The Devil's Cage Chapter 184

Chapter 184: I Spy

Compared to the messy desk, the laboratory was very neat and tidy, as the fight had not spread to that part of the room.

Kieran turned his attention to the various experimental beakers. There was even an older version of an alcohol burner under some dishes.

The fire had been extinguished centuries ago.

Kieran was stunned at first when he faced the scene. A bad feeling bloomed inside his heart.

He quickly started searching for the supportive potion that the diary had mentioned.

After a quick search, he saw a crystal beaker with some burned black residue inside it. According to Kierans analyzation of the residue, the crystal beaker must have been holding a liquid that had eventually boiled over and dried up.

"That supposingly easy potion had been destined to fail. Both of them died..."

Kieran could not help but sigh.

The Dukes wife must have turned her attention to her diary while she had been making the potion, unable to resist venting her exitement. The only other explanation was that the potion-refining process had been an easy one, and she hadnt needed to watch the potion for the whole procedure.

Yet the Dukes wife had not expected to die by her own childs hand.

Kieran picked up the crystal beaker and inspected the black residue.

Although the diary did mention the supportive potion, it did not specifically state what type of potion she had been making. Kierans only hope was to analyze the black residue and find out what the composition of the mixture had been.

It was a pity that his Basic Level [Potionology] could not achieve that.

Kieran eventually sighed.

"What about the lineage?" he mumbled to himself with a thick sense of regret.

Despite all his new findings, Kieran was uncertain about how high lineage blood could enhance ones power. Based on the fine example of the monster of the Duke, the results were clear. The monster was not even in prime form.

With that limited information, and by using the monster as a blueprint, Kieran speculated that if he got his hands on lineage blood, his current power level would be at least doubled.

The mere thought of it was a temptation. Kieran understood the benefits of getting stronger quicker better than anyone else.

The dungeon entries difficulty rule had already decided how the game would progress and what the optimal way to play it would be.

After all, Kierans nonstop exploration and completion of Sub Missions and Title Missions to increase his Points and Skill Points during the rating stage also served the same purpose.

An opportunity had presented itself at the best timing possible. He had to turn it down for other reasons though, and it hurt as if he were cutting off his own flesh.

In order to avoid such a pain, Kieran decided not to give in without a fight.

He put the crystal beaker inside his backpack.

His Basic Level [Potionology] might not be able to analyze the mixture, but he believed that one day he would eventually discover the mixtures composition when he leveled up his skill to Master, Pro, or even Grand Master.

Kieran kept glancing around the laboratory, hoping to find other valuables to compensate for his loss.

He was disappointed though.

Although the laboratory shared the same preserving magic circle with the bookshelf, potions were different than books. After a few centuries, all the potions has lost their effectiveness.

As for other types of potions or balms, even a Basic Level [Potionology] was enough for him to tell that they were all useless, and some of them even poisonous.

Yet amidst all these disappointing findings, Kieran stumbled across a crystal ball.

He was uncertain whether placing a crystal ball in the lab was some kind of custom from a few centuries back. He had not seen a similar decoration in Nikoreis or Simones lab.

Kieran carefully inspected the unusual crystal ball that stood out from everything else in the room.

The ball was almost twice as big as a grown mans fist. It was shining brilliantly, and it had a red wooden sole. From the look of it, it seemed no different that a common crystal ball.

After Kieran checked his surroundings out of habit and made sure there were no booby traps, he touched the ball.

The moment Kierans finger came into contact with it, a veil of bright light formed inside the ball, brightening quickly and lighting up the whole lab within a few seconds.

When the bright light faded away, the crystal ball projected a television-like image on one of the labs walls.

"What the..."

The projection was showing the familiar hall and the bronze coffin on its floor.

Kieran recognized the place with just one glance. It was where he had first encountered the bronze coffin and had fought with the half-dead Gilfren Hatch.

When Frostrill also appeared in the projection, Kieran became nervous. He was afraid Frostrill might notice him.

Frostrill did not realize he was being spied on though. He continued his work, repeatedly drawing a particular magic circle.

The base of the magic circle was formed with a Sky Moon and a Bright Moon formation used as a conversion circle. Frostrill seemed to be using some kind of sparkling powder to form the circle from the Last Quarter Moon to the First Quarter Moon. In the middle was a Full Moon, dividing the two of them.

The Full Moon had a specific meaning as a [Mystical Knowledge] rune, but Kierans level was too low for him to understand it.

It was similar to the sparkling powder Frostrill was using as a supporting material for the spell. Kierean did not know what that was either.

After Frostrill completed the magic circle seven times, the circle seemed to form shadows with many overlying layers.

When he was done, Frostrill started to chant an incantation. The crystal ball projection did not convey what he was saying, but Kieran could still see what he was doing.

"Its the magic circle thats blocking Nikoreis sight!" Kieran said softly.

Then he focused all his attention on the circle. He knew what he had to do.

He had to destroy the magic circle to allow Nikorei to see what was happening on the island.

Kieran would not rely on Nikoreis help though, as the wait would be a long one.

Frostrill might locate Kieran during that time, or take the bronze coffin with him and disappear.

The latter was very likely, especially when Frostrill realized that Gilfren Hatch would not return and started fearing that Nikorei would thrash the place. He would snatch the bronze coffin away from Kieran.

This was not what Kieran wanted. After reading the diary, Kieran was determined to get the heart inside the bronze coffin.

"I need to act before he does! I need to strike fast and get the rights to the rewards inside the coffin!" Kieran thought silently.

Of course, before he made his move, he had to investigate and prepare some more.

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