The Devil's Cage Chapter 235

Chapter 235: Suggestion

"If one single player dungeon is not enough, then what about a [Single Player Dungeon Cooldown Reset Card]?"

The consumable instantly popped up in Kierans mind.

He sent a PM to Hanses to ask about the cards availability. He got a reply soon.


2567: Have any [Single Player Dungeon Cooldown Reset Card]s?

Hanses: I think some guy I know has one, Ill ask for u.

Hanses: That thing is a chicken rib though, its value is near to nothing. What do u want it for?

2567: To join the ranks of the veterans faster!

Hanses: Oh


Kieran brushed Hanses off with a joke. Without sufficient information, he could not afford to trust anyone other than Lawless.

Although Brokers words could not be fully trusted, he had mentioned that he couldnt guarantee the Harvest Inn did not contain one of his spies, which Kieran totally agreed with.

He squinted his eyes at the crowd of veterans players in the inn.

"Are a couple of them spies for the killers? Or maybe a bunch of them?" he wondered.

Lawless clearly understood what Kieran was thinking about. He tapped Kieran on the shoulder and PMed him.


Lawless: Hanses and I found these fellas here, 2567. U can trust them!

Lawless: Even if one of them became a spy for the killers, they must have their own reasons.

2567: If it wasnt for that last part, I would trust them.

(Lawless took a glance at Kieran and shrugged helplessly. He could not do anything about it. Then suddenly he straightened up and messaged Kieran again. He seemed more serious this time.)

Lawless: 2567, did u notice something weird about me?

Lawless: I know I cant hide from u, u sharp bastard!

Lawless: A part of it is related to private matters though

Lawless: Ill tell u everything when this is over.


Lawless did not leave Kieran a chance to reply as he sent him a chain of messages.

Kieran was polite enough not to press the matter. Lawless was honest with him.

Kieran just nodded and switched the topic.

"I actually wanted to know something else. What are the Transcendence options for [Hand-to-Hand Combat], [Evading] and [Firearm Weapon, Light Firearm]?" Kieran asked out loud.

"Transcendence options? Youve already reached Transcendence? You are truly amazing!"

Lawless shook his head slightly in awe before elaborating.

"As far as [Hand-to-Hand Combat] is concerned, the options will match your previous Master option and give you an additional attribute enhancement. Since you chose Master of Kicks, the Transcendence option will be an additional attribute enhancement for kicking. In other words, it will allow you to attack beings in spirit form without relying on other supportive equipment, but it will drain your stamina faster! Of course, it will have an effect against normal beings as well!"

"[Evading] has two options. One is increasing your emergency response, and the other is confusing your enemies during a battle! [Firearm Weapon, Light Firearm] has two options as well. One is increasing your firing range, and the other is increasing bullet penetration, which is similar to the long-range attack and armor penetration effect!"

"So, whats your choice going to be?" Lawless asked after giving him all the details.

"I think it will be really hard for me to choose!" Kieran shook his head with a bitter laugh.

The [Hand-to-Hand Combat] Transcendence option would grant his kicks an additional attribute enhancement, not only effective against spirit beings, but against normal beings as well.

It would be the perfect match for the [Boots of Modii], as it would compensate for their lack of elemental damage.

The [Evading]s emergency response increase also seemed very attractive to Kieran, and so did the [Firearm Weapon, Light Firearm]s bullet penetration options.

As for [Blade Kick], its Powerful attacking range was enough to make it a good choice.

Although [Wild Soul] and [Wilcos Grudge] could also achieve a similar range of attack, or an even better one, Kieran had to take a risk if he used them.

When facing powerful enemies, even the slightest misstep could cost him his life.

Master Level [Blade Kick] was much safer.

"What should I choose?"

Kieran fell into the abyss of the dilemma.

"Want some professional advice from the greatest veteran player ever?" Lawless said in a joking tone.

"Please!" Kieran replied immediately.

"Choose basic rank skills! Remember the attributes limitation! When you level up skills, the related attributes increase, but a lot of attributes are capped because of their skill type, so theyre unable to be upgraded any further! However, when a skill reaches Transcendence, its attributes increase anyway!" Lawless said straightforwardly.

"They will definitely increase? Despite the cap?" Kieran asked.

"How would it be possible without a cap? If there wasnt a cap, why would I suggest that you pick the basic rank skills? The answer is B! Only attributes below B rank can increase! If your attributes are higher than B, you will waste your chance!" Lawless said after shaking his head.

"I see... Thanks!" Kieran nodded slowly in answer.

He was grateful for the information Lawless had given him. If it wasnt for him, he might really have wasted a golden opportunity and cost himself some Golden Skill Points as well.

"No worries! Were friends, right? This was friendly advice!" Lawless said with a laugh.

"Well, since we are such good friends, you wont mind helping me sell some more items, right?"

"The Shadow Strike player?" Lawless quickly understood what Kieran was hinting at.

"Yes, there might be some unexpected rewards there as well!" Kieran said.


However, contrary to Kierans expectations, there was nothing much.

Kieran and Lawless went over to Shadow Strikes room, but the equipment there was not very valuable.

All his stuff had to cost 12,000 Points at most.

"So Shadow Strikes ability to turn into a spirit was a skill? Bummer!" Lawless shook his head.

"Yeah, I know!" Kieran sighed as well.

The skill must have been at least Rare Rank to be able to turn a player into a spirit. If it had been a piece of equipment, it would have to be Rare as well.

Kieran quickly recollected his thoughts.

He knew he needed to face the next dungeon soon. If he was distracted when he entered it, it could be lethal for him.

Even if his strength exceeded the dungeon difficulty, it might still be dangerous.

Flipping a boat in a drain, Kieran had heard so much about similar stories.

If he could he would like to leave it as stories and not be one of the protagonists in them.

Following Lawless and Hanses advice, he tried to prepare his best before entering the dungeon.

"I need a polearm weapon and a bow weapon Basic Level Skill Book. I also need a long lasting spear and a bow! If I find even better ones, I wont mind! I need some [Holy Water VIII] and a couple of potions as well! After deducting the cost of the [Piercing Spear] from the [Sharp Stinger], the remaining funds should be enough to cover it! Oh yeah! You also have to help me sell the [Iron Flaming Boots]! Im in a hurry!" he said.

"Leave it to me! Ill take some more to compensate myself!" Lawless said jokingly.

The two of them parted ways afterwards. Kieran went back to 13th Wallway Street carefully.

Nothing happened on the way there. No spies, no ambushes. Kieran was not happy about it though, as the next time the killers struck, they would only be fiercer and more ruthless than before.

"Bring it on then! Let me see what youve got! Lets see who will win in the end!"

After mumbling to himself in encouragement, Kieran opened his basic skills upgrading options window.