The Devil's Cage Chapter 1227

Chapter 1227 The Secret Of The Royals

Under Mary, Duke Eldar, and Duke Zilin’s gaze, King James VIII walked into the meeting hall with the help of a servant.

Despite his constant pale looking face, King James VIII was looking slightly flushed. Although he required the servant’s help to walk, he seemed to be in good spirits.


“Your Majesty.”

All three of them stood up.

The elderly duke stood straight up and gave his chair to his friend. After seeing his friend on the chair, he asked: “Is it because of the things just now?”

The elderly duke then looked at the servant with less pleasant eyes.

He knew his friend’s condition and because of that, he repeatedly forbade the servants in the palace from telling James what happened in Riverdale; even if they told, they were only allowed to deliver the good news.

“Don’t blame him. I forced him tom” King James VIII said slowly.

He then looked at Mary with merciful eyes.

“Believe in your decisions. But also be responsible for the decisions you made, understand?” said the king.

A short phrase, but the king uttered it separately.

“I understand.” Mary nodded seriously.

It wasn’t just to brush her father off, she really understood it.

In fact, the young princess already planned for the worst.

Looking at the nodding Mary, King James VIII showed a smile before he looked at Duke Zilin.

“Ser Duke, I have something to talk to Mary and Eldar about in private.”

“Very well, sire.”

The young duke bowed before leaving the meeting hall.

The servant bowed and wanted to leave as well but was stopped by the king.

The elderly duke looked at the servant with a strange gaze.

Among his impressions, other than the late Tenar, no one was able to enjoy such trust from the king.

Mary felt strange as well but she didn’t ask anymore. She believed there must be a reason for her father to keep the servant.

King James VIII then explained the decision.

“He will replace Tenar in serving Mary.”

The king pointed at the servant and the latter bowed at Mary.

The elderly duke nodded as thoughts ran through his head.

He knew a bit about how the royal family produced talented people.

Aside from strength and other elements, loyalty was the first thing considered.

And since the servant was here to replace Tenar, he would be completely trustworthy.

Even from a certain level, the future servant might be far closer to Mary than Mary was to Eldar.

After all, the royal servant was responsible for taking care of some hidden secrets of the Warren royal family.


When the thought came, the elderly duke took in a deep breath. He nodded officially at the servant to express his acknowledgment.

There wasn’t any jealousy or dissatisfaction.

The elderly duke knew who he was and how old was he.

If he was 10 years younger, he would fight for the position.

But now?

All he wanted to do was to do his best in helping Mary, guiding her through more of the things she didn’t understand.

Perhaps some knowledge was already outdated but it was what he knew.

The servant was overwhelmed when he received the acknowledgment from the elderly duke. He bowed again officially in reply to the duke’s kindness.

Looking at his friend, his daughter, and the servant meet for the first time, the old king laughed in relief.

Then, he put away his smiles.

“Eldar, it’s time to tell Mary about something. As a father, I am not qualified enough. As a king, I am not qualified enough either. I might be the biggest failure in everything. I can’t tell her personally about everything, neither do I have the face to do so. So please, tell her on my behalf.” The old king tried to speak in a calm tone but everyone present heard the trembles between the lines.

The elderly duke placed his hand on his friend’s shoulder and gaze him with a stern eye.

“I am here.”

After that ensuring phrase, Duke Eldar stopped for a moment, as though he was concluding his words and brewing up the tone, he finally spoke again after another 20 seconds had passed.

“The royals of Warren holds a secret. The last time Dragon Sect appeared in public eyes was indeed in here, Warren Palace. A lot of people know that, so it’s a well-known secret. The true secret is…”

“The true secret? I think our conversation before is quite pleasant and honest, don’t you say, Duke Eldar?”

Duke Eldar was interrupted.

An arrogant looking Kieran walked out from the shadows.

When he saw Kieran come out, the elderly duke was stunned before his face was flushed.

No, don’t be mistaken, it wasn’t shame but it was anger!

“I knew the sects were untrustable! You are also eyeing on the secret of the Warren royals!” The elderly duke shouted.

“Prejudice, a scary thing.”

Amidst his arrogant tone, ‘Kieran’ slowly but certainly walked to Mary and blocked her behind him, drawing distance from the king and the servant.

After that, ‘Kieran’ continued, “Though I have to admit, you did say something right. Sects! Factions and branches of sects are really untrustable. Because they will always use tricks to put up a lousy, crude show. Repulsive.”

‘Kieran’ looked at the servant in disdain as he spoke.

The young princess was already thinking about the situation when ‘Kieran’ blocked her and when she heard what Kieran said, she quickly dragged the elderly duke behind as well.

The elderly duke faltered behind Mary as well, since he wasn’t a real idiot.

Just like what Kieran said before, even an idiot who stayed in the south for 20 years would become a Wiseman, more so Duke Eldar was already a smart person to begin with.

Something’s wrong!

There was something wrong with the servant!

The elderly duke looked at the servant who stood beside his friend with an anxious gaze, worried about what would happen but he didn’t say anything because he knew what he should do at the moment.

“Sigh. You really leave me no choice. I was thinking about a tender approach to get what I want to know but unfortunately, his mind has gone awry, even with my potion supporting, its an insignificant effort to keep up. So, I had to waste a lot of effort to get the secret through Duke Eldar’s mouth but… accidents happen.”

The servant sighed. He stared at ‘Kieran’ and uttered each and every word precisely.

“Is the White Wolf always such a busybody? Then, I guess you won’t mind talking with me if we switch a place right? Or… d you prefer to listen to the secret of Warren royals with me here?”

The servant gave ‘Kieran’ a choice.

He was waiting for an answer and believed he would get a suitable answer since Kieran was a smart person.

Getting the secret of the Warren royals without paying a penny, how worthwhile would that be? Why not do it?

Unfortunately, the reality was always the exact opposite of imagination regardless of time.

The moment the servant’s words subsided, he saw ‘Kieran”s lips curl up slightly, the contempt in his eyes and sneers almost materialized.