The Devil's Cage Chapter 1235

Chapter 1235 Gaze

“Lord White Wolf, please stop joking.”

The middle-aged man quickly recovered from the stunning blow, he bowed again and invited Kieran into the house.

Looking at the middle-aged man, Perry Kaner couldn’t help but quietly shake her head and laugh bitterly in her heart, she’d even showed a pitiful gaze.

If it were someone else, they might hesitate in front of repeated invitations, some with a soft heart might even say yes.

But Kieran? Soft heart?

Maybe in some people’s mind, Kieran was absolutely soft-hearted, but most of the time, his heart was as cold as stone.

Especially against some strangers, he wasn’t just cold as stone, his actions would be ruthless.

Perry Kaner experienced it more than once, therefore she knew what would happen to this Ape Sect middle-aged man.

Kieran looked at the middle-aged man without uttering a word, the devilish aura in his body erupted in an instant.

Although the devilish aura only appeared for an instance, the middle-aged man felt like he was rammed over by a fierce horse, he faltered backward and eventually fell on the ground, limping.

Huhaa, huhaa.

The man was panting heavily, cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

The Ape Sect middle-aged man looked at Kieran in fear.

That moment that he experienced was too horrifying, to the point that illusions formed before his eyes, it was a… A devil that roared at the sky.

Not just massive and scorching, the aura was filled with a chaotic rampart and heavy slaughter as if anyone would be devoured whole with but a single glance.

When accepting the mission from Master Aqua Ape, as one of the better talkers in Ape Sect, Rubart was prepared for this. As a precaution, he even did multiple simulations and plans.

After all, who he was facing was the White Wolf of Wolf Sect, no matter how many plans or simulations he went through, it wouldn’t be too over the top.


Rubart never thought that the White Wolf didn’t act according to common norms!

It should have been a legal and benefiting matter and yet why did he go to such extents?

Especially the arrest warrant!

It was an insult to Master Aqua Ape!

And what was the difference in insulting Aqua Ape and Ape Sect?

White Wolf wasn’t afraid of starting a war with Ape Sect again?

With doubts lingering in his heart and unshakable fear, Rubart on the ground instinctively looked up to the black figure before him.

The sun’s glory was blocked out, hidden behind him, making his figure darker. The calm expression on his face had never changed throughout the entire encounter.

He didn’t care?

White Wolf didn’t care about going to war with Ape Sect?

The sudden thought bloomed in Rubart’s heart.

“So this is the White Wolf? Even more arrogant and egotistical than rumored!”

After his sigh came, Rubart watched the black figure walk in and a bitter smile appeared on his face uncontrollably. He knew he’d miscalculated.

The preparations that he was so confident about before were no different than a joke before this White Wolf.

However, Rubart didn’t give up.

“Lord White Wolf…” Rubart spoke amid the difficulties.

He hoped to try his best to persuade the person before him to accept Ape Sect’s suggestion but the moment the words escaped his mouth, his sight was filled with a pale blue color.

Aqua Ape with his pale blue robe materialized from his water form before the group.

His calm and defocused eyes swept across the area as if he had seen everything.



A coin sack was hurled towards Perry Kaner.

“The fine.”

After the cold words, Aqua Ape turned into water again and vanished. Rubart who fell stood up amid his difficulties, he bowed to Kieran before staggering away from the place.

Perry Kaner looked at the coin sack in her hand blankly.

In Warren, some lighter crimes could be exempted by paying fines, the crimes included causing minor destruction or trespassing private property.


The rules only applied to commoners.

Aqua Ape of Ape Sect paying a fine? How could it happen?

And yet the coin sack in her hands told her it was the truth.


Perry Kaner tried to say something with her stuttering open mouth but nothing came out ultimately and when Kieran turned around and went off, Perry Kaner quickly followed.

As for Fanner, Torstar, and Jyaichi?

In the eyes of the dominated trio, the scene was very common.

This was like general knowledge for them, despite most people not being able to accept it.

“My lord, why did you pay?”

After leaving Riverdale’s inner city, Rubart who recovered from his terrorized state asked in confusion.

From Rubart’s point of view, even the White Wolf from Wolf Sect couldn’t be this rude.

The last White Wolf did face defeat in the hands of White Ape.

The triumph over White Wolf last time was also the most talked topic amongst Ape Sect for the past 20 years, everyone in Ape Sect would never forget it.

“Powerful,” Aqua Ape replied.

Even at one of his own, the cold and simple manner of speaking Aqua Ape had didn’t change.

The only difference was, as part of Ape Sect, Rubart was used to the short and simple reply from Aqua Ape and he too understood the answer.

But because of the understanding, Rubart’s face changed.

“Even more powerful than you, my lord?” Rubart asked in a softer tone.

“Powerful,” Aqua Ape replied.

“T-Then, what about compared to Master White Ape?” Rubart asked in a careful tone.

“Don’t know.”

The simple answer from Aqua Ape made Rubart gasp coldly.

He knew White Wolf was strong but Kieran’s youthful face made Rubart neglect some details. Rubart acknowledged Kieran’s strength in his heart but he was at most on par with Aqua Ape, Flame Ape, and Blade Ape, the three staples of Ape Sect, or even a little weaker.

But now, Kieran had surpassed the trio and might be evenly matched with White Ape should they confront each other.

Even Aqua Ape didn’t know what would happen but Rubart knew the meaning in the words.

Rubart was stunned on the spot, stopping him from walking forward.

Aqua Ape looked at his subordinate, he didn’t scold Rubart though because that night when he saw the fire burst in the sky, he was sharing the same reaction.

A beast that relied on fangs and claws to win in darkness would be afraid of fire.

But now?

Even the fire became the beast’s weapon.

This was a disaster!

This beast was exactly the same as the other guy.

“Call in,” Aqua Ape spoke again when he thought about the opponent that they would eventually face.

Listening to Aqua Ape’s words, Rubart’s body shook. He quickly regained his senses, after understanding Kieran’s power, he wouldn’t want to hesitate anymore, thus he bowed and said quickly, “Yes, my lord.”

15 minutes later, secret letter after secret letter was distributed throughout Warren via a secret channel, some even reached further places.

Of course, the “secret channel” was a one-sided thought.

Some altered their looks, hiding their physiques before departing.

Some covered their scent with other scents, even an excellent hunting hound couldn’t tell the difference.

However, the beast that gazed at these men’s movements was better than a hunting hound.

Besides, this beast wasn’t alone, there was another pair of keen eyes that captured everything from the sky.