The Devil's Cage Chapter 1238

Chapter 1238 Discovery

On the second day, a new chamber was built beside James VIII’s chamber.

The chamber didn’t have extravagant decorations, just a simple place with a line of sharp and clean words carved on it: Grave of James VIII”s good friend, Eldar.

It was what Mary wrote herself and was etched by the royal craftsman in the shortest time possible.

Although it was against the rules to place non-royalty beside a king’s chamber in the royal tomb, everyone who witnessed what happened last night didn’t have anything to say about it.

In fact, even if objections were voiced out, they wouldn’t do any good.

Mary was exceptionally persistent in this case.

“Your Highness, some less than pleasant rumours are circulating around the palace.”

Duke Zilin told Mary softly during her break.

“Is it about Duke Eldar?” Mary asked without lifting her head.

“Yes.” The young duke nodded.

“Find the source, see what they have to say. If it’s just someone who misspoke, 10 strikes from caning. If it’s with malicious intent, send them to Perry Kaner. I want to know who is behind this,” said the young princess softly.

“Yes, Your Highness.” The young duke then bowed and walked outside.

Duke Zilin was a little unaccustomed to Mary being so stern after a single night of events.

However, Duke Zilin didn’t think it was a bad thing for his cousin.

As a ruler of a country, being merciful all the way could never work.

He knew this as well because he was in control of the Northern lands.

Soon, after half an hour, Duke Zilin returned to Mary’s ‘king’s meeting chamber’ with a report.

“Zardin and Oboard’s death wasn’t enough to frighten them?”

Mary frowned when she got Duke Zilin’s report.

“Your Highness, you can never underestimate the greed and foolishness of these people.” The young duke curled his lips.

Duke Zilin had the least amount of favour toward those parasite-like nobles that lurked in Riverdale.

He was never fond of them and would never be.

A bunch of bastards who caused a scene using the death of an elderly man should be hanged to death.

“If they have already forgotten the pain, it only means that the pain from last time wasn’t painful enough to keep them remembering,” the young princess mumbled softly.

“Is that what Sir 2567 said before?”

Duke Zilin immediately speculated after hearing the words that did not fit the princess’ style.

“Um. I think it’s quite reasonable. Send more men, teach them pain.”

The young princess nodded and gave her last order before standing up and going over to the weapon rack.

She carefully picked a longsword from the rack and headed towards the empty space in the ‘king’s meeting chamber’. A sword instructor was waiting for her since a while ago.

Why was it not Kieran?

Since both of their strength was too far apart, it would be meaningless for them to duel.

Knowing that, Mary chose the royal sword instructor instead of Kieran or Duke Zilin.

Mary’s strength was too far behind Kieran’s.

Looking at Mary, who attacked like furious lightning with the sword, the young duke exclaimed with a nod.

He admired her gift and her hardworking.

Everyday since he came, other than the necessary time to deal with official documents, Mary would train herself in swordsmanship, regardless of whether it was a rainy or sunny day.

“If she keeps this up, catching up to me is only a matter of time, I guess?”

The thought popped up in Duke Zilin’s mind.

However, he quickly shook his head because he thought of Kieran.

With Kieran’s instruction, Mary would not just simply catch up to him; surpassing him was more likely.

And whenever he thought of Kieran, the young duke would sigh again.

Until now, he still hadn’t found anything that would be of worth for the exchange of the Viper Sect Ultimate with Kieran.

“What should I use for exchange?” the young duke mumbled.

The order that Mary gave quickly entered Kieran’s ears through Perry Kaner.

He didn’t say anything about it though.

Mary was an independent entity with her own thoughts and she didn’t need to ask his opinion. She was not his appendage.

Nevertheless, Kieran clearly felt the impact of the old duke’s death on Mary.

‘I won’t tell you!’

Kieran couldn’t help but take in a deep breath when he thought about the words the old duke said before his death.

The old duke did it on purpose and didn’t leave anything behind for Kieran.

“Is this revenge?” Kieran shook his head.

He didn’t mock the old duke for his childish behavior, neither would he sneer at the old duke’s naiveté.

The old man held on to his thoughts, it ran thoroughly throughout his will.

Maybe his ideals were different but…

It was enough for others to respect the old duke.

However, what the old duke had chosen would not be Kieran’s choice: risking it for his good friend.

Despite the narrow chances of survival, Kieran would fear nothing.

But dying after a good friend?

Kieran wouldn’t be able to do it.

The most he would be able to do is kill every enemy of his good friend’s so that his friend could rest in peace in heaven.

“So, different ideals, eh?”

A sigh later, Kieran concentrated on the last secret phrase the old duke had uttered before he died.

“The light of dead silence, pierce the sky and land? What would that be?” Kieran pondered upon it with furrowed brows.

Kieran hated these kinds of secret phrases that were without a start and end, and what he hated more was that the person who uttered it died before his eyes, thus forbidding him from getting more information.

No doubt, it was one of the worst news for him.

Of course, he wasn’t absolutely without good news either.

He wasn’t searching for the answer alone.

Maxim, the Raven Sect recorder, sat at the study table after moving a pile of new books in. He was reading the books related to Warren’s royal family with his head down.

These books mostly came from the Warren royal family collection while some were from Raven Sect’s own collection.

Celty, who had a malt candy in his mouth, was unusually focused as well.

He was trying his best to not get distracted by the sweetness on his tongue but too bad…

“Celty, quiet.”

Maxim couldn’t help but raise his head since he was so disturbed by the sucking from this friend of his.

“Fine, fine.”

Celty nodded repeatedly but the sucking in his mouth got louder.

Maxim furrowed his brows tight but he was helpless against his friend. In the end, all he did was turn his head down to the books again.

About ten seconds later, after the disruption, Maxim jumped up.

The sudden motion shook Celty, causing him to cover his mouth. He was afraid that his friend would grab the malt candy away from him but Maxim moved around Celty and went towards Kieran with joy.

“My lord, a discovery!”