The Devil's Cage Chapter 1215

Chapter 1215 Hightower Fire

Howl after howl, it sounded like an endless tide.

Everyone who heard the howls would shudder fiercely because there was a lot!

They had never imagined this many howls in their limited thoughts before, let alone listening to it with their own ears.

As for seeing with their own eyes?

Believe it, no one would want to see the sea of wolves with their own eyes. One would only die a graveless death.

Inside Lightning Fortress, the Prairies captives were muddling around aimlessly on the ground but when they heard the wolf howls, each of them struggled to climb up and looked to the direction where the howls came from, Riverdale.


“God’s calling!”

“God hasn’t abandoned us!”

The cheers swept away the despair and numbness on the Prairies captives.

Each of them knelt down on the floor and celebrated in their own way.

While the guards on duty looked like they were facing their greatest enemy. They were afraid that the captives would cause a riot.

However, the situation didn’t escalate towards the worst, other than the captives celebrating, no further unwanted actions were taken.

The Warren soldiers heaved a sigh of relief but soon enough, they looked towards the north with worry.

The wolf howls were still traveling forward, towards the prairies! The home, the farm of the Prairie men!

Although the Prairie invaders were just defeated, who knew what would happen under the wolf howls?

Or in other words, no one dared to speculate even.

Rover, the royal wizard of the Warren royal family called in the messenger with a heavy face.

“Deliver the situation here to His Majesty and Her Highness.”

“Yes, my lord.”

The messenger nodded before galloping away on his horse.

Seeing the messenger off, Rover looked to the North again.

“The ever catastrophic Warren,” Rover exclaimed.

Then, he quickly went back to his tent and sent out order after order.

Minutes later, the whole camp started to operate in an orderly fashion.

After all those commands, Rover took a deep breath. He then placed his attention on that secret letter that appeared a moment before the wolf howls.

The letter was filled with bewitching words that tried to rope him in. The sender was unknown but Rover could tell the sender must be someone who knew Warren and the royal family extremely well based on the in-depth contents.

Who was the sender?

Rover had no idea but he knew what he had to do.

Looking cold, the royal wizard threw the letter into the brazier.


The fire from the coal burned high all of a sudden and swiftly devoured the letter.

The Prairie invaders might make a comeback and yet these kinds of abnormalities appeared within Warren itself.

Warren’s final fate was not looking good and Rover knew it clearly.

However, he also knew he was the royal wizard that the royal family used many resources to train him.

While Warren was waving under the storm…

How could Rover leave and accept the bewitching temptations?

What he wanted to do was repay the royal family.

Honor is my life.

It was a knight’s declaration.

He wasn’t a knight, he was a wizard.

Wizards cared more about knowledge, he respected the value of knowledge and even showed more respect to the ones that granted him knowledge in the first place.

For the royal family, he would cross the boiling waters, step on burning flames, and die the cruelest death.

“Fine then, let me see who the hell you scoundrels are!”

Heavy incantations came from the wizard’s mouth, the letter that was turned to ash by the fire in the brazier floated up and swirled around ceaselessly.

Enmorder was riding onwards, his beloved bow was on his back and scimitar around his waist; the string on his bow was broken and the scimitar was chipped heavily.

Even the group of warhorses that he raised himself only had one remaining, the one that he was riding.

He had broken through Warren’s blockade but…

Looking up, Enmorder saw his scattered tribesmen, his young face was looking lost.

His face had the perplexion towards the future but a lot more of the expression was fear.

The young Enmorder knew with the current number of his tribesmen, even if they returned to the grassland of their own tribe, they would only be devoured by the other tribes.

Their kin, horses, and oxen would be divided as spoils of war.

As for them, the leftover soldiers?

They would be hung to death or decapitated.

Other than death, there was no other route for them.


What now?

What am I going to do?

Enmorder asked himself.

Not only the young Enmorder, his tribesmen and the other tribe’s leader, but warriors that faced defeat also shared the same question in their mind.

The perplexion from the unknown, fear, were all lingering in the tribesmen’s hearts, spreading ceaselessly.

It became the scariest power, devouring the Prairies men wholly.

At that moment—


A loud, continuous howl came.

Howl after howl, it struck the Prairie men’s hearts fiercely.

The defeated Prairie men were shaken.

All of them quickly regained their senses from that lost state.

They were a little absent-minded.

They didn’t know what just happened but it didn’t stop them from cheering.

“It’s God!”

“Our God!”

One after another, the Prairie men jumped off their horse and knelt down at the direction of the howls. Their foreheads were glued to the land. Their mouths were mumbling prayers that they learned from their fathers.

Messy voices to united prayers, all within a second.

When the neat, united prayers sounded, the lost and fearful state vanished and all that lingering power also vanished without a sign.

Through the snowy woods and the tall mountains in the Northern Prairies, a black figure gathered under a Hightower inside a secluded mountain valley.

On top of the Hightower, on the platform the size of a millstone, a blazing flame was dimming down with exponential speed. It shrunk from the size of a wheel to the size of a torch.

When the black figure saw the scene, he was overjoyed.

He was on the brink of success!

What an anticipating scene!

However, at the very next moment, the dimming flame suddenly grew big. It didn’t just return to its normal size but even grew bigger, engulfing the whole platform and even the Hightower.


Painful screams came out from the black figure’s mouth.

He was burned by the fire on the Hightower.

The pain from his soul made his body trembled but…

He felt even angrier!

Of course, he had the reason to be angry because the plan that he thought flawless had just failed.

That person who he killed left a backup!

“Wolf Sect! White Wolf! I can kill you once and I can kill your disciple! I will push the name Wolf Sect into history forever!”

As the black figure screamed loudly, his face twisted in an ugly way, making him look exceptionally vicious and scary.

However, the thing that made one shudder was the shadow beneath his feet, as his face twist, the shadow followed as well like a strange snake.

The strange snake then hissed at the sky.

The shadows around the area seemed to resonate with the powerful hiss as they were distorted, like myriads of snakes dancing under the sky.