The Devil's Cage Chapter 176

Chapter 176: The Impossible Theory

It was too coincidental!

Until that Kieran didnt need Nikoreis affirmative answer and he already suspected that the situation was fishy.

After Bollers timely interruption, Kieran figured out more about it.

Boller was pretending to need his help, but he was actually there to monitor Kierans every move.

Otherwise, Fenkes would not have reappeared in such a timely manner.

Yet there was one other thing that surprised Kieran. Fenkes had known that the Dark Star Society would need him to open the bronze coffin.

"Is it because Fenkes touched the bronze coffin and discovered some of its secrets? Or did Gilfren Hatch leave behind some clues for him?"

Kieran made guesses silently, but his eyes were locked on the corridor. Suddenly, Fenkes entered.

He was covered in dust, and his face and manner made him look very exhausted.

One could tell just by taking a glance at the old man that he had been through a rough time recently.

Kieran too but it only made him even more careful of his actions.

Fenkes had to be very good at acting, or maybe he had really been through a lot of suffering in order to fool Kieran.

"Thank you for everything youve done, 2567!"

Fenkes was grateful for Kierans help, and he thanked him with utmost sincerity. However, Kierans heart was struck by coldness.

He could not believe that a person could lie so convincingly.

"What would happen if his mask was removed? Would a monster ready to devour its victims be revealed?" Kieran thought silently as he replied with a big smile.

To beat a monster, one must also become a monster.

Kieran did not recall where he had heard that phrase, but he was doing exactly that.

Part of him felt forced to do so, but most of him was drove by a odd feeling that he could only categorized as excitement.

It seemed like he did not mind playing a monster. In fact, he was quite enjoying the process.

The sensation was similar to how he felt every time he entered a new dungeon.

Kieran did not have time to fully savor the moment though. What he needed to do was finish the mission and earn more rewards.

He looked at Fenkes and said with a slight smile, "Youve helped me before. This was the least I could do."

Kieran had said that instinctively. He had not planned it beforehand.

"I had helped you out of convenience. You saved my life. Its different," Fenkes pointed out before naturally turning his attention to Frostrill. "Who is this gentleman here?"

"Good afternoon. I am Frostrill of the Dark Star Society," Frostrill introduced himself politely to the old doctor.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Frostrill. I know the Dark Star Society is occupying Alcatraz, but pardon my rudeness. Does the Society allow anyone else to get on the island?" Fenkes asked eagerly.

Frostrill took a look at Kieran. When Kieran did not stop him, he stated his intentions with a slight smile, "Of course. In fact, I am here to invite Mr. 2567 to the island."

"Really? The Then could he bring one more person? I need to get something to save those innocent children! That might be worthless to you, but it is precious to me. Please, Im begging you!"

Fenkes eyes had filled with tears.

Frostrill was frowning though. Obviously, even though he belonged to the Dark Star Society, he did not know exactly what was going on.

Kieran, who was admiring Fenkess acting skills, stepped forward and explained the situation.

He was sure that Fenkes had anticipated his act of goodwill.

Even if Kieran had not explained though, someone else would have.

Kieran boldly turned his eyes to Boller and inspected him. He was the person that Fenkes had asked to fill in all the gaps.

Kieran wanted to find out what Fenkes was up to, so he willingly followed the flow of the script before Boller could step in.

"I see. This is not my decision to make though. I will need to ask my superiors permission," Frostrill muttered.

With a gesture, Kieran invited Frostrill to use the foyer phone.

Fenkes was looking at Frostrill anxiously. He had completely perfected the behavior of a beggar.

Kieran paid close attention to Fenkess act, occasionally playing along by comforting him.

Kieran waited patiently, confident of what the outcome would be.

After all, as long as the Dark Star Society wanted the things inside the bronze coffin, they would not pass up the opportunity to take Kieran to the island. They might even consider allowing an extra person or two.

Everything was unfolding according to Kierans expectations.

After a short while, Frostrill turned around and delivered the good news.

"My superior has agreed to your request, but only one extra person will be allowed," he said.

"Thank you! Thank you so much! The children will have a chance to be cured now! When are we leaving?"

Fenkes was so excited that he started to mix up his words.

Frostrill suggested that they leave right away, but Kieran objected.

"I need to get prepared first!"

"Very well. Ill wait for your arrival then," Frostrill said before Kieran left the foyer.


Kieran went back to his room on the second floor. Simones was waiting for him by his door.

Kieran invited him in after opening the door with a gesture.

"When did you notice that Bollers behavior was fishy?" Kieran asked after shutting the door.

"The moment I asked him to rub the [Calming Balm] on the poor children. He did not rub it straightaway. He smelled it first. That act is the habit of a Potionologist. He did it out of instinct!" Simones said with a nod.

"A Potionologist? Wow, Fenkes arranged for some extraordinary guy to watch me!"

Kieran was surprised by Bollers identity.

Potionologists were also gifted people. Only those who were extremely familiar with hundreds of thousands of potion ingredients and were able to formulate dozens of effective potions were worthy of that title.

There was not many of them, even among special individuals.

"Watch you? Boller might be a Potionologist, but he is not here to watch you! He has been under my watch for the past week. He has done little else besides take care of the teens... Unless he could split himself in two, he could not have been able to watch your movements. Plus, did you forget about Ferad? With Ferad in the house, there are only a handful of individuals who would be able to monitor 1st Black Street, and Im sure Boller is not on that list!" Simones said confidently.

"If Boller didnt notify Fenkes, then how did Fenkes appear at just the right time? Unless"

Kieran suddenly came up with an impossible theory.