The Devil's Cage Chapter 164

Chapter 164: Risk

"An executioner fond of lynching? So thats how people think of me... Nice, I like it!"

Wilco was grinning slightly. He seemed like he really liked that comment, but Kieran felt like he was confronting his most formidable enemy yet.

He did not care if Wilco was smiling genuinely or not. The sheer pressure he felt from him was getting more and more intense.

[Fear] notifications kept spamming his vision.

Simones had fallen down because of Wilco's tremendous pressure. He was on his knees, looking pale as paper as sweat ran down his forehead.

"You think you're so smart, Simones, don't ya? Did you forget how your mentor died? You tried to trick me through a narrow passageway? The Night Demon Society members are among the oldest assassins in the world. You know what will become of you!"

Wilco rolled his red sleeves up to his elbows slowly, the same way that he spoke.

His words were like knives, cutting deep through Simones.

Simoness pale face turned red from rage in an instant.


Simones struggled to stand up, but an even bigger force pushed him down. He could not resist the pressure and spit a mouthful of blood. He was so exhausted from kneeling down on the ground that he almost passed out.

Kieran was no match for that pressure either. He took a couple of steps back.

[Fear] notifications were still spamming his vision.

If this went on, Kieran would be robbed of any fighting abilities and succumb to Wilcos sheer pressure.

Once the [Fear] got through, Kieran would be like a fish on the chopping board, ready for Wilco to slice him into pieces.

[Golden Attribute Point Activated]

[Spirit E E+]

Kieran quickly used one of his aces without hesitation.

The Golden Attribute Points he had saved up had been reduced to one, but the effects were obvious.

The pressure that had felt like a rough thunderstorm had turned into a gentle breeze and drizzle.

Although he still felt unsettled, the obstacle had been removed and he was now able to act.

He was ready to strike at Wilco first.

Escape was no longer an option considering the situation before them. If that was off the table, then all that was left was fighting.

Kieran would lose his life if he was not willing to take that chance.

Although Wilco was extremely powerful, there was still a chance for him to counterattack.

He thought of Wilcos identity as a member of the Night Demon Society. His group had been wanting to get to Alcatraz, so Kieran used his advantage as an insider at the incidents on the island.

With a quick turn of wits, a bold idea formed in Kierans mind.

He unleashed a right kick, thrusting forward like a spear as burning flames covered his boots.


Wilco was surprised that Kieran could still attack him despite his pressure, but that was all it was.

After a small confrontation with him back in the room, Wilco did not think Kieran's attack could cause him any damage, even though the fire on his feet looked intimidating.

Wilcos strength level was far beyond Kieran's, and his contempt towards him and his puny fire grew.

He raised his hand casually in an attempt to catch Kierans foot and break his leg, ignoring the fire burning on his boots.

This was just the beginning though. Wilco would not mind torturing Kieran to get the information he seeked from him.

However, as his hand came into contact with Kierans foot, his facial expression turned sour.

The power from Kierans kick had exceeded Wilcos expectations. Kierans power was only one level below his.

"Did he act like he could not escape my grip before so he could lure me into his trap? Was he trying to fool me?" Wilco thought.

Embarrassment and rage filled his face as his eyes turned vicious and ugly.

Wilco's hand and Kieran's foot collided, the flaming kick and ice-cold hand coming into contact and producing a big cloud of steam.

Kieran took a step back, but Wilco followed him like a shadow. He took advantage of the steam in the air and used the coldness in his hand to bring down the temperature in the passageway.

In an instant, the temperature dropped to the point where Kierans breaths were coming out of his mouth in white steam.

The steam produced from the clash turned into icy shards and floated in mid-air.

Wilco moved his cold hand towards Kierans abdomen.

Kieran took a step back and followed up with a left kick even faster and stronger than his first kick.

The tip of his foot landed right on Wilcos palm with precision.

With a clear noise, Wilcos hand was kicked out of trajectory. The coldness spread from Kieran's foot to his calf, but Wilcos face turned a solid green color.

Kierans speed was on par with his.

His repeated miscalculations woke the killing intent in Wilco's heart as he drove his ice-cold palm towards Kierans throat.

However, Wilco suppressed the instinct the moment it rose up. Kieran had to die, but only after he had retrieved the information his organization had tasked him to get.

Wilco switched his aim from Kierans throat to his chest.

As his palm touched his chest, ice instantly covered Kierans upper body. His left calf had frozen as well, so all Kieran had left was his right foot, hands and head.


Kieran lunged down to the ground by Wilco.

As the ice spread over his body, he was robbed of the freedom to use his limbs.

His mind remained calm, even though his HP was depleting like water and he had entered a [Heavily Wounded Status]. Everything was unfolding according to his plan.

This was his chance.

Wilco had not finished Kieran right away, because he needed to get information about the incidents at Alcatraz from him.

Kieran was waiting patiently as he lay down on the ground, extending his hand to the back of his waist unnoticed.

"You are one surprising man, 2567, but please note that this does not work in your favor. When you die later, you will regret your surprising nature!"

Wilco did not hide his intentions one bit. He was confident that he could force the information out of Kieran with his torturing methods and Kieran would choose death soon enough.

"From where shall we begin? You teeth or your fingers? I would personally start from your tongue, but I need you to talk, so I have to choose another part of your body."

Wilco grabbed Kieran by his hair and dragged him off the ground.

His words were threatening, and he wanted to see the fear in Kierans eyes, but he was disappointed. Kieran was extremely calm.

Wilco frowned as a sense of danger rose in his heart. He instinctively wanted to throw Kieran away, but Kieran was quicker.

He grabbed Wilcos hand with both hands as he took out two grenades and pulled their pins.

"Surprise!" Kieran said softly next to Wilcos ear.