The Devil's Cage Chapter 1274

Chapter 1274 Look The Wind Is Here 2 In 1

A burning hot liquid was splashed onto his face, and Smith, whose life was hanging by a thread, opened his mouth wide, gulping the liquid, mouth after mouth.

When he realized what he had drunk, the human side of him was disgusted with himself, making him feel sick.

But the Blood Kin side of him absorbed the hard-to-come-by liquid faster than ever.

The wounds on Smith’s body started to rapidly heal, regenerating at a speed visible to the eyes and his presence grew a little stronger.

The growth of his presence was very feeble, but obvious under Kieran’s Intuition.

Kieran couldn’t help but turn cautious as he looked at the hybrid in front of him.

If Smith’s setup was considered smart before, his current ability to absorb the blood of his own kind raised a new alarm in Kieran.

Although Kieran had a limited understanding of Blood Kin, he was sure the Blood Kin didn’t possess abilities like Smith.

Otherwise, given how the Blood Kin behaved, the Blood Kin in Eiders would have gone to war a long time ago, slaughtering each other till the end.

While Kieran was looking at Smith, Smith was sizing up Kieran as well. He, too, showed a caution similar to Kieran. He was even more cautious and careful than Kieran, to be exact.

Smith, at the moment, wasn’t grateful for the death of the Blood Kin that tortured him just now. He knew something had gone wrong with his plan and…

It was related to the life and death of the people he cared about most.

Smith’s mind was spinning rapidly.

Suddenly, he said, “Aemon Road 17th!”

When he stated the address, Smith stared at Kieran deeply, hoping to gauge something from his expression.

To his disappointment, the man before him never changed his expression or even flinched, Kieran was as cold and expressionless as ever.

When the probing attempt failed, it sank Smith’s head.

He knew he had encountered an opponent vastly different from the previous Blood Kin but the scene that happened next exceeded his expectations.

He saw Kieran raise his hand, cutting the rope that was hanging him up.

While Smith was falling from mid-air and trying to adjust his posture for a proper landing, a quick hand chop landed on his neck.


Smith widened his eyes but before he could finish, he passed out on the floor.

Kieran grabbed Smith and walked outside. He did not believe what Smith said, he would only believe what he saw. He would also not ask Smith what he was hiding in Aemon Road 17th.

Too wasteful of time.

If he had the time to ask Smith, he might as well pay a visit there himself with Smith.

Dak Dak Dak Dak!

Concentrated gunshots happened on Aemon Road.

Mier was leaning in an alleyway on the street, reloading her revolver. A Spec Ops member beside her was bandaging a few more fallen comrades beside them.

“Damn it! Since when has Aemon Road become a lair for the Blood Kin?”

Mier cursed, lifting her revolver up after reloading.


A flash of a muzzle shone. A Blood Kin that had stuck its head out from the opposite rooftop had his head shot off, but a dead Blood Kin wasn’t of any help to the current situation.

Eiders’ Spec Ops group was still being suppressed by the Blood Kin.

Not just in terms of manpower, but in terms of firepower as well.

Four heavy machine guns were properly distributed atop the highest building on the street; as though it were a powerful turret tower, it fired endless muzzle flashes around Aemon Street.

More importantly, tubes of dynamite were hurled down from time to time.


A brick wall collapsed after the explosion. Wier, who had shrunk behind the wall, utilized his experience to avoid direct damage from the dynamite, but he couldn’t escape the dust landing on his face.

He shook his body, dusted his hat and squinted his eyes at that turret tower.

He took out an extended rifle. He adjusted it carefully and aimed at his target.


The muzzle flashes from the machine guns paused right away.

The Spec Ops members in the area immediately cheered but before the cheers faded, the machine guns continued their fiery bulletstorm.

Three of the remaining machine guns turned around and aimed at where Wier was hiding. Bullets then rain down on him.

Dak Dak Dak Dak Dak Dak!

The bricks on the ground and walls were turned into debris by the fierce bulletstorm, splashing all over the area.



The Spec Ops members called out to their leader one after another in shock. At the same time, they, too, aimed their guns at the turret tower, trying to return fire at the machine guns.

They hoped to buy some time for Wier.

If their opponents were humans, their tactics would have been effective, but they were facing Blood Kin.

A bunch of monsters that could neglect most damage and were practically undead to the commoners.

Therefore, the return fire wasn’t just ineffective, but it also exposed the members’ locations.

Puk Puk Puk!

Several Spec Ops members fell to the ground after four to five splashes of blood gushed out of their bodies.

“Take cover! Stay out of the fire line!”

Wier was shouting loudly, the wrinkles on his face stretched out by the fierce motion.


Wier really wanted to pull his men up from the ground and scold them. Had they forgotten their training?

Absolute rage!

Wier couldn’t understand how the entire Aemon Street was turned into a Blood Kin lair, yet he wasn’t informed at all, thus causing him to misplan and send his team in with a total disadvantage.

He knew that if this situation continued, he and his men would be buried here, but he had no idea of how to solve the problem.

Layers of rage piled up in his head, causing his breath to hasten.

He was ready to take the risk.

He took his hat off and quickly threw it aside.

Dak Dak Dak Dak!

The machine guns fired.

Seizing the window, Wier swiftly dashed out of his cover, but the moment he stepped out, his eyes froze.

A Blood Kin was standing opposite Wier, pointing a gun at him and smiling ferociously.

It seemed like the Blood Kin had been waiting for this moment for quite some time!

Since when did it appear?

It had covered its footsteps using the gunshots from the machine guns!

As the sudden realization struck his heart, Wier, too, pointed his gun at the Blood Kin.

He knew that although he wouldn’t be able to make it out alive, that didn’t mean he would sit back and wait to be captured.


The trigger was pulled. The Blood Kin’s head was blasted off together with its ferocious smile, but that wasn’t the fatal blow. A split second before Wier fired, a sharp, narrow rapier had grazed the Blood Kin’s neck.


[Dandelion’s Pierce] flew out like an arrow following Kieran’s will. A Blood Kin that was hiding in the corner and thought that it would not be found out had its neck perforated.

It was similar to those Blood Kin handling the heavy machine guns at the top of the highest building, thinking they were well-prepared.

The advantages of height, firepower and extraordinary body all fueled their confidence.

So when [Dandelion’s Pierce] appeared, they died a restless death because they hadn’t seen it coming.

Dak Dak Dak Dak!

Kieran walked along the street of Aemon Road where the bullets rained.

A lot of Blood Kin saw the obvious target.

Instinctively, they aimed the guns in their hands at Kieran, but none had the chance to fire.

Before the Blood Kins even showed their initial malicious intents, [Dandelion’s Pierce] was already in front of them, reaping their lives like a grim reaper wielding its scythe.

The loud gunshots that sounded like endless popping sounds finally stopped.

The remaining Blood Kins looked at the black figure approaching step by step and shivered like cicadas in the winter.

The Spec Ops members, on the other hand, showed astonishment and admiration.

Mier’s eyes were showing frantic emotions, more passionate than the others.

All of the emotions appeared under Kieran’s Intuition, but his attention was on Smith.

Smith had awoken. When Kieran reached Aemon Street, Smith was already conscious and seemed extra agitated, his breath hurried.

When they truly reached the said address, Smith gave up his act completely and looked at the iron gate in front of him—Aemon Road 17th.


Kieran simply threw Smith on the ground. He watched as Smith crawled and rolled towards the iron gate.

Kieran followed. He wanted to know what was hiding beyond those iron bars.

[Dandelion’s Pierce] flew around Kieran, taking out one malicious intent from the Blood Kin after another.

Front yard, porch, corridor.

When they reached the main living hall, Smith sprinted towards a place under the stairs.

A hidden room was located there.

It reeked of blood and was filled with an anxious presence.


A feeble, sobbing voice sounded.

A little girl was carried out by Smith. Her face was as pale as paper, terrified as well. Behind Smith were a few more little girls of the same age.

This was all.

Kieran glanced at the huge hidden room that housed around 50 cages inside. The coldness on his face dropped below freezing point.

“This is what you wanted to know. This is a restaurant for the Blood Kin. A lot of Blood Kin feast here, including those who follow the rules,”

Smith told Kieran while holding the little girl in his arms.

Smith then looked at Kieran with a calm gaze.

Smith was smart, knowing what Kieran wanted to know by bringing him here. Likewise, he also understood how powerful Kieran was along the way here.

It was the kind of strength that Smith couldn’t afford to oppose.

He knew that Kieran could kill him with a single thought. Whether it was Kieran himself who did it or that flying rapier, both could easily take his life.

However, under such circumstances, Smith opened up unusually instead because he wanted to save the one he missed.

As for what happened after that?

Smith held the little girl, wiped away the tears on her cheeks and showed a rare smile.

“Sorry that I am late,” Smith said.

The sobbing little girl couldn’t say anything, she hugged Smith tightly.

Feeling the warmth in his arms, Smith closed his eyes in peace.

Even in death, they would die together.

When the thought appeared in Smith’s mind, the last bit of fear in him vanished.

He waited for death, but death didn’t come as expected.

“Let’s go.”

At the calm reply, Smith opened his eyes at the cold looking man before him.

“Leave this place. Bring them as well,” said Kieran coldly.

He then turned around and walked out of the building.

Smith was stunned, but quickly followed up shortly after.

Similar to when they arrived, they returned smoothly as well.

[Dandelion’s Pierce] had terrified all the Blood Kins that were dining in the place. All of them were hiding in the dark, watching the black figure leave.

A few higher ranking ones among the bunch were roaring in their hearts.

“Wait! You wait!”

“Damn pesky, low humans!”

“You will soon become my meal!”

When the black figure vanished from their sights, these few Blood Kins with higher positions jumped out.

“What about the house guards?”

“Our strongest warriors?”

“Why aren’t they here?”

“And we were having a meal here!”

“Why are we being treated like this?”

“My lords, we will give you all a satisfying answer.”

“Please, my lords, be calm.”

The roars from the Blood Kins echoed in the building.

Kieran, who left the place, could still hear them clearly, including the explanations, but he didn’t care.

Who would care about a bunch of dying monsters?

He turned around and looked at the little girls being attended by the Spec Ops members.

Mier’s eyes turned red when she saw the girls.

The Spec Ops members around them clenched their teeth in rage as well.

When the little girls were found in the area, these men who had always dealt with monsters immediately reacted to the situation and understood why these little girls were brought here.

They also understood now why the street housed so many Blood Kins.

“Damn it! Why didn’t our men notice the anomaly here?!”

When she saw the obvious blood marks on a few of the girls’ arms, Mier couldn’t hold back her rage and looked at Wier with a questioning gaze.

She hoped to get an answer, but Wier, unfortunately, shook his head.

“I don’t know why the intel department neglected this place either,” said Wier.

He looked at the few little girls in an apologetic manner.

But all the little girls were hiding behind Smith. They were scared and none of them cared about what Wier did.

Wier sighed.

“I assure you, I will give you all an explanation. I…”



The wind interrupted Wier’s words.

Unconsciously, everyone looked towards where the wind came from.


A vortex had appeared in Kieran’s palm.

It wasn’t big and could be considered small, but all who saw the vortex would instinctively feel scared, especially Wier.

He felt the power from the wind and knew that what he felt wasn’t all of it.

“Stop it, D! I said that I’ll give them an explanation!” Wier shouted as sweat filled his forehead.

“That is your explanation to them, what does it have to do with me?” Kieran replied calmly, the vortex in his palm growing rapidly.

“This is Eiders! Eiders has its own rules!” Wier tried his best to dissuade Kieran.

“Rules? Is a Monster Hunter that follows rules still a Monster Hunter?” Kieran grinned.

His cold expression didn’t melt because of his grin, instead it became colder.

Anyone who saw his grin would feel cold in their hearts, as though it were the grim reaper smiling.

They saw the vortex fly up from the palm of the ‘grim reaper’.

They saw the vortex expand into half a hundred meters long.

They saw the vortex, now a tornado that looked like a wind dragon, roar at the sky, crashing down into Aemon Road.

They saw the entire Aemon Road wipe out from the map by the destructive force.

The little girls stared at the street that they feared as it was being destroyed, and they somehow felt relieved.