The Devil's Cage Chapter 1242

Chapter 1242 Comfort Is Lying Down

The High Demon whose chest was perforated couldn’t hold back from ranting as it looked at the body on the ground.

“Why me again? Why is it always me in this kind of way?”

Ranting, the High Demon vanished into the air but right after that, Bloody Mary appeared again.

Looking at the surroundings that hadn’t changed, Bloody Mary’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch.

“Fine. You are the boss, you call the shots.”

Since Bloody Mary had high-speed regeneration and was almost unkillable, as long as Kieran paid the points, it would have to act accordingly, but that didn’t mean the High Demon liked to use its body to endure damages, despite it being the best tactical option.

While infiltrating the assassin base point, Bloody Mary found out how terrifying the place was. It wasn’t just an aura that struck terror in its heart, those in the area that were capable of killing it were not few in number.

If it had a choice, it would surely leave this place. But the fact was, it had to complete Kieran’s order due to the contract.

Fortunately, it didn’t have to face the more terrifying one in the base.

Through Bloody Mary’s eyes, that man was like a monster with countless viper heads. He was not just strong, but ferocious as well.

A High Demon like Bloody Mary would die within an instant should they ever meet.

After glancing over at the white wolf spirit that vanished into nothing, Bloody Mary carefully approached the target of the mission: the Ghastly Woods Sect member who was creating the potions.

The man wasn’t weak but compared to the one Bloody Mary dreaded, this man was much more approachable, which was almost the same level as the other assassins in the area.

Most importantly, this Ghastly Woods Sect member was alone.

A good assassin didn’t mind using poison but that didn’t mean they were willing to mingle around with Ghastly Woods Sect because, other than the poison and potions they were famous for, Ghastly Woods Sect was also skilled in all sorts of curses and insects.

Even the most decent assassin hated facing the latter.

Thus, that Ghastly Woods Sect potion creator didn’t have a lot of men around him, but layers of magic barriers replaced the lack of protection instead.

Some even considered that most of the time, these magic barriers did a better job than humans in creating an alarm, except when the infiltrator was a High Demon that could switch to ghost form.

Step after step, Bloody Mary slowly approached the man from behind, staring at the potion creation process.

Although Bloody Mary wasn’t an expert in potionology, but based on its own mystical knowledge, it could tell that the man was crafting some kind of toxin.

Just look at the boiling pot!

Steam was erupting from the concoction ceaselessly, and Bloody Mary felt like it was seeing a grim reaper wielding its scythe.

But that didn’t concern Bloody Mary. Its mission was complete and based on the contract, it was free to leave.

However, just as Bloody Mary was about to leave, the man crafting the toxin concoction turned around just then.

The man’s eyes were staring at Bloody Mary despite its ghost form, as if Bloody Mary’s ghost form was useless before the man!


Instinctively, the thought bloomed in Bloody Mary’s mind.

Based on the man’s presence and aura, he shouldn’t have been able to do it!

In fact, even in front of the most terrifying one, Bloody Mary didn’t think it would be exposed in its ghost form.


Bloody Mary suddenly realized that the terrifying aura that it felt the moment it stepped into the woods had suddenly vanished, as if it had never existed.

Since it wasn’t an idiot, Bloody Mary instantly realized what was happening.



Before Bloody Mary could even make a sound, it was stopped abruptly.

The Ghastly Woods Sect man stood there without budging but his shadow on the ground danced like a demon snake and drowned the High Demon completely.

Bloody Mary didn’t die, it just returned to its place based on the contract.

The outcome, however, was not satisfying for the Ghastly Woods Sect man. His figure then vanished.

When he appeared again, he was in front of that felt tent.

The tent, however, was already destroyed by a thick tree trunk that was crushing it into a pancake. On top of the tree trunk were clear claw and bite marks from a canine. The scene made the man feel like he was insulted.

Without a second thought, the man quickly initiated his backup plan.

Right away, his shadow on the ground came alive again.

The shadow swirled around like a snake and reached out to the other shadows in the area. Each shadow it connected itself to came alive as if it was granted life.

All of the shadows climbed higher up the trees.

The shadows intertwined like snakes and bit each other as they ultimately formed a ‘sky’ that clouded the entire woods.

A dark, lightless ‘sky’.

Under this ‘sky’, no one would be able to escape Zoyedark’s eyes, or more precisely, no one would be able to escape the Prime Viper’s eyes.

That’s right, that Ghastly Woods Sect man was actually Prime Viper in disguise.

Zoyedark didn’t think there was any wrong in luring his target into a trap by disguising as someone else.

After all, assassins were not knights. Honor was complete rubbish to an assassin.

Likewise, a trap that had been exposed would become as useless as rubbish as well.

Zoyedark would not allow that bastard that destroyed his plan to keep breathing.

He had poured in 20 years of blood and effort in preparing this, and now everything had gone south.

Being able to suppress the raging fire in his heart was already a decent move in Zoyedark’s mind.

And now?

He was ready to kill the person responsible.

The ways of an assassin were not effective?

Not a problem!

What he mastered wasn’t just the ways of an assassin.

What would he have to fear even if it ended up as a face to face battle?

“Found you!”

Zoyedark, ‘watching’ over the woods, saw that figure in a certain spot. He transformed into a shadow and appeared before his target almost instantaneously as if he just blinked himself there.

“You think you can run?” said Zoyedark with overflowing killing intent.

Following his angry words, the shadows around him instantly formed hundreds of javelins and plunged into the target before him like a thorny wall of shadows that crashed into someone.

It wasn’t that Zoyedark hadn’t thought of any other brutal methods to deal with this bastard who ruined his plans, but they seemed a little excessive at the moment.

The moment Zoyedark had spotted his target, the rage in his heart left him with only one thought: tear the target into a million pieces.

He thought as such and did as such, but the outcome was less than expected.

That bastard, the target, the guy who was supposed to inherit the temperament of a lonely, arrogant White Wolf, just laid down on the floor, thus causing the javelin attacks to miss him from above.

Then, a lazy voice that infuriated Zoyedark further followed.

“Oh, can’t escape? Then I shall not escape. It’s better for me to lie down.”