The Devil's Cage Chapter 1233

Chapter 1233 This Is Great

Chapter 1233: This Is Great

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Kieran’s right index finger was tapping lightly on the handle of the chair, his thoughts wrapped around Ape Sect and Viper Sect.

Ape Sect, according to the book ‘Words of Sect’, was a special one, unlike the others.

Firstly, Ape Sect didn’t have a fixed gathering point.

Secondly, Ape Sect members could be anyone, from common merchants to noble knights.

In simple words, other than answering the calling of Aqua Ape, Flame Ape, Blade Ape and the highest rank, White Ape, the members of Ape Sect were just some casual wanderers.

So, based on that, Ape Sect should be harmless.

But was it, in fact?

Rulers of the land were as cautious and vigilant against Ape Sect as any other sect, some even specifically targeting them because Ape Sect had too much freedom.

They possessed too much freedom to the point that they were already affecting the positions of the rulers of the land.

A bunch of extremely powerful men not bound by rules and restrictions could cause damage far greater than a common criminal.

As for Viper Sect?

Just a group of assassins!

From their working method to ways of battle, everything about them leaned towards the path of assassins.

Therefore, Viper Sect was also one of those non-restricted bunch.

On top of that, from a certain perspective, the existence of assassins kept on challenging the authorities, and a lot of times, they would shame authorities with their abilities.

Judging from that point, Viper Sect and Ape Sect shared some resemblance.

But such a resemblance made the two sects unable to become allies or friends, especially after Viper Sect escaped from sight like a cicada casting off its skin.

What Aqua Ape said just now could prove it.

Of course, Kieran wasn’t looking forward to such help and the reason was simple: he didn’t trust Aqua Ape.

An untrustable comrade would only make the battle more difficult but… that didn’t stop Kieran from using that point to his advantage.

Bak, Bak Bak!

The finger-tapping got quicker and the noise got more concentrated.

Suddenly, all the tapping stopped.

His eyes under the eyelids suddenly shone with an unknown glimmer.


Kieran quickly straightened up his body after the thought bloomed, the corner of his lips curling up.

He then looked at Maxim, who had been waiting for his meeting.

“My lord.”

Maxim quickly bowed after seeing that Kieran was finished with his thinking.

Time after time of seeing Kieran display his overwhelming power that exceeded his expectation, Maxim had already discarded all the unwanted thoughts out of his mind.

All that was left in the Raven Sect recorder was absolute compliance.

Some were born with arrogance, choosing to die rather than bowing, and no one could change that.

But some were naturally hesitant. With someone leading them, they performed far better than anyone could imagine. Maxim was one of those.

After bowing, Maxim quickly reported.

“My lord, about Ackerman, I’ve got some results already. A few years ago, he gathered some Raven Sect members and lurked around Riverdale in disguise. I still haven’t gotten to know why he infiltrated the palace this time but I’ve taken in all his men to work for us. These men possess decent abilities and will definitely be able to assist you, my lord, in some ways.”

Maxim’s face then showed a smile.

Obviously, those men that he mentioned would live up to their names.

“Em. Are they loyal?”

When facing a shortage of manpower, Kieran, of course, didn’t mind more decent subordinates but only given that they were loyal.

Just like how a trusted comrade could fight side by side, a trusted subordinate could be entrusted with missions without worry.

“My lord, worry not. They are more loyal to me than to Ackerman. And you? When they saw that flying flame above Riverdale, their hearts were already given up to you! Although I don’t know why Ackerman infiltrated the palace, the reason why he was anxious to come in here must be closely related to your appearance, my lord. Your appearance is the Crown Raven’s calling, so Raven Sect members will not reject it. Please believe in me, my lord. Give me three months and I will present to you a perfect Raven Sect!” Maxim bowed again.

It wasn’t the common bow but the salutation of Raven Sect.

His bent down upper body was almost parallel with the floor, like a bowing bird below its king.

“Nicely done.” Kieran praised.

Kieran didn’t mind giving more praises to a capable subordinate, despite the possibility that he might not use Maxim in the end.

Not using Maxim didn’t mean that he didn’t do his work. As long as he worked hard, he would be given acknowledgement.

“So as the Crown Raven, shouldn’t I learn more about Raven Sect’s teachings?” Kieran asked with a smile.

“Of course! As Crown Raven, you should know everything about Raven Sect.” Maxim nodded repeatedly.

“Then can you teach me?” Kieran continued.

“It will be my honor to do so!”

Maxim was overwhelmed and overjoyed as he bowed again.

His joy wasn’t an act, it came from the bottom of his heart.

In fact, after realizing Kieran’s identity as the White Wolf, Maxim had always worried about Kieran giving up on Raven Sect.

Maybe to others, Raven Sect was a massive organization, an organization that allowed one to step up to the sky with a single bound.

But to the White Wolf, what was Raven Sect?

Aside from their similarly long inheritance, the White Wolf of each generation was also known for their capricious character that led them to do really shocking things at times.

Therefore, if Kieran really gave up on Raven Sect, no one would be surprised because he was the White Wolf.

And if Kieran wanted to take up the identity of Crown Raven while also being the White Wolf, no one would be surprised at that either because he was still the White Wolf.

The White Wolf didn’t care about the world, he didn’t care about the people.

All he cared about was himself and that he did things his own way.

Anything that didn’t seem reasonable would be normal if it was applied to the White Wolf.

“My lord, I need to prepare some bodiesbodys. Do we start in the morning? Or?”

Compared to the shallowly experienced Perry Kaner, Maxim was obviously more experienced, the excitement and joy not disrupting him from asking in an orderly fashion.

“Find me when everything is prepared,” Kieran answered.

“Very well, please wait.” Maxim then quickly left.

Kieran saw Maxim off before looking at the shadowy spot outside the door.

Perry Kaner, the leader of the Viper Sect, quickly walked out of the shadows.

After bowing to Kieran, her face looked a little hesitant but when she noticed that Kieran was frowning, she quickly spoke.

“Are you sure you want to work with Ape Sect? Or do you want to continue challenging the White Ape on behalf of your teacher?”

Perry Kaner had always been obsequious when talking to Kieran and now was no exception.

Therefore, she neglected a lot of details that she should have taken note of.

Or, she did notice something unreasonable but she accepted it due to the thinking that it was Kieran’s other arrangements.

Wolf Sect and Ape Sect having conflicts?

Kieran frowned for a while before releasing his locked brows.

The corner of his mouth unconsciously curled up.

T-This was…

Too great!

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