The Devil's Cage Chapter 186

Chapter 186: I Haven't Eaten a Human in 900 Years

The dazzling shine flashed over in an instant.

The gloomy dagger was crushed to bits, just like its attribute, [Hatred]. When hatred dissipated, everything turned into dust.

When the wielder got rid of hatred for life, all that was left behind was happiness.

The happiness on Kierans face was real and overflowing when he saw Frostrills body drop a faintly purple glowing Skill Book.

Although the Special Rank Skill Book belonged to an unknown category and might not even be useful to him, according to Kierans understanding, it had to be anything but weak.

If anyone thought it was weak, they must not have been able to find a proper way to utilize it. Plus, if a Skill Book came from someone like Frostrill, how weak could it really be?

Before Kieran was lost in his delight, he did not forget what he had to do next.

He pulled the pin of the last grenade he had brought to the dungeon and threw it at the men who were about to move towards the bronze coffin.

None of them were able react to what was going on. The continuous battle and sheer pressure coming from their potential enemies was too high for Frostrill, let alone for his men.

They only focused when Frostrills dead body fell to the ground. The grenade was already at their feet by then though.


One after the other, their Force Field Barriers and Magical Defensive Equipment started shining after the explosion, and every single one of them was engulfed by the explosive force and sent flying.

Kierans original plan had been to prevent Frostrills men from accessing the bronze coffin and get it himself.

"Seems like their battle with the invaders was fiercer than I thought. Their barriers and equipment were all destroyed by one explosion!"

The thought bloomed suddenly in Kierans mind when he saw the men flying away.

He quickly pulled out the [MI-02] silenced handgun and the [Python-W2] revolver, holding them in his right and left hand respectively.

It was the perfect opportunity to secure his victory and kill those who had lost their powers.

The men were no weaker than they were in their prime form. They all possessed a certain degree of strength, or they wouldnt have been recruited by Frostrill. Plus, the potential loot after their deaths would be a nice addition to Kierans rewards.

Before Kieran could pull the triggers, a single figure appeared before him out of thin air without any warning.

He adjusted his trajectory towards it and pulled the trigger instinctively.


The bullet slid past the mans hair.

"You" Kieran wanted to speak, but he was interrupted by Frostrills men, who were suddenly begging for mercy.

"My My Lord! Frostrill bewitched us! We didnt mean to betray you!! Show mercy, my lord!"

The sudden chaotic screams of the men stunned Kieran and made him freeze on the spot.

Who would have been able to make the men beg for mercy, and who would they address as their Lord?

It was the Dark Star Society leader, Serdenk!

"That was fast! He appeared five or six seconds after I destroyed the magic isolation circle!"

Kieran was truly astonished by how fast Serdenk had appeared. He breathed in unconsciously. He could not help but stare at the Dark Star Society leader.

His facial features were sharp, and he had a steadfast look. His red hair reached his shoulders, but he showed no sign of weakness. Quite the contrary, Kieran sensed that the man was wild and unrestrained.

He was not very tall, but his intimidating aura made him look huge.

Under his thick eyebrows were a pair of sharp, leopard-like eyes that shimmered.


As he uttered Kierans name, a tremendous aura burst out of him, as if he was an ancient tyrant. The sheer pressure of his aura crushed Kieran.

Kieran was frightened of Serdenks aura, as he had no way to resist it.

While he was muddling blindly against Serdenks power, he felt like he was frozen. He could not move at all.

He could not even lift his finger to fight back. He quickly regulated his breathing and moved his limbs with his mind, hoping that he could reach his waistpack with his fingers.

Kieran had prepared a potion specifically for a situation like this. It was meant for resisting the bronze coffins heartbeat, but he could not save it anymore.

His thoughts were euphoric, but reality was harsh and cold.

He mustered up all his strength and willpower, but he could not reach his waistpack.

All he managed to do was move his finger slightly.

"Nice, very nice! Not bad!"

Serdenk noticed the slight movement of Kierans finger and praised him with unknown intentions as he laughed wildly.


Serdenks loud, wild laughter sounded like thunder in everyones ears. However, amid his thundering laugh, a clear meow had been heard.

Although it had been just a meow, everyone understood the implications of the animals presence there.

While everyone was looking around for the source of the sound, a slightly fat, yellow-white striped cat appeared between Kieran and Serdenk, who was facing Kieran.

The malicious intent that filled the hall and was locked on Kieran dissipated at the cats appearance.

"Tiki!" Kieran said when he saw the cat, lowering his head slightly.

Tiki smiled like a human at Kieran and wagged its tail softly.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

A series of loud bangs were heard from behind them. Other than Kieran, Serdenk, and Tiki, every single one of Frostrills men had been sent flying outside. Judging by the heavy sounds, it must have been a hard fall for them.

"Tiki, what are you doing?" Serdenk shouted, his expression changing in an instant.

"What am I doing? Getting revenge, of course! You are bullying my dear child! Of course Id take revenge for him! I dont need to tell you that cats can really hold a grudge!" Tiki said as Kieran looked at it incredulously.

The low-pitched voice of the cat made Kierans eyes widen even more.

Kieran knew Tiki was no ordinary cat. It was not just powerful, but also smart beyond his wildest imagination. It could even speak.

"Ive always wanted to say hi to you, 2567! Arent surprises more fun though?"

Tiki smiled at Kieran and waved its meaty paw at him.

Kieran had no idea how to reply. All he could do was laugh bitterly and nod.

They were almost ignoring Serdenk, and he didnt look happy about it.

"You think I wouldnt dare fight you with Nikorei around?" he said angrily.

"Just because Rei united you guys because of that thing, you think you can just act recklessly and care about no one else?"

Tiki turned its head around without putting down its paw. Its sharp claws were extended.

"Want to try me, Serdenk? I havent eaten a human in 900 years! Rei wouldnt object to a couple of snacks though!"

Tiki was still smiling as it said those words.

Its smile was full of danger though. Yes, danger, not just threat.

Anyone who saw Tikis smile would not doubt that the cat was able of doing what it claimed.

Serdenk was staring at Tiki, and Tiki was staring right back at him.

The atmosphere was silent and calm, just like before a big fight.

Translator's Thoughts

Dess Dess

Here is a wild guess of what Tiki was before he was a cat.

A dragon.