The Devil's Cage Chapter 209

Chapter 209: Crows Black Feather

The orange glow dissipated soon, revealing a soft hoodless mantle covered in black feathers.

[Name: Crows Black Feather]

[Type: Armor]

[Rarity: Rare]

[Defense: Common]

[Attributes: Crow-Like Agility, Feather-Like Nimbleness]

[Effects: None]

[Prerequisites: None]

[Able to bring out of the dungeon: Yes]

[Remarks: This mantle was sewn with a crows feathers. It is light and lacks any resistance, but Alchemy has granted it unusual power.]


[Crow-Like Agility: When activated, wearer is granted Agility +1 for 3 seconds, 2 times per day]

[Feather-Like Nimbleness: When Crow-Like Agility is activated, wearers weight goes down by -50%, When falling from a high place, -80% Damage]


"It increases Agility and reduces body weight?"

Kierans eyes shined as he realized those two attributes complemented each other.

He finally understood how the masked man had managed to be so fast.

Kieran quickly wrapped the equipment around his [Rebel Leather Armor].

He already had plans for the [Sharp Stinger] as well.

"Argh!" Hanses suddenly shouted, diverting Kierans attention from the items.

"What? Do you know him?" Kieran instinctively asked Hanses, who was looking at the masked man in shock.

"Of course! If I told you his name, youd know him too!" Hanses said with a loud laugh.

After he had gotten rid of his bindings, he had not stayed still. He had gone straight up to the masked assassin to have a look at him.

There was an unspoken rule among players, so he had not asked Kieran what he had acquired.

After taking a clear look at the masked mans face, he had shouted uncontrollably, as if his heart had been turned upside down by a tsunami.

Kieran had a hunch about who the man was when he saw Hanses laugh bitterly.

"Its not LeGrand, the Grand Dukes second son, is it?" Kieran asked.

"How did you know?" Hanses was surprised.

"This is LeGrands courtyard, and you just started shouting out of the blue. It wasnt that hard to guess really. Its just that..." Kieran suddenly frowned and paused.

"Just what?" Hanses pressed on.

"I had not expected LeGrand to be the person behind the massacre in the Church Hall"

Kieran helped Hanses walk outside as he briefed him on the incident.

"Impossible! LeGrand was interrogating me about the Legacy! He never left my sight!" Hanses pointed out.

"Never? Then who was the masked man I saw?" Kieran suddenly stopped walking.

He believed Hanses. He knew he would not lie to him.

The two of them had signed a team contract. They were on the same side. There was no need for lies.

"Maybe the masked man was not alone. Maybe there was an organization behind him. LeGrand could have been one of them. What kind of organization could it be though?"

Kieran recalled the fighting style and attacking methods of the killer inside the Church Hall and the Grand Dukes second son. His brow furrowed hard.

He realized the matter was more complicated than he had imagined.

The fact alone that this organization could attract the Grand Dukes second son enough to join its ranks proved that it was not some common rebel group.

Now Kieran and co. were on the opposite side of that organization.

"Damn it!" Kieran cursed silently, instinctively hastening his steps.

He wanted to leave that place before they could get into more trouble.

Kieran had no intention of facing any problems at the moment. If anything happened, he would rather it occurred after he had healed.

With that in mind, he started walking even faster.

Although Hanses stats had dropped a lot because of his injuries, he still surpassed common natives, so he followed Kieran with ease.

When they reached the exit of the building, which was nearly demolished, Kieran signaled for Hanses to wait for him and lay low before dashing out into the battlefield.

He came back a while later with a [Rebel Leather Armor].

"Here! Put this on!" he said.

Hanses understood what Kieran wanted. Without a seconds delay, he put on the [Rebel Leather Armor]. It was a valuable, reliable defense, considering his HP had almost hit rock bottom.

"Follow me!" Kieran said under his breath. He approached one of the dark corners and slowly headed outside. Hanses followed him tightly.

Hanses light steps showed that he too had a quite high [Undercover] ability.

Kieran was relieved. After searching so hard for the man, he would not want to carry out his dead body.

Kieran and Hanses slipped carefully between the fighting defending troops and rebels.

Hanses was inspecting the rebels carefully on the way. The more he looked at them, the harder Kieran frowned.

In the end, he sighed helplessly.

Hanses was not familiar with the rebels either. Kieran had been hoping that Hanses would be able to provide more information on them, but obviously, even though they were in the same universe as his previous dungeon, Hanses had not encountered them before.

"Where did the rebels come from?"

The same question popped up in Kierans mind again.

He was still puzzled by the fact that so many rebels had appeared in the castle.

Their numbers made it seem like they had marched right through the gates without any resistance.

There was also the masked mans organization.

Those two questions were like two big ropes tied into a death knot around Kierans heart.

Kierans furrowed brows eased a little when he saw Lawless appear.

His appearance did not answer his questions, but at least he had showed up with three war horses.

Considering their injuries and the fact that they needed to leave Morko Principality to complete their Main Mission, the horses would be a crucial element in their escape.

"Well done!" Hanses gave Lawless a thumbs-up.

"You should give 2567 some credit too!" Lawless said with a smile.

Then he passed the [Linen Bandage] and [Hemostasis Balm] back to Kieran. He had already noticed the big cut on his left palm.

Kieran returned the favor by tossing Lawless the [Sharp Stinger].

"Here! Its just for this dungeon though!"

Kieran had already decided it as soon as hed seen the long sword.

Compared to his corresponding skill, Lawless could use the long sword better and provide the team with a better chance of escaping.

Lawless took the [Sharp Stinger] without a word.

Then he looked at Kieran, who was getting on one of the horses, asking with his eyes whether he needed help.

Kieran shook his head. He did not know how to ride a horse, but he knew how to tie his horse to the saddle of the horse in front of him, so his horse could still follow Lawless.

"How well do you guys know each other? A couple of meetings and you can already talk with your eyes? Come on, help the outsider here! Thank you!" Hanses said, mustering up the strength to climb on his horse after witnessing Kieran and Lawless speechless communication. He could not help but roll his eyes.

"Youre certainly very observant for someone whos heavily wounded!"

Lawless slapped Hanses horse on the butt and put the bridle on it.

The three of them dashed towards the castle gates immediately.

They had instantly become the targets of both sides, and their horses stood out amongst the countless infantries around them.

Suddenly, dozens of killing glares were locked on the three of them.

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