The Devil's Cage Chapter 133

Chapter 133: Prescription

[Holy Blessing Potion Prescription, costs 10,000 Points to learn, Yes/No?]

[Potionology (Grand Master) not learned]

[Requirement not met, Unable to learn]

The notification left Kieran dumbstruck.

"Potion Prescription?"

Kieran widened his eyes as a bad feeling rose in his heart.

He quickly opened the other three Magical Rank Scrolls.

[Beginner Healing Potion Prescription, costs 2,000 Points to learn, Yes/No?]

[Potionology (Entry) not learned]

[Requirement not met, Unable to learn]


[Beginner Fire Resistant Potion Prescription, costs 2,000 Points to learn, Yes/No?]

[Potionology (Entry) not learned]

[Requirement not met, Unable to learn]


[Underwater Breathing Potion Prescription, costs 2,000 Points to learn, Yes/No?]

[Potionology (Master) not learned]

[Requirement not met, Unable to learn]


Kierans bad feeling about the remaining three scrolls was proven right.

"Every single one of them is a Potion Prescription!" Kieran could not help but laugh bitterly at his discovery.

The situation before him was very different from what hed imagined.

Kieran had originally thought that he would have been able to use the Legendary Scroll and the three Magical Rank Scrolls to drastically enhance himself and enter the Special Dungeon [The Shamans Partner] with a better, upgraded version of himself.

He had even planned on going back and looking for the secret of the bronze coffin.

Yet, reality was

"F*cking harsh!" Kieran said to himself.

Kierans sole comfort was that [Potionology] had also been in his learning plan. However, when he recalled that the skill cost 30,000 Points and 10 Skill Points, he could not help but rub his hurting temples to ease his headache.

After a few seconds, he had finally recovered from his disappointment.

Kieran put away all the Prescription Scrolls and inspected the Magical Rank Potion.

[Name: Medium Healing Potion]

[Type: Potion]

[Rarity: Excellent]

[Attributes: Instant Recovery of 100 HP, Continuous Healing of 20 HP per second for 5 seconds]

[Prerequisites: None]

[Able to bring out of the dungeon: Yes]

[Remarks: This is a magical potion crafted by a Potionology Prescription. The magical power in it could save your life during desperate times!]


"At least I got something good here!"

The notification boosted Kierans spirit up a little.

When the HP value decreased to a certain level, debuffs would appear, and a debuff alone would be enough to increase the value of that potion.

Plus, according to the description, that potion could save lives during desperate times, so Kieran knew that its value had to be high. Even though he had not come across anything like that before, he had no intention of selling it. It would serve as a last resort during dangerous times.

"So the only thing I could sell is"

Kieran turned his attention back to the four rocket launchers, the two light machine guns, the heavy machine gun with the Strong Attack, the [Alloy Blade], and the six pieces of cracked [Soul Shard]s.

Ultimately, Kieran decided to add the [Viper-M1] to the selling list.

After he had acquired the [Jagdtiger-X1], he had decided that the sniper rifle that had accompanied him for four dungeons would have to leave his main equipment slot.

Ever since Kieran had experienced the ridiculously strong defensive power of Trumbo, he had realized what he needed the most.

Between a long-range attack and a higher attacking power, the latter was much more important to him.

Even if Kieran could snipe at his enemies from afar, if he could not break through their defense, it would be of no use at all.

The [Jagdtiger-X1] with its [Armor Penetration Lvl 2] was much more fitting to Kierans needs.

Kieran touched the body of his [Viper-M1] and bid farewell to his trusty sniper rifle.

Then he sent Lawless screenshots of his loot.


Lawless: !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lawless: Did u rob the military armory again?!

Lawless: Whats with the six cracked [Soul Shard]s?

Lawless: Is there a sale in the local military armory??

(It was only a mere three seconds after Kieran had sent over the screenshots, yet Lawless had already gone into the gibberish BS mode that Kieran was so familiar with.)

2567: U know ur jokes r not funny, right?

2567: These r the items I want to sell. Any good buyers to recommend?

Lawless: I have won the Funniest Man Competition 10 times over, okay? I am the funniest man alive!!

2567: Yeah, yeah. More like the best gibberish champion alive!


2567: Can we get down to business?

Lawless: Not many players could afford so many things. Except Broker!

Lawless: But even if u sold to Broker now, that evil bastard would bring the prices down!

2567: Bring the prices down?

(Kieran was puzzled by Lawless statement. According to his understanding, good weapons and equipment were always in shortage, and prices were high when there was a high demand. Why would the Broker bring down the prices? Lawless answered his question in his next sentence.)

Lawless: Do u know why the Broker only opens the secret bazaar once a month? Its because everything is calculated according to his own benefit!

Lawless: Normal players only enter the dungeon once every three months, but adventurous players are different. Every time the dungeon cooldown is reset, they will enter it right away. Especially the lone wolves. Theyll need to sell the loot from their previous dungeon to raise enough funds for the next one, but the secret bazaar is not open all the time!

Lawless: As a result, they only have two options. Either wait for the bazaar to open, or sell to the Broker. That evil bastard buys things 10% to 20% lower than their auction price.

(Kieran kind of grasped the idea behind it, but he still had a lot of questions.)

2567: And no one objects?

Lawless: A lot of players have, but whats the use? The Broker might be disgusting, but hes rich! Hes the only one who can afford some really good items, and on top of that, he really does have a sense of sincerity in doing business! He won't go around scamming other players, so even though the prices are lowered by 10-20%, some lone wolves are still willing to do business with him.

Lawless: A lot of them will wait for the secret bazaar to open though.

Lawless: However, whether one waits for the bazaar or sells directly to him, he still gets everything in the end. Its a win-win for the evil businessman!


Kieran frowned a little. This was not good news for him. He could either wait for the bazaar, or sell everything to the Broker at a lower price.

None of these options would have been his first choice. He just wanted to sell his items at a normal price without being shackled down by others.

He believed there certainly had to be others who shared the same thought.

After all, he had risked his own life for these items, and he didnt want other people putting shackles on what he traded his life for. He believed others would also agree with him.

Kieran messaged Lawless again.


2567: I dont suppose everyone has only these two choices, right?

Lawless: Of course not!

Lawless: Wherever there is oppression, there is also resistance!

Lawless: Go to the Harvest Inn, youll find something youll like there!


Lawless ended his conversation with a lame joke and sent Kieran an address.

After reading it, Kieran went straight out of the lobby.