The Devil's Cage Chapter 141

Chapter 141: Title

Nobian's room was much smaller than Kieran had imagined.

His place was not even a tenth of Kieran's old broken garage. A quick glance was enough for Kieran to taken in every item and piece of decoration before him.

There were only two points of interest. One of them was the black curtain hidden behind the front door, and the other was the spot where Nobian had originally placed his equipment.

Kieran had hoped to find clues about Nobian upon entering the room, so this naturally led him to the suspicious black curtain.

Nobian's secrets were hidden behind that curtain, but before Kieran ventured in, he checked the place for any potential traps and dangers out of instinct, even though player's room was to be absolutely safe.

After ruling out the existence of any secret traps or magic circles and confirming that the place was actually safe, Kieran pulled the black curtain back.

The metal rings on top of the curtain dragged over the metal rail, producing a clear sound.

A blackboard with five names appeared before Kieran. The first name was "Gibbons", and the last one was "2567", which was Kieran's nickname.

The first four names had a red cross over them. Only Kieran's was clear.

The scene was self-explanatory, but Kieran still frowned over what he had discovered.

The four names on the blackboard had been crossed off because those players had been assassinated by Nobian. Kieran had been the next one in line.

He had not expected to discover something like this while he had been looking for clues.

"Did he write down the names to memorialize his achievement because he couldn't tell anyone? Or did he make a gallery out of his work?"

Whatever Nobian's goal had been, it only proved how twisted he had been deep down.

Nobian might have been a psychopath, but under the restrictions of the Union laws, he had still been able to maintain his sanity. Once he had entered the underground game though, everything had changed.

He had nothing to be afraid of while he was out of the Union's grasp.

Or maybe it had all started when he had killed the player named "Gibbons". Maybe that's when he'd become that way.

Whatever the process, Kieran could not know and did not care to find out. The blackboard before him was a clue.

It was not a direct revelation of Nobian's goal and identity, but Kieran could find out more from the names on the list.

He removed the blackboard from the wall and headed towards his second point of interest.

It was the deepest place of the room, the darkest corner, where Nobian kept all his equipment.

A couple more pieces of equipment popped up at the spot as Kieran approached it.

A piece of armor, a long sword, a pair of pants and a pair of boots. It was what Nobian had been wearing when he had died. The pants and the boots were nothing special, but the armor and the long sword caught Kieran's attention.

[Name: Tessirot Blessing]

[Type: Armor]

[Rarity: Rare]

[Defense: Strong]

[Attributes: Scale of Blessing]

[Effects: None]

[Prerequisites: None]

[Remarks: Tessirot is a nomad earth element. It likes all sorts of jewels and gems, and when it collects enough, it will be happy to grant anyone it likes a blessing!]


[Scale of Blessing: When the skill is active, it grants the player a Medium Healing Effect (+200 HP) instantly. It also grants them a Medium Rock Skin Defense for one minute (Medium Rock Skin provides an extra 500 Strong Defense points. When the time is up or the 500 points are depleted, the Medium Rock Skin will disappear. When the Medium Rock Skin is active, Agility -2 Rank), can be used once a day]


[Name: Burning Long Sword]

[Type: Sword]

[Rarity: Superior]

[Attack: Common]

[Attributes: Fire Empowerment]

[Special Effects: 2nd Grade Venom]

[Prerequisites: Sharp Weapon Long Sword (Entry)]

[Remarks: This is a special item with embedding craftsmanship!]


[Fire Empowerment: Each attack will inflict an additional 4-8 Burn Damage to Target]

[2nd Grade Venom: Each effective attack will force the Target to undergo a Constitution Authentication not lower than E+. If the Target fails, they will be poisoned with 5 Damage per second, duration 10 seconds. If they pass, the Target's consumption of Stamina will increase for 5 seconds.]

[2nd Grade Venom: The effect will fade off in time, but the rarity of the sword will go down because of the corrosive attribute of the venom.]


The [Tessirot Blessing] had caught Kieran's attention.

He finally understood how Nobian had recovered from his Heavily Wounded Status in just an instant during their fight.

Kieran naturally claimed it for himself, considering it a great common-use defensive measure.

Although he had [Paul's Camouflage] already and could not have two similar pieces of equipment on at once, the [Tessirot Blessing] was much more important to him.

A 200 HP recovery within an instant was a last resort that could save him during a crucial battle.

Although the Medium Rock Skin would decrease his Agility. it would also provide an extra defensive measure. If it was used carefully, it could also be a lifesaver.

Since Kieran did not have the related skill for the [Burning Long Sword], he was planning on selling it.

In fact, after a quick check, he realized that most of Nobian's equipment was more suitable for sale.

However, a small box on the table had caught his attention.

The box was locked in an absolute safe place, which was very unusual in itself.

The [Potionology] Skill Book!

Kieran quickly recalled the screenshot he had received from Nobian earlier, the thought invoking great excitement in his heart.

The Skill Book was too important for Kieran in learning [Potionology]. He might possess a couple of prescriptions, but he did not have the related skills to use them yet.

The locked box was nothing for Kieran's Master [Lockpicking] and [Deceiver's Key].

With a slight turn of his tools, the lock on the box was opened.

Kieran checked the box over carefully, making sure it would not shoot out any arrows or poison when he opened it.

When he lifted the cover, he saw a scroll inside.

"A scroll?"

This was not what Kieran had expected. He raised his eyebrows as he picked it up and rolled it open.

[Title Dungeon: Blade of the Daybreaker (Sub Scroll)]

[Blade of the Daybreaker: The Burning Dawn, who was stationed at the Supreme Road, was assaulted by an unknown enemy and was heavily wounded. He was desperate to find someone that could inherit the spirit and will of the Blade of the Daybreaker!]

[Dungeon Cooldown Time: 5/10]

[Note 1: Title Dungeon will not be calculated in player's dungeon count.]

[Note 2: Title Dungeon has a specific difficulty and is not related to the dungeon entry difficulty.]

[Note 3: This is only 1/4 of the scroll. A Sub Scroll cannot initiate a dungeon, only the Main Scroll can.]

[Note 4: The Title Dungeon initiator must have cleared at least 10 dungeons, single or team. During the 10th dungeon cooldown, the player can initiate the dungeon with the Main Scroll. Any players who have a Sub Scroll can enter the dungeon together.]


"What the?"

Kieran took a deep breath when he saw the description of the scroll.

A Title Dungeon? What kind of title was big enough to have a whole dungeon to itself?

A Unique Title!

Kieran could not come up with any other logical explanation.

Before he could inspect his findings any further though, there was a knock on the door.

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