The Devil's Cage Chapter 1246

Chapter 1246 Black Moving Light

“You don’t hate darkness? That is because you haven’t tasted the horror of darkness! Not only will you go blind in the dark, your fear will grow! Fear will take a heavy toll on your power! And this is just common darkness! The darkness you face now will be something that you never experienced before!” Zoyedark’s laughs echoed.

The Prime Viper completely disagreed with Kieran’s statement; he was wholeheartedly contemptful of it. He felt superior as if he were standing beside a well and staring down at the frog underneath.

The superior feeling came from his multiple victories.

Crown Raven.

White Wolf.

All had fallen under his hand.

There were some other lesser known characters that could also rival an entire army on the list.

The countless bones of his enemies forged Zoyedark’s confidence, similar to how he believed that he would become the ultimate victor.

He thought he could win over Kieran easily.

In fact, if he could, Zoyedark didn’t mind using more time to torture his target in more brutal ways. But whenever he thought about his target, Zoyedark couldn’t help but sigh.

“Be glad of your luck. Otherwise, you would be doubting your own existence. Or, have you already started doubting your own existence? Did you realized your fire can’t burn anymore? Did you realize your claws can’t extend anymore? Believe me, you aren’t the first to feel panic inside the darkness and you certainly won’t be the last!”

Amid his malicious sneers, Zoyedark’s laughs grew more irritating. Delving into the dark, he was like a king of shadows, arrogant and without restraints.

Kieran didn’t answer him though.

First of all, he wasn’t used to answering an enemy’s question even in normal circumstances.

Secondly, what Zoyedark said was mostly the truth.

Why only most?

Because Devil Flame could still burn, but its power had dropped at least three major ranks, leaving him to be around a common Advance Rank level.

As for transforming werewolf?

[Wolf’s Remnant Feast] wasn’t affected at all.

As for the other powers?

Dawn Force was as tender and tenacious as always.

Devil Force, Cardinal Sins Force and Plague Force were eagerly trying to come out in the dark; there were no signs of being weakened.

Quite the contrary, as they were all powered up a little.

The most surprising power was Saint Thorns Force. The power of the holy knight was more active than the others in the darkness, as though it was an unsheathing longsword, ready to pierce through the darkness at any moment.

Kieran controlled the Origin Forces in his body, keeping them at bay, thus silencing his aura.

He never considered hiding his own powers as a mistake, especially before his enemies. Suitable hiding would always result in a surprise, just like this moment!

The darkness couldn’t stop Kieran’s sight, neither did it stop Zoyedark’s.

The latter looked at the quiet Kieran and obviously misunderstood something, thus causing his laughs to turn louder, sharper.

“You had a chance to live. But you let it slip away. Now, you should feel regret. Regret for what you did, regret for opposing me… No, not just you, since your teacher’s generation, Wolf Sect has always been opposing me! You are only lying to yourself by standing there just to keep a vague promise. Other than that? You all are a bunch of fools! A bunch of fools hidden away from the truth! Now! Die, fools!”


The shadows trembled, causing ripples like a pebble thrown into a quiet lake. The ripples spread out in all directions with Zoyedark in the middle.

Everything that was caught by the ripples within a 30-meter radius of Zoyedark was crushed into powder, except for Kieran.

The moment the ripples appeared, Kieran backed away rapidly and this incited further sneering from Zoyedark.

“Run! Run! Run like your teacher and the Crown Raven! When you are exhausted, you will realize everything is useless!”


The shadow ripples moved out again, but unlike the previous circular shape, this time they spread in a triangular shape and specifically targeted Kieran.

Compared to the previous shadow ripples, this wave was much faster, and its power gradually grew stronger.

The crushing process still existed in the first wave but it was removed completely during the second wave, as now, anything it touched was turned into dust within an instant.

Quietly, half of the street was leveled just like that, everything vanishing as if it never existed.

The other thing that vanished was Kieran.

Like the gale in the night, Kiera re-appeared behind Zoyedark.

“You are not really creative, are you? Your teacher was used to this kind of attacking pattern, and you seem to have inherited it as well. Should I say, as expected of Wolf Sect’s single line inheritance? A single line inheritance of techniques, knowledge, and foolishness! I am the Prime Viper of Viper Sect! I am the king of assassins!”

As though he were making a declaration, the shadow ripple appeared behind Zoyedark again.

Zoyedark was smiling coldly; he could already hear the dying wails from Kieran’s mouth.

But just as the shadow ripple was about to move, another deep darkness appeared.

The darkness was darker and sharper than the shadow.

Similar to a flower of darkness that bloomed in the shadows, the darkness appeared abruptly and clouded everything within a 15-meter radius from Kieran.

[Dawn Descent]!

Unique Title [Blade of the Daybreaker] was activated instantly following Kieran’s will.

Inside the newly formed darkness, the shadow ripple was devoured just like that.

Nothing was left! Nothing was spared!

It quietly appeared and quietly vanished!

Even Zoyedark, who turned around after realizing something was wrong, couldn’t see what was going on because his sight was blocked by the newly formed darkness.

His eyes, which could see through shadows, couldn’t adapt to the darkness right away but his instincts told him that the darkness was lethally dangerous.

Not just the darkness that shrouded his sight, but also the…

Instinctively, Zoyedark looked up, trying to get an inkling of what was happening.

In a dark spot where Zoyedark’s sight couldn’t reach, three pitch-black swords with blades only two fingers’ width and filled with cracks swirled in the air.

[Extreme Night]!

[Dawn Sword Veil] made copies of [Extreme Night], which had its own attributes and special effects.

Black energy swirled around the three [Extreme Night].

[Night Veil], which was able to block rank III attacks, was still within duration, a rank III attack [Night Slash] ready to launch.

At the next moment, three black moving lights descended from the sky!