The Devil's Cage Chapter 1229

Chapter 1229 Nothings Different

The materialized black flame that formed the black greatsword vanished into thin air, ‘King James VIII’s sharp punch missed and hit the air instead.


The formless airstreams pierced through the lingering flames and left a deep cutting mark on the opposite wall.

Just after the formless airstream went through the flames, the scattered flames reformed the black greatsword and was swung down precisely at the king’s head again.

Looking at the reformed greatsword, the king laughed.

His laugh had a sense of contempt in it.

Men always have two hands.

‘King James VIII raised his left hand and dished out another punch at the swinging greatsword aimed at his head.


His left upper punch missed again, the black greatsword switched to the black flame and scattered away again.

This time, not only the greatsword vanished, even Pride rapidly retreated.

“Run? You underestimated me and overestimated yourself.”

After dishing out both his fist, the king exposed all his weakness in his frontal chest and yet he couldn’t hold back his cold laugh when he saw Pride’s retreat.

And when he saw Pride suddenly stop and dashed out at him again, the king’s cold laughs got louder.

The king quickly retracted both of his fists and covered his frontal weakness with both his hands again.

Throughout the whole motion, the king seemed to be fully at ease.

Obviously, the king didn’t show his full extent of power in this fight against Pride.

Why though?

Looking at Pride’s indomitable charging manner, ‘King James VIII’ showed a bright smile on his face.

The king knew very well about the White Wolf’s natural attitude.

The proud White Wolf was never afraid of death, or rather, the pride of the White Wolf had become his stubbornness!

The stubbornness that had suppressed the concept of life and death!

Others would turn around when they bumped their head on a wall.

But the in the White Wolf’s case, even if he bumped his head on the wall, he wouldn’t turn around despite breaking his head or spilling blood.

“The moment you decided to strike me, your end had been decided! Tell me what you know, honestly…”


‘King James VIII’s smile got brighter when he saw ‘Kieran’ coming closer to him.

He saw the final ending, the undisputed ending.


He would be the victor!

At a moment like this, ‘King James VIII’ didn’t mind declaring the outcome early.

In fact, he did exactly that but unfortunately…

A sudden kick landed fiercely at his back, not only stopping his words abruptly, it even sent the king flying.


After the kick infused tremendous power into the king’s body, he crash-landed into the wall beside the hole which Pride crashed twice into.

Bones and tendons were snapped, dust and debris flew.

And… Voice of anger sounded.

‘King James VIII’, who had been fully at ease all the while, uglily climbed up from the hole with a dusty face and torn outfit, blood was even falling down the corner of his mouth.

He glared furiously at that black figure further away from him.


Another Kieran!

A Kieran more powerful than any ‘Kieran’ that he encountered before this!

Since the king wasn’t an idiot, he quickly reacted to the situation: Pride, who the king thought was the real Kieran, was just a clone, a clone so powerful that it could be hardly distinguished from the true Kieran!

The shame of being fooled quickly turned into anger.

The raging flame was burning hot in ‘King James VIII’s heart, especially when he saw the clone walk to Kieran and look at him with an arrogant gaze.


The king’s gaze unconsciously turned heavy.

‘King James VIII’, who had his eyes filled with rage and coldness, started to show.

“At first, I was going to spare you in the end. After I got what I wanted, you would have the chance to go away and live the rest of your life but now… I will tear you to shreds!”

“Ha. Do you even believe what you say?” Kieran laughed lightly.

Kieran was looking at the king like he was a retard, even if Kieran lost his mind, he would never believe what the enemies say, especially an extremely cunning enemy.


Not just cunning! Powerful as well!

After enduring his full-powered kick, the king was still able to move freely and even if the bones and tendons were torn, it was enough for Kieran to raise the danger level to the next rank.

“I swear you will regret looking at me like that.”

After his killer declaration, the swift and fierce aura slowly gushed out from ‘King James VIII”s body, as if he was a powder keg whose fuse was ignited and may blow any moment.

Kieran was the first among all to be enveloped by the aura but against this kind of aura that could crush a commoner’s sane mind, Kieran felt like it was the spring breeze.

He had seen too many powerful existences.

The ‘King James VIII’ before him was indeed powerful but compared to the strongest that he witnessed before, both were on a different level.

Without further hesitation, Kieran launched his attack.

[Arrogant Word] shone in bewitching purplish glimmer and was swung down from up high.

“You don’t even know what is true power!”

‘King James VIII’ shouted angrily, he clenched his fists and launched both punches at [Arrogant Word].

The swift and fierce aura exploded together with the king’s motion like a real powder keg, it made the king’s punches faster, fiercer and more powerful.

The punches had explosive power that one couldn’t neglect.


The explosive punches exploded as the edge of the fist clashed with [Arrogant Blade]’s edge.

However, the explosive power was drowned!

It was drowned by another hotter chaotic aura!

The feeling was like a wild horse taking a stroll that suddenly came into contact with a sprinting rhino.

Or more precisely, the powder keg met an erupting volcano!


Another loud blow mixed with bones and tendons snapping.

‘King James VIII’, who just got out from the hole was sent back again, the process was identical to how he treated Pride before this, just that the outcome was worse.

‘King James VIII’ still could rely on his own strength to stand up from the first crash but this time?

He had to grab the edge of the wall to pull himself up.

His hands were limp beside his body, the king then looked at Kieran with an anxious and doubtful gaze.

The attack was too fast!

To the point that he couldn’t even react!

And the power!

That tremendous power caused some irreversible damage to his arms that he took pride in, not only were the bones in his arms crushed, the muscles tissue was destroyed as well.

His arms had always been his biggest reliance, his ace for almost two decades.

Aside from hand-to-hand combat or common knives and swords, his arms would even rival those famous weapons.

Plus his original unique power, his arms would grant him absolute victory over any battle but now, they were crushed?

They were crushed by a person that he had observed for a long time and concluded that Kieran might improve significantly but still couldn’t pose a threat to him.

‘How is this possible?”

‘King James VIII’ muttered softly before suddenly looking up at Kieran with further anxiety and doubt.

“You have been hiding your strength all this time?” he asked.

“What’s wrong with hiding? Did you not hide as well? My… Lord Crown Raven,” Kieran replied softly.