The Devil's Cage Chapter 1230

Chapter 1230 What A Coincidence

“Crown Raven? What are you talking about? Although I hide my powers, I am still the king of Warren, father to Mary, these have never changed.”‘King James VIII’ frowned.

“Correct! You, as the king of Warren, allowed Jeanne James to stir up a mess in the royal court. You, as Mary’s father, allowed Mary and her mother, Ellen, to be stranded away in some corner of the woods. Don’t tell me you were forced to do so. Given the strength you displayed now, let alone Jeanne James, you could even defeat the Prairie King easily. And yet, what did you choose to do? Watch! Stay behind and watch! Watching like you did your best and things couldn’t be helped.”

Kieran nodded with his calm face, his tone was peaceful as if he was stating a fact.

“So, you noticed something weird?”‘King James VIII’ asked.

“No. At first I didn’t think of all these things. But after a series of events happened in Warren Palace and Eldar told me the so-called secret of Dragon Sect, I couldn’t help but think. Viper Sect, Ghastly Woods Sect, both of them are still attracted to this secret up until this day and even sent people to search the place. So then… How fierce was it back then? Coincidentally, the Crown Raven of Raven Sect went missing. If all these aren’t connected, I really wouldn’t buy it,” Kieran replied.

“And I thought that when Ellen approached James with the identity of First Seat of Raven Sect it would be enough to make everyone believe that she represented Raven Sect,”‘King James VIII’ sighed.

“A part of them really thought so but the other part, not so much. The others kept questioning, doubting and testing non-stop, and I should have suspected your identity when I encountered that Ghastly Woods in the southern reinforcement camp,” Kieran replied.

“But you are the only smart one. Too bad, you think too highly of yourself! Or do you think that based on the powers I showed just now, you assumed that I am the whole Crown Raven? I am just stalling, didn’t you notice?”

A sigh later, Crown Raven looked at Kieran with a pitiful gaze while his body was burning with fire.

It wasn’t strong by any means, at most a weak fire but the fire burning on Crown Raven’s body had the corresponding light and heat and even possessed powers that could shock the world.

Crown Raven’s body was fully healed under the fire shower!

His body even emanated sounds of bones and muscles reconstructing and the whole process was short, almost within a few blinks of an eye.

Crown Raven raised his hand and twisted his neck a bit, the snapping of bones immediately spread throughout his body.

And almost a breath’s time later, Crown Raven’s body expanded near 20 cm.

Although his face was still King James VIII, the temperament was drastically different from the tender and soft king.

It was swift, fierce, sharp and scorching!


Crown Raven heaved a heavy breath.

The whole meeting hall’s temperature rose a bit with that breath.

He then looked at Kieran with banter.

“Now, I will give you a choice. Submit to me. Tell me everything you know about Dragon Sect and Wolf Sect’s ultimates, and I will let you live plus grant you the seat of the Crown Raven. This is surely the prize for a smart person! I like smart people, despite all of them thinking so highly of themselves,” Crown Raven said.

Following his words, the weak fire on Crown Raven’s body swiftly gathered in his right hand and a moment later, a 1-meter fireball appeared on his palm.

The burning temperature was wreaking havoc around the place, the air was distorted.

The light from his fireball shed over Crown Raven’s face, making him look like a god who controlled fire, divine and inviolable.

Looking at the divine appearance, Kieran laughed.

“You say I think highly of myself? It is you who thinks highly of yourself, you think you have control of the situation? You are stalling? So am I!”

Kieran the slowly lifted up his charging left hand.


Devil Flame rose high.

A more than 3-meter fireball appeared on Kieran’s left palm.

When the rank IV Devil Flame appeared, the meeting hall that was made with common material started to burn under the extreme temperature, the air distorted and the fire tongues were ravaging.

“This is your hidden ace?! You…”

Crown Raven saw the Devil Flame in Kieran’s hand, his face changed for the worse and that divine and inviolable manner vanished without a sign, all that was left was panic and fear.

Crown Raven knew Kieran could manipulate flames but…

In his memories, Kieran’s flames might be powerful but definitely not enough to threaten him, but now?

When the flame formed, Crown Raven’s soul shook.



Endless negative impressions burst out from the bottom of his heart.

It wasn’t an illusion!

It was the instinct formed from being familiar with fire.

Crown Raven’s jaw dropped, just when he tried to say something else, Kieran charged towards him without any hesitation after his preparation.

The burning meeting hall started to tremble like an earthquake was occurring.

The trembling on the ground seemed to have produced waves!

A giant rhino flashed behind Kieran and the most primitive force of nature was imbued into Kieran’s body, allowing him to instantaneously appear before Crown Raven and smash the Devil Flame hard into his face.

Crown Raven clenched his teeth after his face drastically changed, he too raised the fireball in his hand, in response to Kieran’s attack.

Two fireballs clashed in the air—


An ear-deafening blast later, the blinding light swallowed the meeting hall whole.

Then, amid the blinding flash, a hot red-figure slowly became visible.

Blazing wings, straight horns as sharp as blades, the body of magma and roared towards the sky, it was the Devil!

Its roar was filled with anger and chaos!

The despicable opponent challenged its pride with cheap fire.

This is provocation!

It felt provoked!

It felt insulted!

It would present its opponent with a graveless death!

It was the Lord of Despair!

And also… the Flame Emperor!


Another explosion went off!

The Crown Raven’s fire that was still able to resist a little crumbled into nothing after the second explosion.

More importantly, Crown Raven who looked like a God controlling flames was dragged down from his altar by the Devil and was given a furious beating!

It wasn’t metaphorically, but literally!

When that barrage of magma fist landed, Crown Raven’s figure was drowned.