The Devil's Cage Chapter 1275

Chapter 1275 Yes And No

Everyone was overwhelmed by the hundreds to thousands meter large ruins before their eyes.

None of them noticed the shining [Jin’s Remains] that was pinned to the inner collar of his mantle. Even if anyone did, they would think it was the sunlight’s reflection.

After all, in the commoners’ eyes, [Jin’s Remains] was a golden-green button.

The only noticeable feature of this button was the intricate patterns carved over the surface.


The wind blew again.

This time, it was a natural breeze, pleasantly warm and tender.

But the breeze made the Spec Ops members at the scene shudder, as though they had fallen into a deep abyss, causing them to look around in panic.

When they couldn’t locate the black figure holding a vortex of wind, all of them heaved a breath of relief at the same time.

Then, they exchanged gazes and looked at each other, trying to figure out when Kieran had left without their knowing.

Even Mier, who had always had her eyes on Kieran, was distracted by the ravaging tornado that wiped out the street.

“So this is the power of a Monster Hunter?” Mier muttered in front of the destroyed Aemon Street.

There wasn’t fear, there wasn’t panic, only eagerness to try!

Wier obviously felt the changes in his granddaughter. He couldn’t help but cover his forehead.

As the leader of the Spec Ops team, Wier was given an intense headache right now.

He was having a headache thinking about how he would explain this to his superior. Then there was also his granddaughter, who would be drawn into the vortex of trouble any time now.

Correct, the Monster Hunters were powerful, but lingering around any one of them was more dangerous than anything.

Even a powerful Monster Hunter couldn’t take care of every aspect, any misstep could equal death!

Wier didn’t want his only family to leave him like that.

Losing his son and daughter-in-law at once was torturous enough for him.

He couldn’t endure anymore than that.


Wier took a deep breath, his heart coming to a decision. He looked at Smith.

It was Wier’s first time meeting Smith, the firefighter, but impression wise, it was deep enough.

Smith’s plan was no remarkable setup. When the little girls had appeared, Wier understood everything, but it couldn’t hold back the rage in his heart.

“You should have told us everything, not used us like this,” Wier said heavily.

Smith took a glance at Wier, then carried the little girl in his arms and brought the others together to the other side of the street.

Wier was a respectable person but not a suitable person for conversation.

His identity had proven as such, so Smith chose to keep quiet of things he knew.

Watching Smith leave, Wier’s men tried to stop him.

“Let them leave.” Wier stopped his men.

Similar to what Smith thought of him, he also thought Smith was a respectable person with a noble personality. He wouldn’t simply shift the blame onto someone else, neither would he push them into the abyss.

“Their absence is what’s best for now.”

Wier muttered as he watched Smith and the girls leave from sight.

The Spec Ops members with quicker reactions heard what their leader said and pondered upon the question.

Pak Pak!

Wier clapped his hands to gather their attention.

“Guys, our mission isn’t over. Before support arrives, try your best to search the area. We need to find more valuable things to aid us here,” Wier emphasized.

“Yes, captain!”


The men quickly moved out.

Even the slower ones understood now. If they didn’t wish to become scapegoats for something they hadn’t done, it would be best that they grasped evidence that could prove their innocence and provide them with a benefiting stand.

What happened on Aemon Road swept the entire Eiders faster than anyone could imagine.

The commoners cried out in shock.

The monsters hidden in the dark became afraid. Some of them sheathed their claws and fangs, trying to observe the situation with a careful gaze.

Of course, a lot more of the monsters became restless when they saw that the sun was setting.

When night descended upon Eiders, the city would be their playground again.

However, none of those had anything to do with Kieran at the moment.

Sitting inside the empty lobby of Stove-grilled Fish, Kieran was drinking a cup of water served by Little Tom, waiting patiently for Smith’s arrival.

Smith was a smart person.

Given the situation in Eiders, if he didn’t have a deathwish, he would know what to do.

A quarter of water was gulped down from the glass.

Lagren, the hotel owner, walked out from behind the bar counter with a shirt on.

“Little Tom, it’s time for you to finish work,” said Lagren.

“But there’s still another hour until sunset…”

“I’m feeling good today, so you can leave early. Remember, don’t linger on the streets for too long, and lock the windows and doors when you get home. If you can, block the doors with your closet.”

Lagren interrupted his worker’s words and reminded Little Tom with a seemingly casual but actually patient tone.

“I know boss.” Little Tom nodded with a heavy expression.

It wasn’t Little Tom’s first day of work, so he knew what kind of personality his boss had. He would notice if there was something different about his boss.

He didn’t intend to turn a deaf ear to Lagren’s advice.

After greeting his boss and Kieran at the corner, Little Tom quickly left.

Following Little Tom’s absence, the entire lobby was left with just Kieran and Lagren.

Lagren took a beer mug and turned the tap on the beer barrel.

Golden alcohol together with snow-white foam quickly filled the mug.

A little blow over the foam later, Lagren drained the mug dry and started on a second one.

When his mug was filled with beer again, Lagren walked over to Kieran and sat opposite of him.

“Who are you? Don’t tell me you are a Monster Hunter. Although your outfit and manners fit one, based on what I know, no Monster Hunters fit you.”

Lagren spilled his questions out directly after he sat down.

Kieran didn’t answer but looked at Lagren calmly.

When Kieran had come to realize that Lagren was much stronger than a common man, he had pondered about Lagren’s identity, even wondering if he was a Monster Hunter himself.

Therefore, Kieran wasn’t surprised.

Or, in other words, who Lagren was or which side he was on had nothing to do with Kieran.

All Kieran needed to know was what he had to do; that would be enough for him.

“You see, if I didn’t already know that you’re not a Monster Hunter, I would have really taken you for one based on your looks.”

Lagren shrugged at the quiet Kieran, then drank a mouthful of beer.

But at the next moment, Lagren almost spat his beer out because of Kieran’s reply.

“I was not one before, but I am now.”