The Devil's Cage Chapter 220

Chapter 220: The Truth?

While Kieran was panicking behind the trees shadow, preparing to attack, the black figure suddenly backed off a couple of steps and turned around, turning his back to him.

His gaze was sweeping the darkness before him.

"Come out!" the figure said.

Just as the man spoke, another black figure revealed itself from a dark spot not far away.

"Theres someone else?" Kieran frowned while still hiding in the shadows.

Even though hed had all his attention on the black figure before him, he had still reserved some attention for his surroundings. However, when the second black figure appeared, Kieran realized he had not noticed him.

"It must be a high level [Undercover] skill! No, this is beyond [Undercover]! There must be something else combined with it!"

Kieran could not help but widen his eyes when he saw the second black figure walk over slowly, seemingly manipulating the darkness around him with his powers.

Kieran, who had a Musou Level [Undercover], could easily tell that the second black figure exceeded that level of [Undercover] and was using other skills as well.

He was more concerned about another matter though.

"When did the second black figure arrive?" Kierans heart jumped at the question.

Before Kieran had or after?

If it was after, there might still be a chance of turning the situation around, but if he had been there before Kieran, Kieran would be forced into an ugly battle.

He was not willing to be dragged into one, as he was currently a fugitive.

If he was exposed though, he would have to face an endless pursuit.

The powerful Stagner would be one of his pursuers. The sole thought of him was enough to make Kierans palms sweaty. Anxiety filled his head and heart in an instant.

This was not enough to make Kieran lose his cool though.

Things had not completely gone south yet. Everything was just a speculation. It might not even turn out to be real.

Kieran quickly collected his useless, anxious thoughts and kept peeking at the two figures from the corners of his eyes.

The second black figure was already standing in front of the first one, the two of them less than five meters apart.

"Are you nervous, Sir Mordred? Do you feel guilty about killing both your younger brothers, or are you repenting for the all the damned souls that died in the castle? Is it perhaps the shame of killing someone who had pledged his loyalty to you, like Gradon?"

The second figure was wearing a wide robe, covering up his physique. His eerie voice was too deep for Kieran to make out, even more so from his repeated questions. His questions sounded like the eerie cries of a midnight ghost.

They were not really questions with weight, but more of an elaborated mockery, combined with a sense of pleasure at other peoples misfortune.

The way the second black figure spoke created an unsettling feeling in Kierans body.

Kieran frowned slightly.

The first black figures identity had not surprised him at all.

Gradons reaction had been enough for him to speculate about who the black figure was.

It was Mordred, the eldest son of Grand Duke Morko, the best among the Grand Dukes heirs and the rightful successor to the throne.

Hanses had told Kieran everything before entering the dungeon, and Kieran did not believe that Hanses would lie about such important information.

That was why Kieran did not understand why the first heir in line to the throne would have to do all those seemingly useless actions.

After all, considering his reputation within the principality, all he needed to do was wait for his father to die of old age. Mordred would ascend to the throne without any trouble.

It would not be too long either.

According to Hanses, Grand Duke Morko was over a hundred years old. Even though he was immensely powerful, the battle wounds from his younger times were haunting him in his old age.

There had to be more than met the eye though.

Kieran paid more attention to their conversation, hoping to find out what Mordreds secret was.

"Do you know why youre always out of the loop, Ferlin? Its because of your repulsive attitude!" Mordred said slowly.

"Im just a lap dog, Your Highness! I would bite whoever you ordered me to without hesitation!"

The second black figure admitted his identity openly after being exposed.

Kierans heart skipped a couple of beats.

Ferlin? Wasnt he supposed to be dead? Didnt Stagner kill him in the Church Hall?

Could it be?

A new thought popped up in Kierans mind.

"Yes, you are a really obedient dog, until you throw your life away! Besides, you used Gradon to lure me out by taking a direct hit from teacher. You created doubts in Gradons heart Now my poor friend will never know it was you who lured him into the eternal abyss!"

Mordred sighed, his gaze turning cold as he looked at Ferlin.

"That strike from teacher was bad, wasnt it? How much strength is there left in you? 50? 40 percent? Or even less than that?"

Mordred gripped his sword handle tightly.

"You seem to be overestimating both Stagner and me! If I dare risk my body for this plan, surely I must have enough confidence in it! Just like ten years ago, when Stagner appeared before the Grand Duke! I share the same doubts as him!" Ferlin replied in an eerie manner.

It seemed like he was not concerned about Mordreds gesture. In fact, he looked as if he had anticipated it.

"So is that why youre so confident about stealing my plan this time?"

Mordred did not pull his sword out right away. He wanted to know what mistakes he had made first.

"Oh no, no, no This is about another matter! The Titan Principalitys invasion was too sudden! Even my sources and spies had heard nothing about it! I had to put more effort in investigating things, and fortunately I discovered something else!"

Ferlin sounded delighted.

Mordred did not interrupt him. He just quietly waited for Ferlin to continue.

"That little something is"

Ferlin was like a cat teasing a mouse before eating it. He purposely prolonged his sentence, savoring the sour expression on Mordreds face.

"You are not his Majestys own flesh and blood! Although you are his eldest son in name, you are not related to his Majesty in any way! You are just an orphan adopted by his Majestys generosity!"

"His Majestys mercy caused you to turn on him! Youre a wolf without any empathy! I should have killed you earlier, even though I might have died under his Majestys orders! Its not too late now though!"

Ferlins words turned fierce and stern, his eerie voice coated with a cold killing intent.

Suddenly, the shadows around him formed layers and layers, turning into a thin veil of darkness circling Ferlin.

Ferlin hurled himself towards Mordred with a lethal presence.

When the shadow was mere inches from Mordred, he raised his hands up.

"I surrender!"