attacker. It received an order to tighten its jaw, to rob away the remaining life left in the attacker.

An orange item dropped from the body.

Kieran glanced over the loot before looking at the square in the palace.

Somehow, the palace square that should have been lit up by scattered lights was now enshrouded by darkness.

Inside the darkness, rattling noise sounded.

It sounded like bugs crawling around or wretched souls whispering.


A blinding light appeared.

The warm and tenacious light was like the first light of dawn, covering the entire palace square. As a matter of fact, it was not only the frontal square, but the majority of the Warren Palace that was lit. It was just slightly dimmer than the light around Kieran.

However, no matter how dim the light was, everyone could see that radiating scene.

The sunrise of dawn, its light shining over the fields, the river and forests.

It broke the darkness and shattered shackles.

Similar to painting a picture, the darkness before the eyes was expelled as well.

Despite it being nighttime still, people mistook the scene for dawn arriving.

The scene was astonishing to most people, but for those hiding in the dark, it was fatal.


Agonizing screams were sounded endlessly.

The screams came from a single man, yet it sounded like hundreds of thousands were wailing together.

The agonizing screams ended abruptly as the giant white wolf extended its sharp claws, ending the person swiftly. The white wolf then passed another orange glowing item with its mouth to Kieran.

Quietly receiving two Rare rank items, Kieran turned around and went back to the palace.

Behind the palace gate, Maxim, Celty and the rest of the Raven Sect felt as if they were waiting to greet their greatest enemy. All of them were stunned when they saw Kieran come back.

Even Perry Kaner in the shadows couldn’t react properly to the scene. She stared blankly at Kieran, who just came back, and took another glance at the battlefield beyond the gate.

When Kieran said he wanted to lure the others out of the dark by using the “captives”, she told him everything she knew, hoping that it would be of use.


This had been too useful! It was super effective!

Once she thought about Kieran killing the bastards that slaughtered her comrades, an unknown feeling arose in Perry Kaner’s heart.

She was grateful.

She was regretful.

And she felt surreal.

Most of it was questions though.

Unable to control herself, Perry Kaner walked up to Kieran, whispering, “How did you know they would come?”