The Devil's Cage Chapter 217

Chapter 217: Crash


The front row of Hurricane Knights were struck hard by Kierans spear and flew off like a baseball towards the left, crashing into four other riders.

Those four riders fell down and tripped on some of the other soldiers behind them.

Kieran quickly performed another sweep to the right, and the riders on the right were smashed off their horses as well.

Just like the ones who had just fallen, they also tripped on other soldiers.

Within an instant, the Hurricane Knights frontal formation was in chaos.

Lawless joined the fight after a minor delay.

His sword stance immediately changed, the blade flash that formed a barrier instantly spreading like a peacocks tail, firing out everywhere.

The blade flashes produced a whistling sound similar to the arrows the Hurricane Knights fired.

Compared to the arrows though, Lawless blade flash was more cunning. It seemed to attack at the gaps and seams of the Hurricane Knights armor.

About seven Hurricane Knights were struck on their throats and fell off their horses.

Within a few seconds, Kieran and Lawless had taken out over a dozen soldiers.

In an infantry of 100 riders though, that was only 1/10 of the total number.

90% of the troops were still unharmed, and after the duos sudden attack, the rest of the soldiers were ready to fight back.

They pulled back their horses and rode some distance away from the duo.

Then they reloaded their crossbows and counterattacked.

Arrows poured down like rain again, forcing Kieran back to Lawless side to avoid them.

Unlike earlier though, this time around the arrows didnt stop. It seemed like they were endless.

"Theyre firing in turns!"

Kieran saw the Hurricane Knights take turns firing their crossbows.

It was not surprising for a normal infantry to use such a tactic during a battle, but it was quite a surprise coming from riders.

Considering they were one with their horses, it was quite impossible for a hundred men to achieve such a technique.

"Its the gauntlet and the grieves!"

Kieran unconsciously looked at the bulging spots on the riders armor.

The unusual spots exuded a gloomy glint.

"Is this the Hurricane Knights secret?" Kieran speculated.

Among the three major forces of the Grand Duke, the Bestowed had the smaller number of members, but the Hurricane Knights were the most secretive.

The Grand Duke himself was their commander, and every single one of them were third-generation citizens under the Grand Dukes rule.

Hanses had done some research on the Hurricane Knights during his previous dungeon out of curiosity, but he had discovered nothing in the end. He had almost gotten in trouble for it as well.

If it hadnt been for his identity as a Barrier infantry soldier, he might not have escaped.

"Its not really overkill if theyre trying to protect such a secret!"

Kieran knew very well what two hundred men on their horses could be capable of, both mentally and physically, on the battlefield.

It was a crucial element in winning a war.

It was also great news for the Grand Duke, but not so much for Kieran and Lawless.

Kieran knew he had to come up with another plan when he saw Lawless fail to close the distance between them and the Hurricane Knights.

Although Lawless had no problem defending them against those arrows for the time being, as time went on, his stamina would diminish, and the situation would turn around in the Hurricanes favor.

Kieran gave up on the idea of them running out of arrows when he saw that each of the soldiers had two full quivers.

"How long can you hold on?" he asked Lawless.

"Two minutes, tops!" Lawless answered.

"See that jungle over there? Lets go inside and spread out! Well divert their attention and increase our chances of escaping! We have to finish our own Main Mission if possible!" Kieran said after considering it for a bit.

"Okay!" Lawless said without the slightest disagreement.

According to the contract they had signed before entering the Special Dungeon, their escort mission had ended when Hanses had escaped.

Although twenty Hurricane Knights had gone chasing after him, Kieran and Lawless had already stalled them enough, so Hanses had crossed quite a distance.

He also had two horses with him. Unless he had run into trouble, he would definitely have reached the Forest of Pilgrimage before the Hurricane Knights pursuing him.

Once Hanses entered the forest, the soldiers number advantage would diminish.

Just like Kieran and Lawless choices.

Lawless believed that Hanses would not get caught, despite his injuries. He was quite a formidable player after all.

Lawless whipped his horse and turned around, heading towards the jungle.

The Hurricane Knights quickly realized their plan when they saw them.

Some of them stayed behind and fired arrows, and some rushed towards the jungle, intercepting Kieran and Lawless before they could escape.

The knights that reached the entrance of the jungle jumped down from their horses and pulled their shields and lances from their saddles.

Within a breaths time, the Knights shields formed a phalanx barrier, their lances sticking out between the gaps like a iron hedgehog, producing a cold, intimidating reflection under the morning sun.

Some of the pursuing Knights behind Kieran and Lawless stopped firing arrows.

They pulled out ropes from their saddles instead and formed a giant net, preventing Kieran and Lawless from retreating.

The whole process only took a few seconds. While they were forming the net, the remaining Hurricane Knights kept firing arrows at Kieran and Lawless.

Kieran and Lawless had no alternative plan.

Through their actions, the Hurricane Knights had showed them why they were one of the Grand Dukes major forces.

After a quick turnaround, Kieran and Lawless had been forced into a difficult position. All possible routes had been cut off.

There was an iron lance phalanx barrier in front and a giant net behind them.

Neither Kieran nor Lawless looked panicked though.

Truth be told, after witnessing the exceptional speed of the Hurricane Knights during the chase, they had both anticipated such an outcome. However, they had still taken the risk and headed towards the jungle, because they had confidence that they could break through the front phalanx barrier or the back net.


Just as Lawless was about to say something, Kieran had already jumped off his horse and dashed forward.

"Cover my back! Ill carve out an escape route for us!"

He gripped the [Piercing Spear] tight as he charged towards the lance barrier up ahead. The [Wild Soul] belt shone as he ran.

A giant rhinoceros mirage formed behind him. It was blurry and ghastly, but it was extremely powerful.

Suddenly, the most primitive, wild force in the realm of nature formed around Kieran.

He had no time to savor the primitive energy though. It was already pushing him forward fiercely.

The giant rhino mirage roared fiercely up in the sky.

Suddenly, there was a tremendous quake as the rhino started taking steps.

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