The Devil's Cage Chapter 1206

Chapter 1206 A Night Visit

“Secret,” Kieran replied to Perry Kaner ambiguously.

He wouldn’t tell her that it was all Frost Wolf and Fire Raven’s efforts in digging those enemies out.

In fact, using Frost Wolf’s sense of smell and Fire Raven’s sight, Kieran already got a hold of the whereabouts of the other Viper Sect branch and he’d even understood a few of their operational points.

In simpler words, if these enemies hadn’t cared about the captives he took earlier, Kieran was ready to take the fight to them himself.

However, from the looks of it now, that was completely unnecessary.

Other than that, it allowed Kieran to understand that there might be one or more valuable captives among the six that he captured earlier.

After getting Kieran’s answer, Perry Kaner was stunned, and before she could ask again, Kieran went straight towards Mary with a smile.

In the beginning, when everyone heard of Kieran’s plan, they were restless and anxious, even the hundreds of fully armed royal guards.

Everyone knew the difference in strength between ordinary soldiers and sect members.

Even with the help of archery or arbalest, the ordinary soldiers would only be able to achieve a slightly surprising effect against the foes.

As for achieving more?

Unless the ordinary soldiers reached a certain number, it would be impossible.

But Mary believed differently, as she trusted Kieran completely.

When Kieran voiced out his simple plan, she agreed to it without a second thought.

For Mary, Kieran would achieve whatever he proposed, even if it was against the other branch of the Viper Sect that managed to eliminate Perry Kaner’s branch.

Didn’t reality just prove her correct?”

“Tell the Raven Sect members to clean up the battlefield with the soldiers. Although I doubt they will find any clues, no one can be sure they won’t find anything surprising,” said Kieran.

“Um. Got it.” Mary nodded with a smile and quickly made the necessary arrangements.

She then turned back to Kieran, asking, “Do you want any supper?”

“Sure.” Kieran nodded without a second thought.

While waiting for his supper, Kieran returned to his room and placed all the rewards he had gotten over the day on the table.

Three Rare rank items.

One was a fist-sized crystal ball from the southern reinforcement camp; the other two were from the latest battle, a dagger and a snake sculpture.

[Name: Crystal of Messy Thoughts (Excellent)]

[Type: ETC]

[Rarity: Rare]

[Attribute: 1. Absorb; 2. Enhance]

[Effect: None]

[Able to bring out of the dungeon: Yes]

[Prerequisite: Mystical Knowledge (Ghastly Woods, Master)]

[Remark: This is a must-have item for an excellent Ghastly Woods Sect member. Most of them were a gift from their own teacher.]

[Absorb: Slowly absorbs human emotions that are within a 100-meter radius (positive and negative emotions), stores them and transforms them into 3 times the Extreme level of enhancement or 1 Advance Rank level enhancement.]

[Enhance: Transforms the absorbed emotions into the power of a curse, strengthening oneself.]

[Name: Dark Stream Dagger]

[Type: Weapon]

[Rarity: Rare]

[Attack: Strong]

[Attribute: 1. Soundless; 2. Dark Blessing]

[Effect: None]

[Able to bring out of the dungeon: Yes]

[Prerequisite: Sharp Weapon, Dagger (Master)]

[Remark: This isn’t a weapon that was forged in the traditional way but was instead found in a secret room in certain historical ruins and was stabbed into an unlucky body.]

[Soundless: Attack without air-breaking sounds]

[Dark Blessing: Acquires +1 attack buff during the night or in a dark environment]

[Name: Curl Snake Sculpture]

[Type: ETC]

[Rarity: Rare]

[Attack: None]

[Defense: None]

[Attribute: 1. Black Mist (1/3); 2. Dark Herd]

[Effect: None]

[Able to bring out of the dungeon: Yes]

[Prerequisite: Mystical Knowledge (Viper Sect, Master)]

[Remark: This is a specially forged item of the Viper Sect core members. Once, it was spurned upon by people and now it isn’t even anywhere as good.]

[Black Mist: Creates a 150-meter radius of negative energy mist that could hide the user and spirit beings; duration of 2 minutes]

[Dark Herd: Collects the souls of the specially killed to fight for you (Contains: 0)]


Kieran retracted his gaze from the loot and raised a puzzled brow.

Out of the three Rare rank items, only [Dark Stream Dagger] was a common one while the other two had a special prerequisite to them, which wasn’t good news to Kieran.

Whether it was [Mystical Knowledge (Ghastly Woods, Master)] or [Mystical Knowledge (Viper Sect, Master)], none were temporarily available for Kieran.

Of course, Kieran wasn’t short of other rewards. At least he gained some information that was not mentioned in the book, “Word of Sects”.

“A complete inheritance consisting of sword skills and knowledge?”

Kieran muttered before going to the door and opening it.

Outside the door was Eldar, who was about to knock. He jolted for a moment before smiling.

“I forgot you were a powerhouse that could rival an entire army. Of course, my steps wouldn’t be able to escape your ears,” said the elderly duke before asking for permission to enter.

Kieran stepped aside and invited him into the room since he already knew why Eldar had come to visit him in the night.

“The room is smaller than I thought and the decorations don’t fit your power level either,” said Eldar with a shocked tone after he entered the room and saw the simple decorations that consisted only of necessary living supplies.

“Having the basics is enough for me,” replied Kieran.

“If I didn’t know that you spare no restraints in eating, I might have thought you to be an apostle,” said Eldar before taking a deep breath. He then continued, “Thank you.”

“No need.” Kieran shook his head.

Eldar expressed his gratitude on behalf of King James VIII and Kieran replied for Mary.

Although both of them were father and daughter, it didn’t mean Kieran would mix up their relationship.

From Kieran’s point of view, Mary was Mary, King James VIII was King James VIII.

If it weren’t for Mary being in the equation, Kieran wouldn’t even bat an eye if King James VIII died.

Eldar was looking at Kieran with a fixed stare, which lasted for almost 20 seconds.

After that, Eldar sighed softly.

“If I had any other viable choice, I would hope to inform a kinder person, but I have none of those luxuries now. Do you know why those people wanted to assassinate James and Tenar at the same time? Or do you want to know what kind of secret James is hiding?” asked the elderly.

“Nope,” Kieran replied in a direct manner.