The Devil's Cage Chapter 1226

Chapter 1226 Figure

Oboard, who released the messenger pigeon, went back to his room.

The changes that exceeded expectations made the marquis anxious.

Multiple deep breaths later, it didn’t change his condition for the better, so he took a more direct approach.

Inside a drawer in the corner of his room, a thumb-sized crystal bottle was carefully taken out by the marquis.

Then, he uncorked it carefully and placed the crystal bottle to his lips.

He threw back his neck and half of the transparent liquid inside was poured into his mouth.

Hu! Huu Huu!

After drinking the potion, the marquis breathed heavily but unlike the previous attempts, these few deep breaths later, the anxiety on his face went away, leaving him with a comfortable, pleasant expression, he could even be considered as… intoxicated!

The whole process lasted for a few seconds only, the marquis then corked it properly with a heavy heart and placed the crystal bottle back into the drawer.

“The potion from Ghastly Woods Sect is really something. Too bad, it can’t be used often.”

When Oboard thought of the warning from the “Dorl” of Ghastly Woods, he shook his head in regret.

If it was possible, he hoped that he could enjoy the relaxation everyday… no, every second!

“If I am in power, I must give more support to Ghastly Woods Sect, funding them to develop this potion to its limits!”

Unconsciously, the marquis had such thought in his heart.

At the same time, he heard the sound of gulping saliva.

Turning around, the marquis saw a black figure.

The figure was very unfamiliar and yet resembled someone he knew but what the marquis was concerned was the figure was gulping saliva non-stop, wiping his drool and had a gaze like a predator towards its prey.

“Who are you? You…” The marquis asked loudly out of instinct.

Unfortunately, before he could finish his asking, the black figure pushed him away and grabbed the crystal bottle in its hand. It then swallowed it together with the bottle.


After a broken glass sounded in its mouth, the crystal bottle was munched to pieces and was swallowed together with the liquid inside it by Gluttony.


Cough, Cough Cough!

“Bad! It tastes really bad!”

A fierce cough later, Gluttony spat out the crystal bottle together with the liquid.

It was the first time Gluttony tasted something so bad that it couldn’t swallow, he even felt nauseated.

The nauseating feeling was strange to Gluttony, it was also something he didn’t want to experience anymore. He was also angry at the marquis before him.

Oboard looked at Gluttony with astonishment and until Glutton threw his fierce gaze over, it was only then that the marquis reacted to the situation.

“Don’t come near me! I, I…” The marquis screamed like a little girl but unlike a little girl, he wanted his scream to attract the guards hidden around his premises.

However, no matter how hard he screamed, no one responded to his call, especially those soundly asleep guards.

Correct they were soundly asleep! A deep sleep that ushered them into dreamland and no one would be able to wake them up.

Sloth squinted his eyes and leaned on the wall, the warm sunlight made him yawn uncontrollably.

“So warm.”

“So comfy.”

“So sleepy.”

As if he was sleep talking, Sloth fell on the floor, limping weakly, he was so tired that it looked like he would fall asleep any second now.

In fact, snores came at the next moment, not from Sloth, not from the soundly asleep guards but another person that appeared in the shadows just now.

Ragged robes with vile stench, rattling bugs fell of his robes.

Each bug that fell off was curled up or extended as all of them fell into a deep sleep.

Sloth lied down on the floor like a pile of dirt, looking at the expected intruder and kept muttering “Trouble, trouble! I want to sleep in the sun!”

His muttering was full of ranting but ultimately, he still crawled up in a wobbly manner and headed outsides to the streets.

The intruders were not just one man and a lot more required Sloth to deal with them.

As for Gluttony?

Sloth didn’t put his hopes on this boorish fella who only cared about eating. Although according to the idealistic plan, Sloth was tasked to deal with the room and Gluttony the other places.

But when that marquis took out the bottle to drink, Gluttony barged in uncontrollably and messed up his plans.

“Too far apart. Another one? There are so many others! So this is my lousy life of being busy? Why! Life is so unfair.”

Sloth ranted again, his speed got slower but those Ghastly Woods Sect members that lurked in Riverdale fell asleep before Sloth even got close.

Warren Palace, meeting hall.

Mary was sitting beside the throne, looking down at a newly drafted document on the table.

Although most of the time, these chores were the task of the secretary officer, this time, however, the meaning it represented was different. Mary had to do this on her own.

It was what she insisted on doing.

Duke Eldar beside her tried to say something but before he opened his mouth, Mary stopped him.

“Duke Eldar, please don’t say anything that will put me in a difficult situation. I respect you from the bottom of my heart because of what you gave to Warren and also because you are a true noble. Likewise, I know what 2567 did as well. What you gave to my father and what 2567 gave to me is the same. I will never let down those who trust in me.”

Mary didn’t look up, the quill in her hand was writing swiftly, producing elegant and sharp words.

The elderly duke saw word after word being written, he saw the face that was familiar yet strange to him. He opened his mouth but ultimately didn’t say anything.

He compromised.

The elderly duke chose to compromise before Mary in her stern, persistent manner.

Sighing, Duke Eldar signaled Duke Zilin beside him without making a noise.

Right away, a chair was moved over to the table.

Inside the palace meeting hall, very few had the rights to sit, even the current generation of Duke Zilin was a little off but not Duke Eldar.

It was because of his age and also meritorious achievements.

“You should change this part. 2567 still cannot represent the Warren royal family, even if he becomes the regent king, you are still the queen. So you need to state your standings clearly, telling everyone what those nobles who got stripped of their titles and positions did to us.”

Duke Eldar suddenly spoke after sitting down and seeing what Mary wrote.

Mary looked up with surprise. After a quick glance, she curled her lips and showed a shallow smile.


The young princess expressed her gratitude sincerely.

“No need! I am doing this for the Warren royal family, for James, not you.”

The elderly duke grunted but he wasn’t stingy with his teachings.

Even with her mother’s excellent teachings, drafting documents like this was too much of an effort for Mary but with Duke Eldar’s participation, everything became smoother.

20 minutes later, a document without flaws or errors was produced.

Mary rubbed her fingers and passed it to the elderly duke.

The elderly duke was surprised, he grunted again before taking the document, checking it meticulously.

No one would stop him from checking.

Even Mary and Duke Zilin slowed their breaths, trying not to disturb the elderly duke.

Therefore, when sounds came, it became very pronounced.

Tssk Gak!

The doors were pushed open and the three in the meeting hall shifted their gaze to the origin.

The three of them were stunned in unison.

All three of them were looking at that familiar figure with an unbelievable gaze.