The Devil's Cage Chapter 163

Chapter 163: Hunter and Prey

Kieran noticed that the hand that had appeared on his shoulder was pale and fair, and the fingers were long and thin.

The sheer coldness emitted from the hand made his spine freeze. He kept getting spammed by notifications that his HP was depleting.

[Chilling Touch: Target inflicts 5 Damage to your HP, Constitution authenticating, Constitution passed, Immune to Targets Freezing Effect...]

[Chilling Touch: Target inflicts 5 Damage to your HP, Constitution authenticating, Constitution passed, Immune to Targets Freezing Effect...]


Within a couple of seconds, Kieran's 450 HP had gone down by 10%, and it showed no intention of stopping.

Kieran started to struggle instinctively, wanting to shake off the hand hurting him. The moment he started to struggle though, the seemingly soft hand pinned him down with tremendous force.

Kieran was stuck on the chair, the damage from the hand increasing along with the force exerted.

[Chilling Touch: Target inflicts 10 Damage to your HP, Constitution authenticating, Constitution passed, Immune to Targets Freezing Effect...]

Kieran was scared, but that did not mean that he would give up.

Although he had not been able to sense when the person had appeared behind him, no doubt they were not there to talk.

If Kieran failed to shake the hand off, he would lose his life.

He could not accept such a fate, but he wasn't strong enough to resist the hand's power either.

Thinking quickly, Kieran redirected his resisting power downwards.

He used the force exerted on his shoulder by twisting his body to divert the force downwards towards the chair.

Then he combined his own strength with the strength of the hand, the wooden chair breaking into half in an instant as he moved his body down.

The tremendous hand had suddenly lost its target and pushed through the chair.

Without any hesitation, Kieran fell to the floor and rolled quickly to the side.

The person behind Kieran was startled. He had not imagined that Kieran would escape his grip in such a way.

He did not pursue Kieran after he escaped though, as a formless aura had suddenly filled the room, preventing him from moving. The aura was filled with killing intent.

"Wilco! You are provoking the whole Dark Star Society with your actions!" Carlos said angrily.

The man named Wilco let out a cold laugh filled with contempt and disdain.

The laugh infuriated Carlos.

"Die!" he shouted.

At Carlos' powerful shout, the formless steam of aura surrounded Wilco like a typhoon, and the tables and chairs were torn to pieces by the sheer wrecking force of the aura.

The aura was like thousands of sharp knives cutting through anything that stood in their path. Wilco was no exception, even though he had a formless barrier up around him.

It was only a matter of time before Carlos broke through his barrier. It was only a pity that Carlos would not live long enough to see that happen.

A ghostly hand pierced through Carlos' chest from behind while his heart was still beating.

Carlos looked down at his own heart, his mouth slightly open, as if he wanted to say something but could not utter a word.

The formless aura dissipated as Carlos was killed.

"You should watch your back when you face the Night Demon Society, Carlos! Your overconfidence got you killed!" Wilco said as he looked at Carlos' dead body.

Then he turned his eyes to the door, which was pushed open.

"What a surprising prey. Are you interested, Nelson?" Wilco asked his partner, who had backstabbed Carlos. The man's whole body was covered in a black mantle.

Nelson seemed like a man of few words. He only shook his head in reply.

"Such a pity. Seems like I'm the only one savoring this interesting prey. Dont worry, Ill kill him after I get what we need!"

Wilco understood what Nelson wanted without any further explanation. He just walked out through the open door with big steps.

When Wilco had left, Nelson started to search Carloss body.


Meanwhile, Kieran had escaped through the door and caught up with Simones on his way out.

The two of them were running through a narrow passageway at lightning speed.

Although he had escaped from the grasp of that eerie hand, Kieran knew there was a wide gap of power between him and its owner.

Even with all his ace cards on the table, he still did not have enough confidence that he could beat the man.

His only option was flight. He could not fight, and if he escaped the way he had come in, he might run into another ambusher, so his only option left was the door on the other side of the room.

Kieran had been hoping for a window, but what he saw instead was a long narrow passageway.

Simones had knocked out the men that had been escorting him and opened the secret passageway.

"You coming?"

"Yeah!" Kieran answered.

The two of them ran down the passageway as fast as they could.

Kieran was surprised by the speed and endurance Simones was displaying.

"If you are not strong enough to fight, you better make sure you are fast enough to run! This is what my teacher taught me! Ive tweaked it a little though..."

Simones suddenly stopped running. Kieran mimicked Simones, stopping without hesitation, even though there was still a long way ahead of him.

Simones was the one who had built the passageway, so he was very familiar with the contraption.

Suddenly, a door appeared on the wall of the passageway.

"One also needs an escaping technique!" Simones said as he pushed the door open.

Kieran followed Simones inside and closed the door automatically after he went in.

"It might not hide us for long, but it will give us some extra time to run away! We have to get back to 1st Black Street fast! Only there we will be truly safe!" Simones said as he hastened his steps.

"Who is this Wilco?" Kieran asked as he kept up with him.

Carlos loud shouts through the door reached his ears clearly.

"A member of the Night Demon Society. An executioner exceptionally fond of lynching. Compared to that guy, Carlos' fake attitude seems a lot cuter!" Simones described Wilco in a nutshell.

As soon as he stopped talking, Simones slowed down abruptly.

Kieran stopped as well and looked up ahead with extreme vigilance.

Wilco was walking slowly towards them from the other side of the corridor.

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