The Devil's Cage Chapter 1232

Chapter 1232 Fire Shower

More important things?

Mary was stunned.

Looking at the stunned Mary, Kieran sighed.

The young princess might look calm and cool, but deep down, she was suffering multiple shocks, otherwise, she would’ve known what to do now.

Kieran stood up and placed his palm over her head.

“James needs a funeral. You need a coronation. Warren has lost its old king, and now it needs a new one. It’s already damaged severely, so it can’t suffer any further unexpected changes,” Kieran said softly.


Mary slightly tilted her head down, preventing Kieran from having a clear look at her face.

“I have a blurry impression of my father. He only existed in books and my mother never spoke about him, so I don’t even know whether my mother loved him or not. I don’t know if I should love him or hate him as well. Even when we met, I just treated him as his “heir” like according to everyone’s will. A person like me should heave a breath of relief after knowing that he wasn’t truly himself, but why do I feel so bad?” The young princess tried her best at speaking in a calm tone but Kieran clearly heard sobbing.

“Because that’s…blood. No matter the time, place or death, blood cannot be severed. It made you feel bad, feel sad for him and it also let you know, you are not alone, not as empty as you think.”

Kieran squatted down and looked into Mary’s teary, red eyes. His hand carefully, softly caressed the corner of her eyes before standing up.

He then continued placing his hand over Mary’s head.

“B-but, I don’t want to be sad,” Mary said softly.

“This is the reality, it’s always cruel. Whether you accept it or not, it will always teach you in the worst way possible until you know of its existence. What’s reality anyway?” Kieran sighed.

“It’s a despicable, cruel existence.” The small voice turned dimmer until it was a mumble.

“Yes. It’s despicable and cruel, that’s why we need to be strong. Remember when you asked me before what true strength is?” Kieran suddenly asked.

“Remember.” The young princess nodded.

“I think you can add one more for yourself: the reason that you are strong is that you want to have the ability to reject sadness in times of need,” Kieran said seriously.

“The reason that I am strong is that I want to have the ability to reject sadness in times of need?” The young princess looked up.

She looked at Kieran with a smile. She nodded.

Some sayings were better understood in the earlier stages of life.

Some things were best not experienced throughout one’s life.

If you have to, then…

Be prepared because it will hurt you like hell.

Kieran didn’t stay long in the secondary tea room.

Mary needed her alone time, as it was for her own growth.

As for James’ funeral and Mary’s coronation?

It wasn’t for him to worry about.

The ceremony officer of the palace would take care of it all.

Kieran would just watch quietly at the side and deal with the possible happenings.

[The Secret From 20 Years Ago] was stated clearly, and he would not forget it, similar to how he would never forget to check his loot.

[Name: Fire Shower]

[Type: Book]

[Rarity: II]

[Attack: None]

[Defense: None]

[Attribute: Able to learn Raven Sect Ultimate, Fire Shower, after reading]

[Effect: None]

[Able to bring out of dungeon: Yes]

[Prerequisite: Mystical Knowledge (Raven Sect, Grand Master)]

[Remark: It isn’t complete, it’s broken but it can’t be denied as Raven Sect’s ultimate. Each generation’s Crown Raven would do their best to perfect this technique and it’s also one of the necessary missions for every generation]

The dark golden scroll made Kieran squint his eyes.

When he had seen the amount of glow on the item, he knew his loot would be substantial but he never thought it would be this massive.

“Raven Sect Ultimate?” Kieran couldn’t help but curl the corner of his lips into a grin.

Despite it being remarked as broken and incomplete, it was enough to make him happy.

He would never underestimate an organization’s ace card that had been inheriting itself for a few hundred years.

Moreover, Raven Sect was obviously a controller of fire.

Kieran also had a fiery build and could manipulate fire.

Using Devil Flame to complete Raven Sect Ultimate…

Whenever he thought about the prospect, his anticipation would skyrocket.

Of course, in order for that day to come faster, he had to quickly get his hands on [Mystical Knowledge (Raven Sect)] and level it up to Grand Master level.

It wouldn’t be easy but the fortunate thing was that he had many candidates to teach him.

“Get me Maxim.” Kieran spoke to the shadow in his room.

Jyaichi, one of Kieran’s dominated natives, quickly vanished from the room.

Although there were many candidates, who else was better than Raven Sect’s own recorder, Maxim? None in Kieran’s memory.

The waiting time was particularly long.

Kieran was patient though and didn’t feel restless at all, especially when there was someone there to accompany him.

Dok, Dok Dok.

“Come in.”

A man in a blue robe with blue hair, bare feet, and eyes as clear as water slowly walked in.

Although he couldn’t see and it was the first time he entered Kieran’s room, he didn’t run into any obstacles or walk clumsily. He entered and stopped a meter in front of Kieran.

Kieran looked at the man in surprise.

Back in the forest when he encountered Aqua Ape, Kieran had utilized his speed to shake Aqua Ape off due to Crown Raven’s sudden appearance.

So it was natural that Aqua Ape would pursue him.

Kieran believed what happened just now was all “visible” to Aqua Ape, but given the situation and the fact that he still dared to appear before Kieran, it was a thing worth ruminating.

Neither of them was friendly by any means, they could even be considered enemies.

Given the relationship, Aqua Ape must have some other goals for appearing before Kieran like this.

Kieran was almost certain but he didn’t speak first, instead waiting for Aqua Ape.

As for Aqua Ape?

He, too, was extremely patient.

Both of them stared at each other, one standing, one sitting.

Time flew.

When footsteps were heard outside, Aqua Ape, who didn’t want to encounter outsiders, finally spoke first.

“Prime Viper. Me, help.”

Short words that could cause one to furrow his or her brows.

After that, Aqua Ape transformed into water and slipped away.

Kieran, who sat on the sofa, seemed to have thought of something.

“Viper Sect and Ape Sect?”